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Hi, I am Anand from Nagpur. I am 28 years of age. The title it self will give some idea about the hot sex stories. This was happened on my 26th year of age. This is my first affair, that too with my Saali. She is a teacher. Teaches math’s to 7th & 8th standard students. Her name is Jyotsna (Name Changed).

Hot Sex Stories

On that time she is 24 years of age. She is little bit dusky in color with good shaped Boobs. Her figure is just remarkable 34-26-36 can raise any man’s cock. I can say that her size is 34BB (which I came to know letter).

I am in Private Firm as sales Manager. I don’t know when I started intention to have her on the bed. Honestly speaking Even I doesn’t have the intention to see her boobs or curves. This is happened just 4 or 5 months before that day of climax. That happened on one evening. I have gone to her home for some work.

At that time she is alone in the house. When she came to talk with me her aroma just raised my intensions to take her to bed but some how I controlled it. Almost all the time I spent only to watch the same. That was made me in compulsion to see her boob and curves in all the days. From that day I started watching her structure, when ever I go to her place and think how that was made.

Even I will think in night, whether God has done some homework before he invented her. She has such a beautiful figure. Because of some illness I can’t go to see her structure. Almost after 5 days I got time to meet her alone. On that day I through my bag on the floor and pretend that it was fallen by accident.

As she bends to pick up the bag I can watch her big boob, which is very clearly visible to me, up to the portion of nipple. Normally she wears Saree. Very rarely she will be in Nighty. That particular day was in her Nighty. On that day she received the tuition fees from other student, and she searched the place to keep the money.

Because she is wearing the Nighty, she opened the upper zip and try to keep it on her Bra. But on that day she doesn’t find the Bra. Then she kept the money on other side which is available nearby to her. But she forgets to close the zip, which was opened. As I am busy watching her boobs, I don’t know when she pick up the bag.

As watching the show I got a very big bulge in my pants, she noticed that and give me a naughty smile. While giving naughty smile she asked me “What are u looking at jijaji?” I got surprised while hearing this and with her naughty smile. Gathering the courage I said “watching the beautiful & flawless show” and that was the turning point.

She told me to come on evening around 5.00. I came there around 5.15. But I was bit confused, because she is packing the luggage. Then she clarified me that her mother & father are going for out of station to see their relatives. She asked me to wait 1 hour. After that she is free around 6.00. Then she called me and said I am bit tired and I will talk with u in my bedroom.

I said no problem. I have to mention that my wife had gone to her mother’s place to see them. On that time she is wearing Rose color Saree with same color Blouse. It is transparent to shows the Blue Bra. Normally she will tie her saree below Naval. She called me. I am just following her by seeing her back, which is very good to see.

We started chatting about 4 day ago scene. She clarify that she forgot to close the zip. Then she asked me about the feeling. I told her that “It was a wonderful show to watch and it was my bad luck can’t handle” Suddenly she said “You can handle this. I am pretty much sure about that” It was a shock for me.

I recover from the shock and grab her while saying that then “you must get punishment for not telling me for these days”. I first touched her face and brought her face very near to me and slowly I brought my lip towards her lip and placed my lip on her lip very slowly. Only after few minutes I opened my lip and try to open her lip.

First she doesn’t co-operate then she very slowly opened her lip and allowed my tongue to go inside her mouth and try to get her saliva. After some time she did the same with her tongue. I have done the same process at least for 15 minutes and she disable me from her coz some one has knock the door. After attending the visitor she came telling that it was a salesman.

Then once again I brought her face towards me and started her lips. But this time some vigorously. We kissed almost so vigorously like there is no tomorrow. And while kissing my hands gone to her boobs. I squeezed her boobs very well and stripped her pallu down. And just opened her blouse buttons one by one. And I sees the large mangos waiting to suck.

I kept my lips on her upper portion of boobs with bra and sucked. But that is not enough for me and I have opened her bra by taking the hooks from back side. Now my loving boob are in front of me to suck. I just pushed her towards bed and started sucking her boob directly and my one hand is squeezing the other boob and done same with other boob.

I have become mad of sucking her boobs. I suck her boobs for at least 30 minutes. And came slowly slowly down to her navel. I rested there for at least 10 minutes while sucking. I hurriedly open her paticoat and rest of the saari. Now she is only in her Blue Panty. Her Blue panty is already wet by my act. I smelled the panty and sucked the same from outside.

Then I tried to open her panty. But she pulled me from bottom and she started removing my shirt and pant and my brief in no time. She was wondered by seeing my 8″ lund in front of her. She just shown some hesitation to touch the same. I signaled her that do what ever you wanted. She kept my lund in her mouth directly. And try to take the pre juice.

At the same time I am bit hurry to see her Pussy. Then I kept my Lund in her mount and I have turned to down suck her pussy that makes a perfect 69 position. Then I opened her panty and I was very excited that her pussy was very clearly shaven. I think She made it ready for me to suck. I sucked the outside juice.For the first time I am going the open the lips of pussy.

I opened the lips and seen the rose color. I kept my lip inside her pussy. Due to over excitement the juice is coming-out very frequently. I don’t want to waste any of those. I have taken all the juice in my mouth. I started sucking her very vigorously. She started shouting “fuck me hard Jiju”. Then I came to know that this is right time for the climax.

Then I go upward and started kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs. I make a missionary position and kept my lund on the opening of her pussy. She kept her two figures on the opening of her pussy for sending my Lund inside. I am just placed my Lund on front of her pussy lips and just pushed inside. Because of over juice my Lund doesn’t find any problem going inside.

But still her pussy showing the stiff in having my Lund. Then I started jerking my penis in & out. She shouted fast. I made it fast. Then she shouted for pain. But I don’t bothered and care for her and push 3-4 strong strokes. The show was beautiful to see the dancing of her boobs. As I was fucking her for more than half an hour I have building pressure in my vains.

I told her about that I am coming. She said just come in my mouth. I withdraw my lund from her pussy and kept in her mouth. After 3-4 strokes I came in her mouth, she drank all the cum and like the cum which was on my lund. Then I have taken my breath back but she is breathing very hardly. And I am making myself disabled from her body and laid next to her.

After some time back she started kissing me. Now the time is 8.30 pm. She asked me that can you stay with me. I said “I don’t have any problem to stay with you.” Then she asked me what would you like to take for dinner. I said I already finished my dinner and you are served me very well. She kept quite. And we had the dinner as nude.

And after dinner we had the combined bath and the full night we were very busy in exchanging sex in different positions with each other. We had the full sex on all the 2 days until my wife return from her native place.. And even after I fuck her after my office & when ever we got any chance. I have fuck her in marriage of relative while my wife was also in the same function, but that is another story I will tell u after your reply on this.

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