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It has been quite a drought for Sonya and I. Play time has been a luxury we have not been able to indulge in for many months. The daily trials of life in the city, family and work have drained us. It was time for a vacation to try to recapture some of the good things in life. After doing a cursory review of travel magazines and online sites, we decided to go for a vacation that we always dreamed of but never really put the effort into making a reality. We would go on a safari!

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After talking to a handful of safari outfitters and travel agents, mostly in the UK, it became evident that the rough and wild safari of our imagination was almost nonexistent. Instead today a safari seems to basically be a luxury vacation in the middle of the jungle. This is not what we had in mind. Instead we contacted some smaller owner/operator safari groups in Nairobi, Kenya. We were quite worried about the legitimacy and safety of these operators but decided it was worth the risk if we found what we wanted. Eventually we connected with a small group owned by an Italian couple near Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria. We exchanged emails and felt comfortable with their offer and decided to go for it.

A few weeks later we were landing at the Nairobi airport. Jetlagged but excited, we were picked up by the tour operator’s local agent and taken to a hotel. After some sleep and food we returned to the airport for the flight to Kisumu. It was a short flight over beautiful green expanses dotted by mountain ridges. We were finally on our way! Landing in Kisumu we finally met with the Italian couple who owned the company who would be leading us on our adventure for the next week. The couple was very polite, and clearly had been doing this for a very long time. They spoke very little English due to their apparently almost exclusively Italian clientele. We piled into their Land Rover and headed for their base camp which was a 4 hour drive. We did our best to stay awake, but within an hour we succumbed to our jetlag and passed out, sprawled over our luggage in the back of the Land Cruiser.

We arrived at the base camp just before night fall. The camp staff had our dinner ready and waiting for us. A feast of local game and fresh vegetables was served. We also met the 3 other couples that were staying at the couple that week. They were all Italian and most, like the owners, were in there 50’s. They were all quite surprised and entertained to see this young American couple, especially with such a beautiful Indian wife. The men were obviously pleased to see her!

After dinner we all sat near the fire, getting to know each other and sipping drinks from the owners bar. Sonya was drinking Amarula on ice, and I was enjoying some cold Tusker beer. In broken English the others regaled us with stories of the things they had seen during their stay thus far. One of the men who was enjoying stiff whiskey shots all evening, moved next to Sonya and began quizzing her on her background and origin, playfully squeezing her bare thigh and rubbing her back as they talked. My mind hadn’t really been focused on the opportunity to play, but this sight set my mind abuzz.

The drinks flowed throughout the night and most of the men came around to talk with Sonya and take opportunities to touch her soft cinnamon skin. She excused herself to take a shower and freshen up before bed. I stayed near the fire enjoying the cool night air and the attention of the older ladies. About 30 min later she reappeared toweling her hair dry wearing a linen night gown. To the pleasure of the men, in the fire light you could clearly make out the darkness of her areolas and the line of her bikini panties underneath. She moved a chair opposite the group to stay out of the smoke. Leaning forward to dry her hair, left her gown agape and her beautiful full breasts hanging freely amidst the flickering of the fire. You could hear the silence as all looked at her in appreciation. The grey haired gentleman who spent the most time with her that evening tipped his glass to me with a wink.

After that enticement it was time for me to get her back to bed to take advantage of what was all mine that night. Walking away I cupped her ass, hoping they were watching with jealousy at what I would get that evening. Back in the tent I laid her on her back and kissed her gently. She asked what had gotten into me. I teased her with tales of how the men were devouring her with their eyes. She laughed at the thought of men old enough to be her father interested in such paltry glimpses of her breasts. Besides they all had beautiful fit classically Italian wives who certainly kept them busy.

I told her that I am sure they would take every chance to get to know her better and all would love to feed her some Italian sausage. She laughed and said that she thought only Italian cheeses were aged. With that I snaked my hands my hands up her long legs to her thighs, rubbing where these strange men had been feeling the soft warmth of her skin just minutes earlier. Further up I traced the curve of her ass feeling its soft firmness as she pushed back against my hand. I took her bottom lip into my mouth flicking it with my tongue letting her know what I would be doing to her clit shortly. She breathed deeply shivering as my hand went up the small of her back rubbing slowly up her spine. She stood on her knees and lifted the soft linen from her warm body. I knelt and took a hard nipple into my mouth as she purred and stroked my hair. Cupping her other breast I moved from nipple to nipple taking each dark hard nub into my hungry mouth sucking deeply, squeezing harder with each hand. Licking an unbroken trail from her nipple to her neck, then to her earlobe, she arched back as I returned my mouth to her left nipple. She tugged at my shorts hungry to be filled. I hooked my hands in each side of her panties as I lowered them and kissed her lips concurrently.

As she undid my pants I whispered in her ear asking if those men’s hands had felt good on her skin. She said nothing. She snaked her ha into my shorts and pulled my boxers down together in one motion. My hands rubbed her ass as she stroked my length. I whispered that I know her fondness for older men. She moaned loudly. I provoked her asking if she could feel their hands where mine are now. She purred fiercely. Pushing me back she crawled up and straddled my eager tongue. As she looked down at me, opening her hood to reveal her swollen clit, she told me that the showers were open air and unisex. I immediately knew what devious plot she had cooked up. She then lowered down to my waiting tongue as I eagerly supped at her wetness. She reached back squeezing my hardening shaft. She cupped my balls, squeezing them firmly. I moved my hands up to her breasts and squeezed the as she ground firmly on my tongue. She closed her eyes clearly lost in her fantasy and in a matter of minutes she was squirting into my mouth.

Spent she laid back and smiled. I moved her to the side and lay behind her spooning as she lay nearly motionless. She reached down and directed my cock into her and moved slowly against me rubbing her breasts until I finally came inside her. She was completely spent, rolling over she fell asleep without cleaning herself. As my cock withdrew I felt my cum running out of her as she slept. Holding her tight, I too succumbed to sleep.

Early in the morning I awoke as the sun just started to light the sky. I noticed that she was no longer with me. I stood to look for some clothes, as she walked back in wearing only hiking boots and a short towel that barely covered her bottom. She said that she woke a sticky mess and went to clean up. With that she dropped the towel and showed me just how clean she was, having shaved herself bare. I asked if she had shaved herself in the open air shower, she looked at me incredulously and replied of course she had! Slipping on a sheer pair of white panties I could see her lips clearly through the material. She dressed and headed to the canteen tent as I headed to the shower.

I entered the shower for the first time, and noticed that each of the three showers was separated only by some native bushes on two sides, with one side completely open. Over the bushes you could see the others clearly. If you stepped forward too far you would be clearly visible to all. I turned on the shower, which was a bit cold, and began to clean myself as I thought of what Sonya may have looked like shaving her brown cunt smooth. As I washed up I noticed that one of the men entered the shower next to me. We exchange greetings and went about our business. Finished, I returned to the tent to dress.

In the Canteen, I found Sonya chatting with the other ladies, talking about the day’s events ahead. Our trip today was a boat ride to visit some of the islands nearby on Lake Victoria. Many of the smaller islands are only inhabited by fisherman seasonally and are otherwise uninhabited. The lake itself is not the type of place you would spend a great amount of time swimming, but the sun and sand are great for lounging, and kayaking around the islands is a great draw. Sonia wore some khaki shorts and sleeveless shirt with her bikini underneath.

We spent the day playing on the water, kayaking and exploring the small island. After a picnic lunch we were all quite hot from the sun. We decided to play in the water a bit to cool down. Two of the couples decided just to sit under the shade and nap a bit, while Sonya and the other couple stripped down to their swimsuits and waded in the water. After getting wet, the light green bottoms clung tightly to her freshly shaved vagina. We played with the other couple, and ventured a bit deeper. Once at chest level we grew closer chatting about the day. Sonya splashed me playfully and the older gentleman came behind her and wrapped his arms around her chest to subdue her. I could see his arms smashing her breasts against her chest as they looked nearly ready to explode from the confines of her top.

As he let go he let his hands slide over her breasts and get a good feel of her firm full bosoms. She turned slyly and splashed him back. As she emerged from the water, her bottoms had risen up exposing her full fleshy ass for us to enjoy as she sauntered back to the chairs.

As she lay splayed wide in the chair, the gentleman playing in the water followed her and sat on a chair between her legs. It was obvious that her sex was on full display as her bottoms failed to hide the sheer smoothness of her bare flesh. Again he placed a hand on her leg and stroked it gently as they talked. She neither moved her leg nor expressed any concern with this touching. I could tell she was enjoying the attention.

As the day ended, we arrived back at the camp after sunset. We were all quite sweaty and worn from the day’s adventure. We retired to our tents, and Sonya quickly grabbed her towel to head for a shower. The following she recounted to me later that evening.

As she entered the shower she heard the other showers in use. She stepped in and hung her towel on one of the hooks. In the shower next to her now stood the owner of the camp showering. He greeted her and she smiled and hung her bikini top. He looked at it and smiled. She bent down and pulled her bottoms off, hanging it next to her top. As she began to wash herself he engaged her in conversation. He asked how she was enjoying her stay and her impressions of the camp so far. She engaged him in conversation and began to wash her hair with her back to him. She heard the shower turn off and expected that he was leaving.

He continued to talk to her as she washed the suds from her hair. When she opened her eyes and turned, she found him standing at the open side of the shower fully nude, and clearly enjoying the view. She said that he had a worn romantic appeal to him and that surprisingly for a bush man, was fully shaved, much like her. He asked if she had seen the hot tub yet, to which she replied no, we hadn’t been shown that. He grabbed her hand and escorted her down a small trail not far from the open side of the showers. There amidst the thicket was a homemade hot tub made out of wood, stones and brass, heated by a small fire underneath. He helped her into the tub as he stoked the small fire to heat the water. As she sat directly near the small ladder entrance, when he entered she was able to fully appreciate his manhood and was pleased by the thoughts of what may lie ahead.

He sat close to her and relaxed back into the water. She too settled back and felt his warmth close by. Her mind was flooded with thought of this older man next to her, as she sat naked amidst the branches. As the water grew increasingly warm, she began to sweat and opened her legs wide in complete relaxation. The owner pulled himself up and sat on the edge of the tub next to her. As she turned to look she found herself perfectly level with his cock. He noticed her looking and smiled. Without a word she turned and rolled herself over position herself between his legs. She grasped the now redden shaft with her small brown hand and lifted his ball sack into her mouth. Gently she traced each ball as she slowly stroked him.

She then lifted herself slightly and rubbed the head against her nipples feeling them harden. She then lowered her open mouth and took his fully engorged head into her mouth. She continued to caress his large sack as she expertly sucked his cock between her ruby lips. He ran his hands through her curly hair lovingly as she brought him closer to climax. He stood on the edge and she stood in the tub as he held her head and released his seed into her throat. She continued to suck him as she swallowed every last drop, releasing him only when he began to pull away. He kissed her gently and said thank you, and walked away up the path. Sonya hurriedly followed stopping to retrieve her bikini and towel and returned to me in the tent.

As Sonya returned she told me only that she had found the hot tub and was excited to show me it later that evening. I thought nothing of it, and dressed for dinner as Sonya did the same. We had a wonderful dinner with our camp mates. The wine was flowing and we had a great evening. As we retired by the camp fire, I asked aloud about this hot tub I had heard about. Sonya froze and there was a moment of silence, broken shortly thereafter by one of the husbands saying that it was a great place to start the day and that he had enjoyed it daily. I mentioned that I looked forward to trying it out a bit later. We resumed our chat about the day and things to come. Sonya said she was tired and headed back to the tent to sleep. I stayed near the campfire for several more hours enjoying the discussion and the light flirting with the ladies, as most of the men had also ventured off to bed.

On my way back to the tent I decided to check out this hot tub for myself. As I approached it, I could hear some talking from the men, but could not see the tub from this vantage point. As I rounded the bend I was shocked to see Sonya amidst the owner and her overly friendly older gentleman friend. As I walked up the talking subsided. I said that I was surprised to see them here as I assumed they had gone to sleep long ago. Sonya said she couldn’t resist another dip in the tub and found these two already there. They all sat there red-faced and naked amidst the bubbles. Sonya’s breasts bobbled in the water as she moved closer to the ladder to beckon me in. I stripped and climbed in.

Sonya jumped on my lap and I held her, which left her breasts exposed out of the water. The men gave a nod and smile of approval as she kissed me and licked on my earlobe. Clearly she was in need of some loving. I asked her exactly what was going on in this tub before I arrived. The men looked around anxiously as she led my hand down to her smooth lips. I could feel that they were loosened and had obviously been recently used. I asked if there was chance for a repeat since I missed the fun.

Sonya smiled slyly and stood, moving slowly to the older husband she sat on his lap and offered a nipple to his mouth. He sucked hungrily and bit her gently causing her to pull back sharply. The owner stood and said that he feels that he owes her a debt and pulled her from his lap, laying her on the edge of the tub. He thanked her for the amazing head she had given him earlier, and asked if he could do anything to repay her. She whispered that she wanted him inside of her. With that he bent down and ran his tongue up her slit, continuing unbroken till he reached her tits. She reached down and guided his thick head between her dusky lips. She was already loosened from riding the older husband and he entered her easily. Her long brown legs wrapped around his back pulling him deeper.

The older husband stood near her head and stroked his cock. Seeing this she turned and accepted his shaft into her mouth. He pulled it out with a pop and crawled up straddling her face and set his balls on her tongue. She probed his sack as she moaned deeply from the dick she was taking deep inside her. He moved forward and pulled her breasts around his cock, pistoning between them. She made a few furtive licks at his ass and scrotum before lying back to enjoy. He quickened his pace and spit on her breasts to lubricate his assault. Quickly he was moaning and deftly moved back bending his rod to fill her mouth as he unloaded her second load of the day into her throat. He emptied his balls and fell back into the tub relaxing and enjoying the sight.

The owner withdrew and positioned her on her stomach draped over the edge of the tub. He spread her ass and stated to the husband how delicious Indian pussy is. With a nod, he reentered her and began to pound her as he grabbed her hips with determination. Sonya has emitting a guttural moan that assured us that she was close to orgasm. He slapped her brown ass with his large hands and continued his assault. He began to tell her how he loved watching his white cock disappear between her dark lips. This sent her over the edge. She flailed in orgasm and wanted to stop, but he pinned her against the edge and continued his deep strokes. She tried to stand but he grabbed her around and held her tits tight, squeezing them as he neared his own orgasm. She began to shake violently as he hit her cervix with his deep penetration and unloaded himself into her womb. Emptied he released her and she lay back on the edge, legs splayed with his cum already leaking a white trail down her lips to her ass.

When we were alone I crawled up next to her and touched the head of my cock to her lips. She opened her eyes and took me into her mouth. With one hand she stroked me and the other she reached down to touch herself and feel the mess the owner had left in her. She saw me watching her rub this older stranger’s cum over her dark lips. With two fingers she scooped a bit our and rubbed it over her nipples. I asked her if she had been treated well tonight, to which her reply was a firm hum on my cock. I replaced her hand with mine and watched my fingers enter the wilted and pungent remains of her freshly shaved box. She was sore and didn’t let me play much, however I continued to tickle her clit until I too emptied my balls into her mouth. We lay there for a few minutes intertwined before retiring back to the tent for some badly needed rest.

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