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So, the hot sex story goes like this…Early next morning I was not sure if I should confirm with Sanjay whether he actually meant everything he promised me during our love making last night. I could see that he was still hesitant when I suddenly wrapped myself around him, still nude, with my big boobs jutting into his back. I am quite sure he would have been equally surprised because this never happened between us in the last few years. Mostly our mornings were quite unromantic.

Hot Sex Stories

Usually I would quickly change into my regular sleepwear after our love making sessions, wearing both bra and panty. But not this night! We both slept in each other’s arms completely nude, and what more, I was still languorously touching him and petting him in the morning.

So unlike of me!

I wanted to make sure that Sanjay took his promises seriously. I guess I wanted to give him something that he would treat this session differently. I turned around to come on top of him crushing his bare chest with my supple breasts, whereupon my legs entwined around his so that my crotch was well positioned near his semi erect member. He smiled at me and said, ‘You know what? I can feel your erect nipples on my chest.’ I giggled.

Pushing my husband into that vulnerable position, I dared him, ‘Hon, do you still want to fulfill the promise? Or are you going to chicken out?’

Sanjay: Of course not baby. I promised, and I am going to deliver, but more importantly will you carry out whatever I ask of you? Or are you going to chicken out?

Me: Boy, you are in for a surprise. I am going to do anything to get my fantasy fulfilled, even if it means I have to wear bikini and walk on the street.

He immediately grabbed me and started to kiss me, while I could see his member get fully erect near my crotch.

Me: But I have one more request.

Sanjay: What is it baby?

Priyanka: Hmm… you know how much I fantasize about big ones, right? I want both the cocks to be really big. I want them thick and long.

I started to kiss him again so that he can continue to be in good mood to answer that question. I started moving up and down on his erect penis rubbing it with my crotch.

Sanjay: So, you are OK to fuck a black guy, then?

Feigning innocence, I asked: Do black guys have big ones?

Sanjay: O poor Priyanka, yes, they have biggest. You will love them.

Priyanka: Hmm… that would be lovely. I don’t mind if the other one is white or brown. You know, variety?

Sanjay: I will keep that mind, but let’s see if you are really serious about it. So, here’s what I want to you to do today. Shave off your pussy completely and wear a thong to work today. You know you never wore that thong I bought for you last birthday.

We both were so lust filled with our talk that we immediately started fucking, with me on top first, followed by a quick round of doggie style where Sanjay pumped me hard, not as hard as last night, but decent enough, and poured his manly juices over my back.

That day, Sanjay made me go through all the things he asked me to. I followed each of his instructions quite obediently. During the shower, I shaved off my pussy completely and came out wrapped in a towel and looked for the thong that my dearest husband bought for me. It was barely-there thong, with a thin strap going through my ass crack leaving my ass cheeks completely bare, and the front patch was a little triangle. Thank goodness I shaved, otherwise it would have exposed my pubic hair. When I looked into the mirror I saw my pussy lips clearly visible through the front patch. Today, those lips continued to stay engorged.

Next I wore high heels as Sanjay instructed. Walking around bedroom on these highs wearing only a tiny thong made me feel like a slut on the prowl. Wow! What an amazing feeling. My full breasts were just moving up and down. Wouldn’t it be a perfect sight?

Suddenly the horniness overtook the conservative upbringing in me. With a flash I moved the curtains aside to leave my window open. When I looked out, I could see other apartment buildings. Not sure if anyone could see me but the fact that I was exposed to the world, was such a thrilling experience. Within few moments, I moved the curtains back to close them.

Already my heart was beating faster. And I could feel the wetness inside by pussy. Is this the reason why so many women expose themselves? To experience this exhilaration? May be, it’s like a drug, maybe this is the aphrodisiac? Exhibitionism?

Why else would women strut around in tight pants, short skirts, or low blouses?

I wore my old skin-tight jeans that hugged me perfectly. Now that I have become fuller than how I was four years ago, the pants became extremely tight, emphasizing my curves. My ass was protruding obscenely while the seam went right into the crack splitting my ass. It was so tight that the seam was rubbing my pussy lips and asshole as I walked. Last time I wore these pair of pants it was during my honeymoon, and that too only for a short while. That day when I protested that they were too vulgar, Sanjay allowed me to change into something more modest.

Now, I was wearing the same pants to my office.

Can I really pull this off?

First, they were low rise jeans. The waistline of the jeans started two inches below the crease of my lower belly; and barely two inches above my pussy lips. Second, they were really tight. Good that Sanjay asked me to wear those tiny thongs, otherwise even my panties wouldn’t have found space in there. The jeans were made of spandex and some other thin material, so it was mostly figure hugging. Third, the front didn’t have a button, it was held close by a zipper, and that zipper was open, without a cover, starting from well below the pussy all the way up.

When I walked across the room, my ass globes were tightly jostling around trying to escape the tightness of the jeans. And the open zipper in front was looking obscene – it traced the along the crack of my pussy.

Oh! My god! What did I sign up for? I can’t go like this to my office!

The fit was snug, but it was showing off all the curves of my body. Though I have almost flat abs, I have a small paunch around my deep and big navel. Though Sanjay always wanted me to expose my belly button to the world, I never dared to. He said that my navel was far too sexy to be hidden inside t-shirts or behind the saree. Sanjay has a whole theory on navels. He believes that the right kind of belly button can evoke certain wild thoughts in the mind of a man. And Sanjay vows that mine was one of those special ones. Being deep and big, and since it is close to the pussy, it is seen as its complement, an alternate hole for men to imagine. Though a deep navel serves no sexual purpose, it is still hidden from view in our societies mainly because of this reason – revealing it is seen as an invitation by a woman that she is available. Of course, I don’t think there is so much theory behind a simple navel. Many a times I think Sanjay is just a perverted fellow. But then, when I saw my own navel that day, I too felt that it was an invitation to men to think of me a slut.

What was happening to me now? Am I a pervert just like my husband?

That’s when Sanjay came into the bedroom to see how I was doing. When he saw me in those tight jeans with nothing on top, he just went mad. He came over and hugged, kissed me, and started to slurp on my lovely boobs, tasting the hardened nipples.

Me: Sanjay! I am not sure.

Sanjay: What? What happened?

Me: I don’t think I can wear these to work. What will everyone think?

Sanjay: Come on! Priyanka! You promised. Don’t you want to improve our sex life?

Me: Yes, I do, but….

Sanjay: Don’t forget the promise!

Oh! God! I really want my sandwich!

Me: OK! Then, help me out. I don’t know what top to wear on this. Here are some of the choices.

There were four tops on the bed. I hoped he chose the most conservative one.

A bad husband that he was, he chose the most revealing one. It was an ordinary t-shirt, nothing great about, except that it looked the size of a two year old girl, was made of very thin material, and that it had a plunging cleavage.

Me: Are you sure, Sanjay? Won’t this be too revealing at my office?

Sanjay: Priyanka, believe me. You want to wear this one to office. Also, let me ask you this. Why did you put up this as one of the choices? Subconsciously you were gunning for this top, aren’t you?

I hate my husband! He seems to read my mind completely! Especially when it comes to naughty things!

I agreed to wear the top Sanjay chose above a pushup bra. When I was ready to leave the home, I looked at myself in the mirror. I have to confess that I was looking stunning, like some kind of sexy actress, Neha Dhupia, or Celina Jaitley. My husband hugged me one last time and kissed me.

Sanjay: I bet you will create hundreds of boners today.

Me: Shut up! Sanjay. Don’t be such a pervert.

Sanjay: Me? A Pervert? Look at yourself, you look like a high class whore. And you are going to your office like that!

Me: OK. If you don’t like it, I will wear something else.

Sanjay: Arre! I am only kidding. I love it when you wear clothes like these. When you are back in the evening, please describe to me everything that transpires today. Even if someone rapes you, OK?

Me: So you are expecting to me be raped? What kind of husband are you?

Sanjay: Believe me, Priyanka! If you get raped today. You may actually love it.

Once again, I hate my husband for that! For some reason, he seems to understand my subconscious desires!

I thanked myself when I was the only getting onto the lift of my apartment. I was not ready to put up with my nosy neighbors. But two floors down, the lift stopped and three young boys entered it. These adolescent kids do not necessarily have the civility – they just kept staring at my boobs and the cleavage. It was weird being checked out by young boys who may be 13 or 14.

One of them kept staring constantly at my cleavage. The other was looking at my open navel. I didn’t know how to react. Then I did something surprising. I bent down to adjust my heel knowing fully well that it would give them an opportunity to look at my ample boobs. When I straightened up, the boys were in a daze. I thought I made their day. The feeling was amazing.

At office, it was a riot. The minute I walked into my wing, everyone was complimenting me. The women said that I was looked stunning, and some even said I was sexy. One of my friends, Preeti came running to my cubicle and said, ‘what happened to you today? You are dressed up like a slut?’

Me: Calm down, Preeti, What? You don’t like this?

Preeti: Of course I like it. In fact I love it. You look amazing. You know what, everyone is talking about you now. When someone said that Priyanka was looking like a sex bomb, I couldn’t believe it. I had to come and see you myself. And man, they were right!

Me: Thanks Preeti, I will take that as a compliment.

Preeti: Wow! Your top is amazing, you know. Most of your big boobs are showing up. And what a cleavage, Priyanka! Hats off!

Me: Thanks Preeti. I hope it is not looking vulgar.

Preeti: Hmm… I think it is definitely looking bold. I mean I don’t think any man in this office is thinking of you as beautiful, pretty or cute today. I think the words are more like sexy, ravishing, raunchy, bomb, slut, whore… But that’s OK, right? Because there are some women who do wear revealing clothes… especially those in our HR department.

Oh God! They are describing me as slut and whore?

Me: Thanks Preeti! That’s comforting.

Preeti: By the way, be careful of that Vice President Nitin. I heard that he likes to trap all the good looking women. Especially he goes after those who wear sexy clothes.

Me: Thanks for the advice Preeti. I will be careful. Let’s meet for lunch.

During the day men just hung around my cubicle. As the word spread more men came to my side of the office just to catch a glimpse of my deep cleavage. During the lunch time, when I walked to cafeteria on my high heels, I did feel that my dressing was out of place. Everyone starting to look at me, both the men and women. The t-shirt was tight, small and made of thin material. Clearly one could see the outline of the bra. The cleavage was deep and showed major portion of my boobs pressed together creating a large crack. And as I was walking in those tight jeans, I could feel the piercing eyes of many men on my prominent ass. Since it was low rise jeans, they were riding low showing a bit of upper mounds of my globes. And Sanjay has a theory for everything. He says men also get aroused by the brake lights on a woman’s back, those two dimples slightly above the ass. He says that when men look at those brake lights they know that the woman is bold and has deliberately worn a low riding pants. That day, my brake lights were at least two inches above the waist band of my jeans.

Preeti immediately grabbed me and took me to a corner table and she was all agitated, ‘did you see how these men are leeching at you? I can’t believe it. These men are such perverts’.

Me: Its OK Preeti. I don’t think they mean any harm.

Preeti: What are you saying? Two engineers in my wing were openly talking about you and describing you in dirtiest terms. One of them said that he wanted to rip open your t-shirt and chew on your big boobs.

Me: Really? I don’t believe that.

Wow! I wish he really did that!

Preeti: The other one said that he wants to rip open your tight jeans and fuck you in the ass right here in the office. They both were describing each part of your body. I just couldn’t stand it. I yelled at them.

Men in my office are thinking of fucking me, Wow!

Me: Oh! Preeti, I am so sorry you have to put up with that. But men will always be men. It’s all talk. I will get back to old style of dressing from tomorrow and they will just ignore me, dekh lena!

Preeti: Why Priyanka? Is this change just for one day? I thought you are going to dress like this from now on. In fact, I was actually hoping you would continue. I really don’t like that HR and Sales batch of women who think they are the only ones who can wear modern clothes. I was so happy today to see one of us wear modern stuff.

Me: I don’t know Preeti. I loved it today, but I am not sure if I can continue wearing such attires.

The disappointed look on Preeti made me feel sad. In our company, the HR ladies and Sales team ladies are the bold ones. They wear sexy and randy clothes and get all the attention, and even higher salaries. Prior to this I was never in the limelight. In fact, I always shunned public attention because of big size of my boobs. During my adolescence I grew really fast and acquired really big size bust and it caused sensation in the school, and when I got into college, once again the boys started to notice my bust. To avoid public attention I used to dress down, wear loose clothes. And I thought I always hated the attention. But today it was altogether different. I felt like a Sonam Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra, a hot actress who is sought after by everyone. I just loved it. If this is price I have to pay to get this attention, let it be. May be, I will make Preeti happy.

Me: Come on Preeti! Cheer up. I will continue to wear dresses like this every day, OK?

She was so happy that she came around and hugged me.

We went for a walk around the campus, which is the usual routine after lunch in our company. The seam of my pants was doing wonders, it was causing enough friction to keep my pussy lips engorged. This had another effect. My pussy lips were showing off the fabric of my pants as obtrusions on both sides of the zipper. The zipper itself was the major highlight. Because it would shine, everyone’s attention as drawn towards it, to crotch area. Once again, I strutted around and walked like a model on the ramp, putting some oomph into the walk on my high heels, deliberately moving and shaking my ass a bit more, and I could see the effect. Almost everyone that we met along the walk was turning their heads to look at me. And some men were just following us. Preeti kept saying that ‘those ugly boys are following only to look at your sexy ass.’

After lunch two women engineers from another department came to my cubicle to talk to me about my new avatar. I know Savita and Radhika a little. They were the chatterboxes.

Savita: Priyanka, you are looking beautiful, yaar!

Radhika: She is not looking beautiful. She is looking sexy. There’s a difference.

Savita: Yeah, I know. Priyanka, where did you buy these jeans, yaar? They look so sexy.

Radhika: The jeans are not just sexy, they look vulgar. Those zippers do not have a cover, and they don’t have a button at the top. One can actually see the pull-slider on the top hanging freely. You know what? That makes men think that you are easy. They have to just pull it down and you are naked.

Savita: But I am quite sure Priyanka is wearing panties inside. She won’t be naked, right? Priyanka what are you wearing inside?

I was glad that someone involved me in the conversation, otherwise I was wondering if they would ever stop talking to each other.

Me: Savita, I am wearing thongs inside. You know they are better for such modern dresses.

Radhika: A thong? Wouldn’t that be riding on your ass crack whole day, and keep your bums without a cover.

Savita: That’s the whole point. Thongs make a woman feel sexy. Since a tight cloth is rubbing against you whole day, it keeps your aroused, and the bum without a cover also makes you feel sexy, right? Priyanka?

Before I could answer it, Radhika took over.

Radhika: yeah, but look at the cleavage, this is too much for an office. Nearly half of your boobs are hanging out, and it is not like you have small ones. They are massive. And I believe that some of us could even see your aureole today. Almost all men in our office were rushing to bathrooms after lunch to shag. Do you know that?

Savita: Oh, you are saying that as if it is Priyanka’s fault. If men shag, let them shag. It is good for their health.

Radhika: And look how she is showing off her belly button. It is not a small one. It is deep and big. There should be a rule against showing off belly buttons so brazenly. It is just not decent at a workplace.

Savita: Oh really? What about Sneha? She had a big navel, may be as big as Priyanka, and she never covered it up.

Radhika: Sneha ka baat kuch aur hain! (Sneha’s matter is altogether different) She is up there in the big league, not like us, down here.

Savita: So what? With this dress even our Priyanka is up there. Any day, she looks far sexier than that slut Sneha.

Radhika: So you are saying that our VP Nitin is going to chase Priyanka now, since that slut Sneha is no longer in company?

Savita: Not just chase. He is going to ride her very soon, dekh lena!

I was flabbergasted. These two women were speaking about me right in front of me. And I had no say in the matters.

Me: I don’t even know who this VP Nitin is. And everyone is talking about him.

Savita: He is the son-in-law of our CEO. He is a playboy. Oh! He is such a hunk. I just love him. He is so handsome.

Radhika: Yes, he is handsome, and he must have fucked most of the HR and Sales team women.

Savita: No, I don’t think so. He was always loyal to Sneha.

Radhika: That’s loyalty? He already has a wife, and mind you, she is CEO’s daughter.

Savita: Don’t worry about Nitin. Priyanka, what size are your boobs?

Radhika: I am pretty sure they are 36D.

Me: They are 36C.

Savita: Wow! They are amazing. Does your husband massage them daily?

Me: What?

Radhika: I am quite sure he does. How else would they become so big?

Savita: I was also told that if the husband chews on the nipples, they become really thick and big.

Is that true?

Radhika: Of course Savita. That’s what Priyanka’s husband must be doing every night.

Couldn’t believe that they were talking about my sex life right in front of me.

Me: Girls, I have something important to submit. Can I get back to my work now?

That evening, Sanjay was waiting for me. The minute I entered, he took me forcefully, hugged me and kissed me. I was also feeling so horny from the office talks that I reciprocated quite passionately. We both kissed for long, during which he moved his hands all over my boobs, my abs, my ass cheeks. Once he had his fill, he pleaded with me to tell all about the day’s experiences. I started to relate the day’s events, but soon it made me quite excited, and I was flushed in embarrassment. I told my husband so many glances and gazes, and compliments from her coworkers. I skipped some of the ribald details deliberately.

With sexual excitement in the air, that night Sanjay arranged bed cushion in the balcony, and draped the railing with a thin saree to create some privacy. And I was feeling so horny from all day attention from so many men and women, that I didn’t even protest at the prospect of getting fucked out in the open. Sanjay turned off all the lights of the bedroom so that it became dark, and we lied low so that we would not be seen. There was enough ambient light from the street lights to see two figures fucking, if one concentrated on it. The whole idea that we were fucking in the open for the first time increased my libido, and we had a glorious fuck session that night. I was wailing and gasping most of the time. There were other buildings next to ours, and we knew that someone could potentially see us or hear us.

During the hot fuck session, Sanjay made me stand up. I was above the railings now, and in the open. My boobs and thick nipples were visible to anyone on the street. This was the first time I was standing nude in open and it was quite exciting. Sanjay made me stand like that, outwards to the street, while he ate my pussy and asshole from behind. I really loved the feeling and was equally aroused by the ribaldry of the act.

Later we got into a 69 position, and I sucked his cock deep into my throat gagging on it many times. I was trying to perfect the deep throat as shown in porn movies. I licked and sucked on his balls and from the moans of my husband it was clear that he was enjoying it all. Meanwhile, my dear husband kept eating my pussy, chewing on the lips and licking on my clit. He even started licking my asshole and deep probed it with his tongue. It felt so dirty and yet that act pushed me over – and I had one of the most wonderful orgasms of my life. I squirted half a gallon of pussy juices while my husband kept licking on my pussy and asshole. At the same time, he started to squirt his man juices into my wet mouth. And for the first time in my life, I completely swallowed it. I felt like a porn start, and loved the feeling.

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