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This hot sex story is about Pinky and the best sex of her life. Pinky arrived home from work tired and foot sore. She stretched her five foot five inch frame as she got out of her car and trudged up to the front of her home. Her black hair was tied in a bun, which she loosened and her tumbled out around her shoulders – Pinky is of Chinese desent. When she got into the house, she quickly pulled off her heels with an audible sigh. The house was dark and…empty? No, she had seen her husband’s car in the driveway. He is probably sitting in front of the TV watching ESPN. Well he is going to give his wife a foot rub, she thought as she climbed the stairs to their bedroom and found her husband bound to his reading chair with brown tape. It had been wound around his body and legs and large piece covered his mouth.

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Pinky ran into the bedroom straight to her husband. He shook his head and made noises under his gag that sounded like “behind you” when a hand was clamped over her mouth and a lancet put to her throat. Pinky froze in fear: she hated knives. “Looks like the little woman made it home, ” said a voice in her ear. “Be good and I won’t harm either of you. Understand?” Pinky asked herself to give a little nod, careful of the point of the lancet as she did so. The Man grabbed her by the hair and spun her around. She was face to face with a Man wearing a black ski mask and holding a hunting lancet. “Your husband and I were waiting for you to get home, Pinky. Figured, since you were the only thing worth taking in this house, that I’d make him comfortable so he could watch.” The Man leered at her. “Watch what?” asked Pinky, her voice small. Please God, don’t let him cut me, she thought. Please. “Your fuck. I am going to make you my sex victim and you will be a good girl through out or I will walk over and slice open your husband’s throat, sex with you, then do the same to you. Are we clear on the rules?”

Pinky swallowed and looked at her husband. He was sweating and shaking his head side to side. The Man walked over and slapped him on the side of the head and put his lancet to his throat. “You stay out of this and let the lady decided. “He turned back to Pinky. “Time is wasting, honey. Do I start cutting or do you start stripping down to your pantyhose for me?” Tears flowed out of Pinky’s eyes as she began to undress. The Man smiled and slapped her husband again. “I like a woman who is action oriented.” As Pinky took off her blouse and bra, the Man leaned down to her husband’s ear. “Never had an Oriental woman before. Is it any

different, buddy? Oh that’s right, you are a little tied up. We’ll compare notes later.” Pinky slid off her skirt. The Man walked to her and traced the tip of

his lancet over her nipples. “Very nice, Pinky. You are going to make a fine sex victim.”

Pinky stared hard at the Man, tears flowing down her cheeks. She was helpless. She refused to look at her husband. He was no help. Their survival was on her.

The Man leaned down and sucked her nipples. Pinky moaned in pain and shame. The Man pulled her close and kissed her neck. “Bet you can suck cock like a champ,” he whispered in her ear. “Get on your knees, Pinky.” Pinky obeyed. The Man shoved his stiff cock into her mouth. “Suck, bitch.” Pinky closed her eyes and moved her mouth up and down the Man’s shaft. She heard him moan and breath quicker as she ran her tongue over the tip. “Damn, buddy,” called out the Man to Pinky’s husband, “she is the best cock sucker. She do you like this?”

Pinky heard angry grunts came from her husband. Lost in thought, to lessen the degrading act she was doing, she found it hard to remember the last time she had done this to her husband. The Man grabbed Pinky by her hair and pulled her head back. “Crawl over to your husband and lay on the floor in front of him,

your arms above your head.” Pinky crawled across the floor to her husband and lay down. She put her arms above her head. Please, let this end, she thought. Please let us survive. The Man kneeled in front of her and spread her legs. He lay on his stomach and kissed his way up her legs to her crotch. Pinky’s breath

left her as the Man ‘s lips found her clit through her pantyhose.

He slit open the crotch of the pantyhose and put his lips on her bare clit. He rammed a finger inside her as he sucked her clit. Pinky felt herself getting wet.

“Yes, Pinky, cum for me. Let go. Show your husband what he is missing.” Pinky fought the feeling, but his steady strokes of his finger combined with his warm lips and tongue on her clit broke through her resistance. “NO. Stop. I AM CUMMING…” Pinky’s screamed as her body arched in her organism. With her body still convulsing, the Man entered her with a hard brutal thrust. Pinky screamed again from pain (and pleasure?) as the Man fucked her with hard strokes. He put her legs over his shoulders and pounded her pussy. “Yes… nice and tight.” The Man looked up at Pinky’s husband. “A pussy this tight means you are not fucking her enough, buddy. Oh, by the way, Oriental pussy is FINE!” The Man laughed and started to rub little circles with his finger on Pinky’s clit.

Pinky came again as the Man thrust forward and filled her with his semen. She sobbed in shame. She had cum twice for her rapist. All the while why he was tormenting her husband. She felt filthy. The Man pulled out of her, leaned down and kissed her. “You were fantastic, Pinky. You are an excellent sex victim.

Pinky said nothing and closed her eyes. It was over. All she wanted him to do is leave. She had done what he wanted. “LOOK AT THIS!” The Man grabbed Pinky and pulled her to her knees in front of her husband. She could see a bulge in his pants. Pinky’s eyes went large in shock. “Looks like hubby enjoyed watching you get fucked, Pinky. Look at his stiffy.” Pinky could not believe it. She looked up at her husband who looked away.

The Man laughed. “Suck his cock,” he ordered.”NO.” Pinky was surprised on how fast her answer came out. The Man placed the lancet on her throat. “Suck his cock or you die. Make your husband happy.” Pinky went into survival mode again, as she unzipped her husband’s pants and pull out his stiff cock. She put her mouth and it and began to suck. She grunted as the she felt the Man enter her from behind to fuck her a second time as she took her husband in her mouth. She floated above it as the humiliation of her fuck was deepened by the realization that her husband had enjoyed her brutalization. i should have let him harm you, thought Pinky as her husband came inside her mouth. She gagged and waited for the Man to finish, which he did with a painfully thrust. More semen for me to contend with, thought Pinky.

The Man withdrew and pushed Pinky to the floor. He put their small alarm clock in front of her.”Don’t move for an hour. After that, you can cut your husband loose.If you want.” The Man laughed slapped Pinky on the ass, and left.Pinky looked at the clock and then her husband. It was going to be a long hour.

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