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Hi! Its Lisa here 1 year ago this hot sex story happened in Bombay. I was there with Rajesh, my cousin brother and it was a business trip. Rajesh is very smart and gentle person he got all the things in his little age. He has very attractive personality. I was a great fan of Rajesh because of his qualities. Rajesh is a businessman his business is related to import-export. So for this he usually makes visit to abroad and his client/suppliers are mostly from Arabian countries. And in these dealings he usually met them in hotels and office. Sometimes he welcomes his clients with call girls, because almost all Arabians are great fan of Indian women and all these things are normal in business dealings.

Hot Sex Stories

Once Rajesh said to me that today you arrange the guest room because one of my clients from Dubai is coming for dinner and after dinner he will stay at our guest room and will enjoy with a call girl. All the time Rajesh made these arrangements outside but at that time due to Bombay Bomb blast there was very much checking in hotels. So for security purpose Rajesh made all these arrangements at home. So I made all the arrangements for them and was preparing dinner. On 7 pm they came I saw first time any Arabian sheikh. He was almost 6-2 in height and have 42 inches chest, will be of 42 years age and have lust in his eyes. They came in and sat in drawing room at that time I was in blue sari and a matching sleeveless backless low cut blouse since it was business meeting, normally I wear western stuff. They were discussing some business points. On 9 o’clock Rajesh told me to arrange dinner before that they had taken scotch. So I called our servant and said him to arrange all the things, after arrangement I called both of them for dinner. Rajesh introduced him that, this is Mr. Rahaman and this is my sister Lisa. We said hi each other.

Then we started to take dinner in between Rahman asked, what about night arrangement Rajesh answered yes I called someone but why she did not come till now? Ok I just call her and Rajesh went to another room for making phone to a call girl in that mean time Mr. Rahman said you are really a beautiful lady and have a marvelous figure I just smiled but I felt his thirst eyes on my body, he was watching my mountains and depths. Oh by the way im 34 24 36 black hair eyes 5 ft 5 inc gained attention of most men and I always felt that even my bro realized this as he would take me to his business meetings with him, reasons best known to him. I felt some shy but suddenly Rajesh came and said Mr. Rahaman I am very much sorry the call girl is not coming because of security checking. In these days here the conditions are very much tight due to bomb blast. Mr. Rahman said Oh god now how I spent my night this would be very difficult for me. After completing the dinner both of them went to guest room and I went to bedroom.

After 2 hours, I think it was 12 in night Rajesh came in to bed room and asked me dear Lisa do you love me? I replied why are you asking like that? He replied first tell me, then I said yes then he said please do one thing for me.

I asked what? Then he told me please understand the whole situation. Mr. Rahaman is our client, so it is our duty to please him t I questioned, but what can I do in this situation. Rajesh replied you can do every thing. Mr. Rahman is very much impressed with you and he is saying if you sleep with him only for one night he will gave a biggest contact to us. Please try to understand. I shouted on Rajesh, I am your sister and you are offering me like that shame but Rajesh said quietly Please try to understand my sister he was very much requesting me then he told me if we will not agree then Mr. Rahman will break the contact and we will on road after that, because of this typical business dealing, finally at last I got agreed don’t know how and said Ok after listening my Ok Rajesh became very happy and went to call him.

After 15 minutes Mr. Rahman came to my room with Rajesh. Rajesh told him Mr. Rahman now Lisa is only for your enjoy and he went to the guest room. Now Rahman closed the door and came near to me and said actually I was praying to god, how can I get you and god gave me a chance. Then he said you are really a beautiful lady and he took me in his arms I was silently presenting my self to him he lifted me like a doll and threw me on the bed I got little fear but what could I do? After that Rahman dropped all his clothes except his underwear. Then he came to me and opened my hairs, then he put his lips on my lips and started kissing passionately his kisses were very hard and rough during all that time he was slipping his palm on my butt and squeezing them passionately, did my whole face wet by his kisses in between he was saying something which I could not understand I think he was speaking some Arabian language. Then he pull my sari. And his hands were moving on my whole body and I really say, in starting I was feeling hate but now I was also feeling wet and was eager to lie under him. I just heard before about the wildness of Arabians but now I am feeling myself at that time I was in petticoat and blouse and perhaps 1/2 hour had spent oh god this time was too much for my boy friend and in this time we did complete sex so many times. But Rahman just undid my sari now I was fully aroused and started slowly moaning but he was quite.

He lied beside me and asked to arouse him now it was my chance although I was feeling shame in starting but now I had gotten fully aroused. And I started to move my hands on Rahman’s body up and down he closed his eyes I started kissing him. His chest was hairy and color was very fair, his thighs were very tight moreover he was a complete man. I kissed his nipples and naval now he started moaning ohhhh….aaahhaaahhhhh yeeesssssss youuu blooooooooody biiiitchhh Indian. Now I wanted to see his big Lun, which was trying to come out of his underwear. I fixed my fingers in the strip of his underwear and he lifted his hips and helped me to do him necked. Now what a glorious seen was there a 10 inch cock is fully erected and two balls were hanging I sat on his chest and started to licking his cock I was very much eager to eat this lollypop because first time I was seeing a huge Lun I was just playing with it like a little girl plays with dolls during this time my butt were on Rahaman’s face and he was just squeezing them but I was fully concentrated on his huge Lun. Now I was licking his precum and moving my mouth up and down I wanted to eat more and more and at last he burst in my mouth and filled me with his cum. I drank it whole.

Then his wildness aroused suddenly and he told some abusing words and got me lie down and came in between my legs I was eager to show my lovely boobs to him because it was my costly property and my boy friend is very big fan of my boobs but Rahman did not take interest to see them. Now he was concentrate on my naval and his tongue has entered in my naval he was licking it I closed my eyes but suddenly I opened my eyes because he toured my petticoat alas!!!! My costly petticoat. Now it was in two pieces, now he bent me and pull down my panty, blouse was still there on my body and I was in little wonder that why he is ignoring my lovely mountains I was first time bottom less before being topless now his palms were moving on my butt also he was squeezing them and kissing them passionately now he told me to sat on knees and lift butt upward means like a bitch. I made this condition then he started to kiss my butts sometimes his tongue entered in my shit hole.

Actually I was assuming that after sometime he will enter his big Lun in my vagina from back side but when he put his Lun on my shit hole I understood his notion and then I felt very much fear because sometimes my boyfriend tried to do this but I strictly refused due to fear I thought how the 5″ cock will entered in this tiny hole but now this is 10″ cock so I just bent and told to Rahaman I think you are trying to take my gaand but please don’t do that it is very much tiny and it will injured but he laughed and told dear Lisa what your brother told previously for the whole night you are only mine. Then I begged him to entered in pussy I told him to squeeze my boobs suck my nipples why don’t you do that? Then he replied actually darling when I first saw you then I became fan of your butt then I told it to Rajesh firstly he refused but when I became angry and told him to break contacts then he agreed then we made phone to call girl and said her to not come here. Because I was interested in you. So don’t show any drama and present me your ass then I felt very much shame on my brother but now what can be happen but any how I wanted to protect my ass but he was now started to rape me. Suddenly I gave him jerk by my ass so he fell backside and I ran away after opening the door.

I knocked the door of Rajesh who was sleeping in guest room. He opened the door and watched me little wonder because at that time I was only in blouse he smiled and asked what happen, at the same time Rahman came there and shouted on Rajesh what is this she is not supporting me. Then Rajesh told him no problem I will help you and he and Rahman lift me in their hands. I was shocked due to my brother who was presenting his sister to another person. But what could I do? Now we all came to bed room then on behalf of me Rajesh said to Rahman why don’t you taste her pussy? Rahman replied Mr. Rajesh her pussy is old and I wanted something new and her ass is virgin because she was saying she refused to her boyfriend for ass fucking so now please help me. Then Rajesh saw me and told, darling don’t worry it will be little painful but after you will enjoy. But I was not ready then he undress himself and sat on bed and just tore my blouse what a shameful seen my brother toured my blouse in front of another person then Rahman came near and just unhooked my bra. Now I was fully naked and I was not aware what they are going to do? Then Rajesh told to Rahman: see her boobs I am great fan of them I was surprised to hear this from own brother but Rahman replied Ok I will taste them later.

Then Rajesh hold my both boobs and started to squeeze them and took nipples in his mouth then from back side Rahman came and entered his finger in my pussy now I knew they were trying to make arouse me Rahman got sat me on knees like a bitch I was begging but they did not show any sympathy my hands were caught by Rajesh and boobs were in his mouth Rahman hold my waist and put his cock head on my butt hole I just cried by pain but as soon as I opened my mouth for crying Rajesh entered his cock in my mouth and I could not cry. In the mean time Rahman put his cockhead on my butt hole and pull my waist towards him but could not enter his cock into me then he asked to Rajesh have you some butter in kitchen because her hole is very much tight Rajesh told yes I go for take then Rahaman told him no no I will go and he left the room then I begged to Rajesh Please save me I can’t do that Then rajesh said me darling Why are you not understanding why are you trying to get Mr. rahaman angry?

Then there were no other way and there was no one to save me so I just left myself free after coming Rahaman I made myself in bitch position Rahaman told yes Rajesh do work on her breast Rajesh started to squeezing my boobs then Rahman applied some butter on my butt hole and some on his Lun then he put his Lun on my hole and applied some pressure I was feeling a lot of pain but I was not reacting at the same time they counted one, two, three and Rahman pushed his cock forward and Rajesh push me backward and now something was inside my butt hole after a few seconds Rahman pull his cock little outside and again they did same one, two, three and now I think his half cock was into my butt hole then They both gave some jerks after a while Rahamn told Rajesh now it is moving easily so you leave now and see the show Then Rajesh once again kissed my boobs and left me and sat on sofa now I was in Rahaman’s hand he told me Lisa darling now It will be more enjoyable for you also now assume you and me like a bitch and dog and move to and fro then I also thought why should not I enjoy with this Arabian cock. And I started to give support to Rahman he was now increasing his speed and I also.

My boobs were hanging to and fro I was tired but was happy after 20/25 minutes he loaded my butt with his cum and then I got relaxed now this was 3 am in night. Then Rahman told Mr. Rajesh I got satisfied now I want to sleep Rajesh replied Ok let us move but I told loudly I am not satisfied they both look wondered me. I told you want to take my ass I gave it to you but now I am interested to take your 10 inch in my pussy because I never took such a big thing in my lady ness Rajesh cried on me what the hell rubbish you only give that how much we want from you but Rahaman told quietly No Rajesh she is correct you may go I will enjoy with her Rajesh got silent now he was helpless and he went to guest room then Rahman closed the door and abused Rajesh. I told him yes come on and fuck me Now I am in love with you then he came near to me and his palms were moving on my whole body I was also kissing him. Then I lift my hands to tie up my hairs and gave him full look of my ripe mangoes and got success to attract him on them. He came near and took one tit in his rough hand and another tit in his mouth he was really sucking my nipples like a baby. I was smiling and was pleased that in last I made him mad on my boobs. After some time he changed his mouth and hand position on tits, after feeling passionate sucking of Rahman. After getting satisfied with my boobs he told me let us do 69. I agreed and climb on him and put my pussy on her thirst lips and took his tool in my mouth I was kissing his tool like a banana and he was fucking me with his tongue. He entered his thumb and finger into my pussy and found my clit and took it in his mouth.

I was in heaven no doubt he was a complete man I said Rahaman I am coming he replied no problem and I came on his face most of my cum he drank after that he got lied me on bed and came in between my legs I spread my legs and gave a full look of my pussy he entered his cock in my pussy with little barrier because I was habitual of only 5 inch of my boyfriend so my pussy was tight but this Arabian man has just double. After inserting he started to move to and fro and I also tied his waist with my legs I started moaning myself really he was giving me full pleasure. He fucked me at least half an hour then he told me I am coming I just ignore his words and told him yes yes yeeeee hhhhhh please be fast and fast again he told it may be risky if I come into you but I replied Rahaman It will be my fortune I will like to become mother of your child instead of any other bastared and after listening my words he gave me full length rapid jerks and loaded my pussy. After that we both got tired I told him you are my dream man he asked why? I replied because I like brave persons and you are like that he asked me how? I replied with smile you fuck me on the bed of my brother, in front of my brother and with the help of my brother this is what????? He also smiled and kissed me and squeezed my boobs and left the room next day he left India now we are normal after that Rajesh got some great dealings through him and yes also now when Rahman comes to India (rarely once in a year).

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