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Hi friends I am Sameer from Guwahati, Assam, India. I am a student and of 20 yrs of age I am little week in english I hope you can manage it. I am tall, good looking and have a good physique like you all I too wanted to have a girlfriend still yet not even one. So far. Its a very sad for me and I am badly in need of a girlfriend whatever age she have I don’t care to fulfil my desire.at this stage of my life I am so excited and energetic that I want to utilise it but I am always always afraid of talking to girls as it is my weakness still today and I hope this move will help me to get a girlfriend and overcame my fear. I am white and my cock has also a good size. I have not measured it yet. Everyone wants a wife at-least for a nice sexual life and a good relationship. I too wanted one if not wife at-least a good relationship I have a good understanding capacity and I have studied girls physically. I could read a girls feelings and her romantic life just by talking with her.

Hot Sex Stories

Not wasting much time I came to my story, my story starts like this one day my aunty (my father’s friend’s sister) came to our house to live in our house for one week. As she was going to get married soon.so my father felt to bring her in our home for the last time and for one week. I was 16years of age that time..the day she came to my house, I was shocked by seeing her beauty she was 23 years of age and was very beautiful, her breasts were just like my dream boobs and her figure was killing. Her smile simply caught my attention, her height bowled me, her lips stumped and her boobs shocked me. Seeing her like this I was sure of fucking but I cant as she was my aunty and much older to me.

But still when I was thinking of alll this of fucking her, my dreams went off as when she told my father that she consider me as her son too and she loves us so much that she will surely miss us very much after her marriage. Hearing that she consider me as her son I was runout of fucking her and I was sure that I am never going to get her as I slowly fall in love with her truly with all my heart but still I resists and went to my study room and there her thoughts simply never allow me to forget her even for a second.my heart was full of pain I thinking that I am going to loooose her and whether I will ever get a girl so understanding and nice figure to me.

At night while arrangement were going to sleep as she came to our home, my aunty told my father that she would like to sleep with me and my brother for the last and for the first time.my father agreed and let her sleep with us.

At night when she slept between me and my brother and as she slept near me, I lost my normal sleep as she was sleeping with me.my hearty beats was running faster and faster as the time progress.she was with me and the thoughts of fucking her was running all over my mind. But the next thought that if she complaint against my father that I have done something mischiefed to her than my father will not spare me and I am too much scared of him. So I made up my mind not to do any mischiefed with her, so I resists and tried to sleep but my dirty thoughts of fucking her was running not only in my mind but in my whole body. At night, at around 1:30am, I felt my aunty turned towards me and her hand flown directly on my cock, I was helpless but was enjoying her hand on my long erect cock. My cock was erect and hard.after about 10 minutes of her hand on my cock.my aunty wake -up and remove her hand from my my cock(my cock was under my pant) and went to the bathroom and then she came back after about 10 minutes and slept besides me and pushed me forcefully to see if I was sleeping, I didnt respond to this push and she became sure that I was in deep sleep.she then again put her beautiful hand on my cock and slowly was enjoying it.she then started to pressed it slowly and slowly but I didnt respond it. After sometime she put her legs on me and untie her blouse and took my hand and put it on her boobs and started to pressed it along with my hand just then I by knowingly moved closed to her boobs and just touch one of my lips to her nipple of her left breast.

She was then helpless as her nipples became erect and I could feel it, she then put her nipples inside my mouth and hold my head tightly into her boobs and with the other hand she was fingering in her cunt.just then I put out my tongue and started drinking her milk by this she was surprised by it and quickly look into my eyes but without saying any word she asked me to continue my job and then I continued for around 15minutes or soo. After that she became really hot and so I was. Seeing my brother sleeping with us we decided to move to the bathroom and continue our work there.

We then moved to the bathroom and then there as soon as we entered the bathroom we locked it and started kissing each other passionately, my cock was fully erect at that moment and while I was kissing her I put one of my hand in her cunt, It was very wet but she stops me and told me that she want to do only kissing, hugging and licking but not fucking as she wanted to keep herself pure for her husband. I then agreed and then continued kissing passionately for another 10minutes and while kissing I moved my lips slowly and slowly towards downwards my kissing all her parts above her breasts and then I moved to her boobs and started drinking it with that she started mouning”AAHHHHHWUUUHHHHHH,DRINK IT FULLY DONT SPARE A DROP OF MILKAHHHHHHHHHWUHHHHHHHHHAHHHHAHHHHAHHHAHAHHA CONTINUE, I LOVE YOU PLZ DO IT BY PRESSING IAHHHHHAHHHHWUUUUUBBHHWHWHWH”

I obeyed her and continued my job as her intrusion and then she asked me to lick her cunt I obeyed her again and went down her body by kissing all her body to her cunt and started licking it passionately, I then inserted my tongue into her cunt and she was moaning “AhhhhhhAHHhhhhhhhWhhhuuuuuuuu”i really love you sammeer””and asked me to continue I then continued as her instruction and as I was licking she was reallly enjoying and her organism was growing and she was growing more and more uncontrollable.as her organism was growing she then after reaching her greatest organism and cant controlled it she pushed me out of her cunt and asked me to fucked her and to do it fast she cant tolerate it I then took one of her legs in my hand and with a jerk I put my cock into her cunt and with that jerk she shouted in pain but I told to remain silent, she then obeyed and I continued mu fucking as speedy as I can do as I was fucking her I put one my lips to hers and started kissing her passionately and at last when I was about to cum she asked me to cum it in her stomach and I did as she told me.

After that sexual experienced I had never have done sex anymore as she was shifted to another room the next day as arrangement were made the next day but we continued kissing whenever we get chance for that week but then she left me forever and ever leaving me alone in my place to her husbands place.

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