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I m Samay from new Delhi the dil of India. I have read many stories but frankly speaking I never had faith on these stories I just used read them for a time pass or at the time of masturbation. But when this incident actually happened with me in my life, here I m to share my incident with u people..

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Well I told I m Samay 5′7″ height fit body complexion some what near than wheatish and a 7″ dynamite.Well I m in a customer care where my work is to explain my product’s ” how to use ” to the females as that product is meant for females. So it was a rainy day well not raining at the time when I walked out of my office but as the time I reach to an appartment I was completely wet.

I rang the door bell and a very sexy gal around 21-22 yrs of age opened the door.she was almost my height with a good pair of boobs fair complexion a mast figure must b around 35-29-36 which she told me later…well I said a hello with a smile and gave my intorduction she welcomed me in and to my surprise no one was in the house except her. her name is Sonia. So I said Soniaji I here is ur order and before I open up my product she said sir aap bahut bheeg gaye hain take this towel and wipe ur self it was still very formal by this time well I said thank u Soniaji but I m ok and here I was with a sneeze. She said she I ll bring some tea for me I said okey and again smiled and she smiled back too !! I asked her what she do and falaana dhimkaana to carry on the conversation and she came out of the kitchen with tea in her hands. Well I didnt noticed she is just standing back to me and as soon as I got up my head hit her hands and all the tea was on her and me. On which she said oouch. I got caught hold of her hands coz her hands were more in contact with the hot tea and started giving some blows of air through my mouth on to her hand she was still crying but at the time she saw some tea on my shirt also she stopped and said sir aapko bhi dard ho raha hoga aapki shirt par tea gir gayi hai I m sorry I said no it was my mistake and I apologised for my mistake. On which she said u r a very nice person and smiled on me and said sir aap apni shirt uttaar do I ll clean it up with a bit hesitation I said okey and removed my shirt well when I removed my shirt and gave to her I saw she was looking at my chest I said Soniaji kya hua she said nothing and took the shirt and went away and came after a min I asked kya hua she said kuch nahin arial mein bhigo di hai 1\2 hr mein tea ka stain chala jayega I said 1\2 hr is very long what if ur parents come and see me like this. She said no one will come till 7 pm . I said ok…..she was still looking at my chest I asked her again what r u looking at she smiled and nobbed her head sa ying nothing.

Well her hand was still red coz of that hot tea I said Soniaji aap koi dawai laga lo she said dard ho raha hai !! well I said Soniaji agar aap dawai nahin lagaogi to baad mein aur dard hoga. immediately she said aapko bhi to lagi hai aap dawai kyun nahin laga rahey I said aapke saamney thodi na lagaunga she smiled and while saying this I had again watched her body my godd I feel she was sitting restless I asked kya hua she said nothing and said she I ll return in a min I said ok

Well when she returned she came out in a brown color suit sleeve less showing her muscles. She was looking damm sexy in that each and every cut of her body was clearly visible in that suit as that was a skin tight suit I dont know but till that moment I had nothing in my mind but in that suit she was looking a sex bomb.

Her boobs were round perfect and above all a fair complexion in a brown color is amazing I couldnt keep my eyes of her and I had a hard on immediately. Already I was without shirt and it was getting difficult for me to hide it. and I think she also saw that and smiled … Well I was not yet able to keep my eyes of her boobs on which now she asked what r u looking at I said nothing. She came closer to me and sat next to my sofa.. and said tell me abt the product . Well the product was for females use and I need to give a practical demo.

So I said ill need u for my demo on which she said no probs… So I stood up and said her to get up she came and stood near to me I could smell the perfume she had used and that was driving me crazy.. While demo I need to touch her body too much which I asked her earlier if she had no probs she said no problem. Ok well during the whole demo I have touched almost each and every part of her body except her clit.

And by this time she was well on and eyes closed I called her Soniaji kya hua she said she had a strange feeling with my touch…well I didnt knew what to say and during the demo only her chunni was off… She said once again she want the same demo again..well I understood she want a touch on her body so I also said ok and and was again me who had a chance to explore her body again!!! but now this time my intensions were not for the demo but I carry on , I started with her face I touched her head her nose cheeks and lips and just during this she was again moaning like hmmmmmm mmmmmmm

Well I grabbed the scenes from other stories and understood she was moaning and getting hottttttttt!!!! welll frankly speaking I was also enjoying but I have to control I shifted my self from her cheeks to lips and neck sachchi keh raha hun it was damm hot for me to control butttt any wayssss…her body was very soft uski neck par hi kam se kam mainey 3-4 min tak haath phera….gals u wont belive what v guys feel doing this a gal standing front almost ready to b fucked and uskey badan pe haath pherna,, so I continued but during this her moans were getting louder I said can have some music onnnn she was already hot and she didnt bothered I went to the music system and played it a lit louder so that our voices couldnt go out..

I came back and got caught hold her from back and keeping her boobs touching my chest I started caressing her back she was moaninghmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm hhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well noices make me more horny and while I was caressing her back her boobs were making some movements on to my chest giving me a great urge for herrr….i asked her in er ears can I remove ur suit…she said yes is such a sexy manner that I cant tell u …i removed that quickly and there it was that many people wrote like apples, melons balloons, but let me tell u watching the original boobs in a black bra on a fair complexion is much more than that.. I removed her bra and for the first time in my life I had seen the original boobs in front of me and that too ready to b sucked ..u wont beleive what the taste her boobs had I started almost eating them u know they r so softttttt hmmmmm usshhhhhhhh…just like a peeled of mango…so bouncy u will push them downwards they will again rise upppppppppppp….. her nipples were pink and erected till then and it was a gr88 feeling sucking those .i moved downwards and untied her salwaar to my surprise she was with no panties and I could watch the real clit in my life for the first time u know watching photo is different but watching a live real boobs and clit is entirely amazing….!!

She had a precum by that time and I could very easily feel her womenhood…her pre juice was smelling hot and making me more horny… as soon as touched her clit sghe opened her eyes and look deep in to my eyes with a lust to proceed further…till now I was in my pants and a baniyan… She helped me getting nude and there was my lil elder macho man at his full length… She was amazed to look at him… She told me she is also a virgin and looking at a mans dick for the first time…..i cought her face and gave a nice kiss on her lips and she responded well and our sliva met soon and it was a green signal that v both r agree for this.

I immediately moved down and kissed her clit on which she moaned oooh and said oh dear come onnnn even I was more desperate to do it as it was my first time…and frankly speaking I was bit nervous too. I put my index finger first in to her clit and started ticking it in and out and in and out and in and out and very shortly my two more fingured joined this act she was moaning heavily thanx to that music that was onnn.. and she said she is coming and there come a loud noise from her and along that was her juice…i started to drink it first butttt u know first time…so just changed my mood but to my surprise she used her fingures and drank her self…what a bitch that was… but it was not all over it was her turn now I told her too grab my macho man in her mouth which she did but u know I get that out immediately coz that hurted me first.. but I have read in other stories that it feel gr8 so I tried again and here she was at her best… her tounge was doing some magic on to my machos head.. and it was really fantastic…..in 3 mins I said I said me coming but to my surprise she carried on and drank my cum also… She said its tasty… So v were heading to wards the next and final action I said now I ll go for u,…she hasitated a bit saying she is virgin and she is afraid doing this..

But any how she was ready..i used her juice as a lubricant placed machos head on the top firstly it slipped and I was worried how will it go… but I tried again.. and jerked it a bit it moved in a bit… I was happy that it really works… but my godd she was in pain and shouting take it out.. but who caress I gave a bit more healthy jerk and there it was some where in middle of her I could feel her clit from inside with machos top… and I started moving him in and out and in and out…and finally it was all inside her she was crying earlier but in 5 mins she was helping me in my moves..v continued it for 5 mins and during this she had already came once but I was still to come and when finally I was abt to cummmm I took him out and exploded my blast on her face and boobs and and at that time only she was again with her juice now finally I decided now I ll not loose it and started drinking it the first taste was foul but more I took in the tastier it was….

We both were lying on the floor itlsef and after some time when v gathered some power v went for a bath together…again I felt and touched each and every cut of her body and she was enjoying too ! !

after that v gave a good kiss to each other for 10-12 mins with hands busy on her boobs and body ofcourse.. and used that same towel which she offered me earlier…she went to the kitchen for some tea again and there was I had my clothes on after a dry wash in the washing machine..she came again v had tea and while moving out I kissed her again and promised to come again.. She was feeling satisfied with what happened to day and same was I after that v had sex again and again and a I also took her gand and boobs fucking into action too but thats next time.

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