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I am a Doctor belonging and settled at Chandigarh, India – handsome man, Age 45, 5’8″ married to a lady 39, Doctor, very pretty, working at the Institute. We have had a beautiful sex life for the last 16 years, having sex in all possible postures and ways except Anal. She has always resisted and I never forced. I have a long sex history, with many women, which has still not ended and I am sure shall continue till I am sixty. I am a regular jogger and have a sportsman like physique.

Hot Sex Stories

At the age of 13 when I was in class 8, I found out the pleasure of masturbating for the first time. I had a girl living next door named Pammi of the same age and we used to play together in the afternoons after school. When I started masturbating my interest in her became different – more of sexual. We have a big bungalow and there is only one room constructed on the first floor with attached bathroom – which has been my room always, till we constructed the entire first floor after my marriage.

One afternoon I suggested that we play doctor. Once u become the patient and then me. She agreed. I took out my doctor set made of plastic stethoscope and syringe with thermometer etc. So that is from where my internship started. I became the doctor first and she the patient. ” but what is the ailment” she asked. ” stomach ache” I replied and she agreed. She was wearing white blouse and a blue skirt and I always changed over to my shorts after school. She laid down on my bed and I approached her with my doctor set. ” yes what is your complaint” ” stomach ache” she replied.

I opened my doctor set, lifted her blouse, exposing her stomach and started feeling it. Her skirt was tied at the stomach level thus I could not feel her lower abdomen. I opened the side hook of her skirt and pulled it down, almost exposing her white panties, and again started feeling her stomach. Put my stetho on it, little knowing that it is meant for chest and not the stomach. After some time I told her that I will have to check below and she will have to remove the panties. She agreed and I pulled down her panties along with the skirt, taking it off. She was completely naked, abdomen and below and lying helpless in front of me. Like me she also had few pubic hair on her pussy. With that I opened her cunt lips. My first viewing of the inside.

“What are u doing” “Checking you” I replied and opened her cunt lips further. I saw a clitoris for the first time, may be ½ cm. Long and touched it trying to hold it between my thumb and the next finger. “AAH” she made a sound ” What happened” ” it gives tingling” “does it feel good” “ya” she has her eyes closed and out of the basic instinct I started messaging her clit with one finger and the other hand opening the cunt lips found her vaginal hole. I then put a finger in her hole it was hot and dry. She immediately pushed it out with her hand. “it pains” she said “so that is where from the stomach pain is originating” ” I think I will have to put some medicine here” “ok” she said. I brought some cream from my bathroom and also latched the stairs door so that no one from the family comes up.

Taking the cream on my finger I again entered her cunt. It was much easier now and after a few strokes she started enjoying. Her breathing became faster and started making odd sounds. I kept on stroking her for about five minutes not realising that my cock had hardened up. “bus aur nahin” she said. “but I am still to check your back” “even I will when I become the doctor” “yes” I replied and she turned upside down. Exposing her hips. They were that of a baby. Soft and white. After moving my hands over them I parted them exposing her pink ass hole. Again I applied some cream and entered my finger. She cried out in pain. “slowly” she said “ok” but I kept pushing in deeper and deeper with every stroke. After sometime she said “bas ab main doctor banoongi” I left her and she pulled up her panties and the skirt making me lie down on the bed. Without even asking for my problem she lifted my T-Shirt and opened the hook of my shorts, unzipped them and pulled them down.

I saw surprised look on her face. She was staring at my cock which was hard and about 5’’ long even at that time though today with all the years of fucking, I can boost of a 9″+ length. ” how come it is so big” she asked “it became big while I was touching you down there” she inquisitively touched it may be thinking if it was real. I put my hand on hers making her fist and started moving her under mine like I would normally masturbate. Before I could come she left my cock and turned me over to see my ass. She put her finger in. “you didn’t get pain” she asked. “no, your finger is thin” I replied. She kept on stroking for sometime and later we dressed and it was time for her to go.

The play went on for many months now without any game. We became quite free with each other. We would take off all our clothes and touch each other, kiss which we learnt how to together. Her nipples were like mine with small swellings, budding breasts. It was after a month while she was moving her fist over my cock that I came spilling all the come on the back of her hand. Later she washed her hand and brought a towel from the bathroom to clean my cock. Then masturbating each other became a regular game. I even started sucking her breasts. The small buds would completely fit into my mouth and she would go mad.

It was after four months when the D.day came. It was the afternoon again. Our second term exams were just over and both of us have been quite relaxed. Lying nude in each others arms, when she crossed her leg and put it on my thigh. My cock was almost touching inside of her opened cunt lips. I pushed. Could feel her wetness. She opened her eyes and looked into mine and I gave another push. The tip of my cock entered her and she gave a big gasp putting her head back. I gave another push and could feel some thing splitting away and she gave a cry AAAAAAAHH. Without bothering and while now kissing her I pushed harder and was almost half way inside her. Started moving slightly out then again in. She was showing to be more comfortable now and I pushed her coming on top of her and simultaneously pushing hard on the inward stroke. She again cried out in pain but now I wouldn’t stop. Kept pushing till I was fully inside her, moving out and pushing in again. It went on for more than five minutes before I came, spraying my come deep into her.

I realised that she was shivering. Kept holding her close with my limp cock still inside. When I pulled out there were streaks of blood on my cock and frank blood on her pussy lips. We washed ourselves in the bathroom. She bled more while washing. I helped her clean her pussy. She abstained for the next five days. We did not even meet. I was scared but when she came after five days, told me its ok now her periods had started and there was a lot of pain from the first fuck.

We have had long relationship after that. Fucked her in every way including entering her anus in the next two years before her parents shifted to Delhi. We still meet whenever I go for conferences to Delhi and replay our sex time in a more explicit way. Fucking her Ass more, and she loves it, because her cunt has become very loose after the birth of her two children.

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