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Hello there, my name is Iraani and I live in Delhi. Today, I m going to share one of the best hot sex stories. I was married four years ago. My husband is the manager in large concern. My color is fair and hairs are long up to my back.

Hot Sex Stories

My statistics are 38-30-38 . I had been living a rather happy and sexually satisfied married life. I write below my experience when I had sex with my husband’s friend at Chandigarh where we had gone.

It so happened that once my husband was designated to explore the possibilities of opening new manufacturing facility in the industrial belt near Chandigarh and he had to go there for nearly a week to study all the possibilities and regulations. I persuaded him somehow to take me along with him.

Moreover my husband had an old friend named Aman who was settled there and we could even spend some time with his family. I asked my husband to inform him about our program but he wanted to give him surprise and moreover we had to go in any case if he was there or not.

We arrived in Chandigarh and checked ourselves in a hotel where my husband took a suit as he wanted the outer room to use it to meet people and did not want our privacy to be disturbed. When he called his friend Aman, he was excited to have us there after a long time. It was unfortunate that his family had gone to Delhi for some time.

It was a hectic schedule for my husband but still Aman was good enough to give us company and took us to several places whenever we had time. He was extremely nice person, 6ft high and built like a pro athelete. He had that look on his face that gave out his somewhat reckless nature.

Once my husband left early as he had scheduled to see some prospective land and later had an appointment with some people. He hoped to be back early evening so that he wind up all his work as we had planned to leave for Delhi the next day. I was in my room trying to kill the time by watching TV when I heard a knock on the door.

It was Aman there who greeted me, he was here as it was his day off and he wanted to spend the day with us. He was sorry to see my husband not there and started to take a leave when I as had nothing to do asked him to sit for a while so that we fight boredom together. As I asked him what he would like to have, he suggested that it would be better and a change of scene if we sit in the coffee shop and have some tea and snacks.

I picked up my bag and we both came down and walked towards the coffee shop. Surprisingly it was full and there seem to be not a single table free. Aman went to manager who knew Aman being not only regular visitor but also a member of the elite hotel club.

He apologized for his inability to provide any table immediately and offered us a table at the pool side if we wish to go there. Aman looked at me and then consented for a table for us there.

It was a lovely place at the poolside and separate table was arranged for us a little away from the people sunbathing. The pool was surrounded with trees, clear blue water gave an amazing view. Already boys and were swimming and playing with each other.

Mostly were foreigners and they were hugging and kissing while playing. Looking at them made me smile. Aman who was sitting opposite me asked me why was I smiling and I just shook my head. He asked me again if I was getting in a mood to swim and play or what?

I gave out a loud laughter, “swimming here when I have no costume with me, no Aman I was just smiling at the men playing around with their Gfs.” Aman said, “arranging a costume is no big task, if you really wish to take a plunge”, I do not know why but I all of a sudden wanted to swim, it had been years since I had entered water and I wanted to stretch my muscles.

I asked Aman if it was possible to get a costume. He got up and went to the manager, I think he flashed some card and notes and iin no time I saw him bringing at our table two packets. It was a single piece costume for me and a trunk for him.

We both got up and went to the changing room where I removed my shirt, trousers and my undergarments to put on the costume. It was a little tight but still comfortable and showed off my figure well. I came out and went to the shower room which was strangely at the other corner of the pool. Aman too had changed into his trunks that showed off his muscular body too well.

When I came out of the shower, water was dripping from my body and the costume had stuck to my figure like a second skin. I found Aman waiting for me at the railing of the pool and he gave me an admiring look and commented how well I had maintained my figure all these years. I blushed & thanks to him.

We both jumped into the pool and tried to overcome each other, but I was no match for him and in couple of strokes he left me behind. I found that I had lost my stamina while he was regular. he would just pull me down inside the water and swim away from me before I could come to the surface. I too tried to do the same but he was too strong for me.

I do not know why but all these things made me aroused a bit more so because my wet and naked parts of the body were regularly touching his naked body. A few times I found his hands press my boobs too, it was intentional or not, I was not sure. Sometimes he would lift me by holding me through my waist and it was almost as if we were doing a hug there.

When he was holding me up in the water, my butts were touching his groin and I felt a bulge in there. Everything was just turning me on and my body was getting hotter despite being in the water. I wanted him to take me and do more. Later, while relaxing on the deck chairs, I found him constantly looking at my wet body without saying anything.

He left sometime later after we had coffee. My husband returned in the evening and he looked tired. Perhaps the day had been too hectic for him. He told me that he was not feeling well. I searched for some medicine in my bag and gave him one thinking it could be just too much of outside food and nothing serious.

He lied down on the bed to rest but it looked like the medicine was not working. Soon he was in pain & he almost cried. I hurriedly rushed to the phone and called the reception for some doc on duty but there was none present there.

I could think of no one else but Aman and I called him and told the situation. He asked me not to panic as he was on his way along with some help. I just sat down highly worried looking at the great pain my husband was in. I was almost in tears feeling helpless and was just trying to console him when there was a knock on the door and Aman entered with doctor.

He did his examinations, gave him a couple of injections which seem to have worked as I saw my husband close his eyes and drowse off. The doc told us that it was due to bad food he was taking. He had given him a sedative that would ensure he remain sleeping the whole night. He asked us not to worry as it was not too serious.

The doc left soon thereafter while Aman had preferred to stay as he did not want me to be alone in such time. My husband was in deep sleep after a strong dose of tranquilizers and we both were sitting on the sofa near him. Aman asked me to go to the other room and rest while he was there, but I preferred being there. I was really too worried and was thinking what could I had done if Aman was not there.

My swimming exercise during the day and the current situation, made me really tired and sitting on the sofa I just closed my eyes and rested my head on the back. In my short nap I somehow shifted and rested my head on Aman’s shoulder and almost leaned over him.

I felt he too had put his one arm around me and caressed me to relax, it was feeling good so I just cuddled up further to him. I felt as if his grip around my shoulder was tightening and he was holding me closer to him. It was not the time to feel like that but the feelings I was having while I was in the pool with him erupted again and even though I was in my senses, I too remained in his arms.

A few minutes later I felt as if he had kissed my forehead and rolled down his lips to my cheeks. I opened my eyes, He was looking in my eyes with lust. I was still looking at him when he bent and kissed my lips softly. I shook my head in bewilderment as my husband was sleeping a few feet from us and what if he suddenly opened his eyes.

He whispered me not to worry about him as strong dose of tranquilizers would not make him to get up before morning and asked me to come to the inside room. I was too afraid of the situation but he got up taking me with him and locked the main door and almost carried me to the next room and bolted it.

I was almost terrified as I was fearing my husband could wake up any moment. I told him not to do it as it was not right to which he assured me that he would not wake up before morning and saying this he took me in his arms and began to kiss me. he was too strong for me.

With his both arms around my back, he was onto my face and kissing every inch of it and I felt myself getting weak and almost surrendering to him. Kissing me all over he slowly carried me towards the bed on which my husband had made love to me in the morning itself.

His soft fingers were doing magic and made me give out a soft moaning sound. His other hand was in front which he had placed on my chest slowly caressing my nipples while my lips were being sucked by his own.

The fear of my husband entering the room was getting far and I had surrendered myself completely to him. I had always wanted someone else to take me once and satisfy me and this was the time when my dream was being fulfilled. His strong muscular body was crushing me and making my desire for him getting hotter.

With a slight movement of his fingers he opened the hook of my bra and falling breasts to a relief. The other hand that was playing with my boobs was now opening the buttons of shirt and in no time it was removed from my body with only a loosened bra covering my breasts.

I got out of my trousers and panties while he too had removed all his clothes. his penis, a good about seven inch long and almost two inch thick was fully erect and pointed straight towards me. The very sight of such a monster tool made me go horny for it. With my fingers I slowly touched it and softly caressed his balls.

The very touch of my fingers made him give out a soft moan in excitement. Naked, he took me in his arms and continued kissing me. I too kissed his bare chest and nipples. I started slowly caressing his points which made him go high and higher. He took both the nipples in his hands and started pinching and rubbing them hard.

The very touch of Aman’s hands on my boobs made me go high and horny. We both totally naked were hugging and kissing each other. His dick was repeatedly touching my clit making it wet and horny. I took his penis in my hands and started caressing it softly with my fingertips while he was still playing with my boobs and nipples.

I asked Aman to stand up in front of me for me to fondle his penis more easily. I was stroking it slowly I was also kissing it and Aman was going more and more horny with every act. As I was kissing the tip of his penis, Aman asked me to take it in my mouth and gently pushed it in and I started sucking it slowly rubbing my tongue over it.

Aman was now getting more and more horny so he came over to the bed and shifted to the 69 position. I had already clean shaved my pussy that morning and I pushed his head in it for him to suck. I spread my legs wide for him to suck me deep inside. The sex juice was beginning to flow out and I was moaning with ecstasy.

MMMMMMMMMMM….. OOOOHHHH… AAAAAAHHHHH….. AMMMMMAANNN…… LOVE ME AMMAAAAAN….. AAAAAAAHH…. UUUMMMMMM…. AMAAAAN LOVE ME MORE… It was for the first time in my life that I was doing a 69 position and I was getting wilder and horny.

I was now sucking his cock harder and harder making Aman too give out his moaning loudly, UUUUFFF… IRAANI… YEAHH…. YEAH….YESSSSS.. SUCK IT BABY…. SUCK IT SLOWLY.. AAAAAAHHHH… YOU ARE A DAMN GOOD COCK SUCKER IRANIIIIIII…. Sucking his penis was like sucking a big lollipop, it tasted like that also in my mouth.

I kept on licking it with my tongue and was shaking it with my one hand. With the other hand I was touching and tickling his balls that were shaking with my every movement. My touches to them would send him in a frenzy every time I did it. I was reaching my orgasm and juices had started flowing out of my vagina which Aman kept on sucking and drinking.

His tongue was deeply licking inside my vagina and was touching every wall there. It looked like I was reaching one orgasm after another while Aman was still to come. I was still sucking his penis which sometimes was touching my throat being so long. No later, Aman too reached his climax and unloaded all him cum in my mouth. It was as if a tap had been opened and a stream of semen was coming out and filled up my mouth.

I took inside what ever quantity I could and the rest was spilled over my face and rolled down through my boobs and tummy on to the sheet on the bed. I was tired and exhausted and I had never reached multiple orgasm in one go. We laid down side by side to relax for a while. My breasts were rising and falling from my deep breathing.

A few minutes later I got up & peep outside the door to see if my husband was still sleeping or he was coming out, but the tranquiliser was doing his work and he was breathing heavily in his sleep. I came back and lie down by Aman’s side. I was so relaxed now and it seem to me that all my stress had left me.

But as the penis had not yet entered me inside, I was not fully satisfied, as I wanted it in me. A little while later I started playing with his cock which was still sticky to touch as it was like dipped in my saliva and his cum.. In a few minutes, it gained erection and ready for action.

Since I had discharged several times and his cum had further lighted the fire in me which was yet to be drowsed and I was unable to hold any more, I lied down on my back and asked Aman to put his penis inside me straight away. As Aman came on top of me, I guided him into my cunt. I was not worried about not wearing any precaution.

Even if I get pregnant, I would love to have Aman’s baby in me. Aman started entering me slowly and I was letting out a moaning sound as I felt his monster penis penetrated deep inside me. I had locked my legs behind his back and held him tight arching my back a little so that I get a still deeper penetration. Aman’s penis was touching even the deepest and the farthest wall inside me.

I had never felt it before and it made me go mad in ecstasy. Aman kept on fucking me hard and his penis was matching the rhythm of my body movements. I was moaning madly in sheer excitement. I was not caring if my sound could go out of the room where my husband was sleeping. His penis was so thick and big in size that it was giving me pain but the enjoyment I was getting was more than that.

I LOVE YOU BHABHI….. YOU ARE GREAT IRAANI BHABHI… YOU ARE MY BEST FUCK IRAANI…. LOVE YOU IRAANI….. FUCK YOU ALWAYS MY LOVE IRAANIIIIIII……….. HHHHEEEHHHHHH….. He was humping me harder and harder and I was now beyond caring. I was coming, my love juice had started flowing out but Aman was still stroking me hard.

I wanted him to cum now but it looked like he would not for a long time. Later, he made me lie on my tummy, he raised my butts, took me in doggy style by entering from behind. As he was humping me from behind, his large balls were continuously hitting the lips of my pussy.

I was now getting tired and all my body was wet with sweat that was coming out as a result of the hard labour. I wanted him to cum now and I asked him that I wanted his cum inside me. He made me lie once again on my back and entered from the top in the missionary style and continued with his hammering deep inside me.

After nearly ten minutes of a very hard fucking, I felt Aman break his hardness and came and emptied his entire semen in me. My body shivered and I came with all my might and all the juice started flowing out from my pussy. Aman collapsed over me his body too wet with his sweat. Later, we both were laying side by side.

I told him that this was my best fucks I have ever had. I also told him that my husband do not suck my cunt and I love getting sucked. Aman slowly took me in his arms and kissed me most fondly and deeply.

We both dozed off lying in each other’s arms. I do not know how long we slept but then I opened my eyes slowly. Aman was still sleeping naked and his penis which was now loosened but still looked enormous touching my pussy. I kissed his forehead and got up slowly. I took a bath and a change of clothes brought me fully awakened.

When I came out, Aman was also awake. He smiled at me and hugged me once again and kissed my lips passionately which again send hot waves inside me. I wanted him again but now it was not safe. We both came out. It was early morning and Aman asked me if he could leave.

Now that we had turned lovers, I did not want him to go. I wanted him again and again. I came out to the passage which was deserted at that hour to say good bye. He hugged and kissed me once again and left waving. We came back to Delhi later that day with my most passionate memories of the wildest love anyone made to me.

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