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“As an animal lover, I don’t like zoos. I feel the only creatures that should be caged behind bars are politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers. And rapists, but I’ve already listed that three times. “Jarod Kintz

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Every sex story has a start and a finish but between the start and the finish lies the part which matters the most. The same can be said about life as well or even the story I’m about to tell you. A few years ago I was a successful lawyer who only followed just one rule, my client is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I successfully defended many cases which other lawyers were even afraid to take. The more successful I became the more money I started to make and somewhere along the line my list of clients went from bad to worse. Its incredible how easy life becomes when your conscience is sleeping but no matter how enchanting a dream is, sooner or later it will be shattered by reality.

I had everything back then but I didn’t realized how my actions have ruined the lives of others directly or indirectly and now it was time for payback. It started as just another day when after work I reached home and ring the door bell but nobody opened the door. My servant was on leave and I thought maybe my wife is out on a shopping trip. So I opened the house main door with my house key and went inside. I still remember how I missed my wife greeting me at the door that day. We realize the importance of small things only when they no longer happen to us. The lights inside the house were all off which was a little strange but after drinking some water I sat on the sofa in the drawing room and closed my eyes to relax. I had a little headache since the morning and it was about to get worse. Out of the blue something hit my head so hard that it felt as if my head was about to explode and then there was darkness.

I don’t know how long I was out cold but someone woke me up with hard slaps on my face and by shaking my head violently holding me from my hair. Even then it took me a few minutes to wake up. Slowly I started opening my eyes and the bright lights in the room brought back my headache with a vengeance. The pain was unbearable but slowly my eyes started to adjust with my surroundings. What I saw next almost made my heart stop whopping and my eyes popped out of their sockets. I was in none other than my own bedroom tied down on a chair and in front of me my wife was lying but naked on the bed with her hands cuffed and her legs spread wide apart and tied down with ropes. Her mouth was covered with duct tape and tears were rolling out from her eyes. She was looking at me as if to tell me to do something to stop this ordeal. There was something else that I saw in her eyes, it was the fear of what was about to happen.

I wanted to help her out but the ropes around me were tied down so tightly that my body was itching with pain from where the ropes were tied around my body. I wanted to shout for help but my mouth too was covered with duct tape. Seeing the condition of my wife and out of helplessness, tears started rolling down from my eyes. Why is this happening to us and who did this and what have I done to deserve this were just some of the questions that were coming in my mind. There was pin drop silence in the room and I could easily hear the sound of running shower coming from the attach bath of the room. Whoever was behind this was inside the bath taking a shower. With teary eyes I looked around the room and noticed that two film cameras were placed on different sides of the room and both were pointed where my wife was lying naked on the bed. If I didn’t already realize how miserably we were trapped in that nightmare of a situation then that made me realize that and I started sweating with fear. The air conditioner in the room was on but I was sweating like a pig. I knew what was about to happen next and I also knew that there was nothing that we could do to stop it. In my heart I was praying for divine intervention and for God to save us from this nightmare but even then something was telling me that my prayers were about to go unanswered. The sound of the shower stopped and after a few minutes the door of the bath room opened and a big dark skinned man stepped outside who only had a towel around his waist and he was wearing a strange looking mask on his face which had a giant menacing smile on. Was he wearing that mask to hide his face or to mock us or worse, both these things at the same time? Just like that strange looking mask, I will never forget his eyes which had nothing but hatred in them for us. By now I was shaking with fear and my worst nightmare was about to become reality. He moved towards the cameras one by one and clicked on a few buttons. I knew that the cameras were recording now. After doing that he turned his attention towards me and started talking.

Abductor:”I know that just like your wife, you too are scared shitless right now and I know that you must be thinking who I am and why am I doing this to you two? I hope there’s another question you are thinking right now, a much more important question. Have you done anything to deserve this? I can’t guaranty you that you will find answers to all your questions but I will answer that question right away. Yes you do and you deserve even worse than this.” After saying that he turned; and started moving towards my wife. I could see her shaking with fear and she was shouting uncontrollably. The asshole started wiping her tears away with his hands.

Abductor:”Please don’t be sad Shilpa or should I say Mrs.Raj? Trust me I have nothing against you and in a way I too am feeling sorry for you already. Even though I know that your humiliation and pain is about to increase. I have a question for you though. Do you love this man who’s tied down there with his chair and who has already peed in his pants? I’m sure you do. I mean look at the size of this house, the cars that are parked outside and I apologize but I have already checked your wardrobe and even the jewelry you have. Don’t worry I will not take any of it with me. I will take something much more precious than that, your dignity. Mrs.Raj, have you ever thought how your husband made so much money so quickly? I’m not sure you have but don’t worry you are about to find out.” He stood up from the bed and was soon standing right in front of me. He bent down a little and now his face was just a few inches away from my face and then he started talking again and what he said next shattered everything I believed in till now.

Abductor:”I know what I’m about to do is wrong and I will burn eternally in hell for doing this. Still no hell can match the one I’m already burning in for the past one year because of you and from this day onwards, I want you to rot in that same hell as well and trust me, you will.” After saying that he stood straight and removed the towel that was around his waist and his already semi erect cock was staring right front of my face now. My heart was sinking now and with tears in my eyes I looked at his face and pleaded for mercy with my eyes. He stared right back in them and a cold menacing smile spread on his face and with that he started moving towards my wife but this time around he moved towards her with cruel intentions.

He started sucking her right breast while also pinching her other tit violently. “MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM” was all that came out of her taped mouth in return. I could see her body shaking with pain and her shout hysterically but there was nothing I could do to stop him. I was trying my best to free myself from the ropes but it was all in vain. He was biting her tits like an animal and she was struggling as much as possible to free herself even though that was not physically possible. All of a sudden he stopped and slapped her hard on her face. The sound of the slap felt as if a bomb exploded. Still that didn’t make him stop and he slapped her harder 3 more times. Her lips were cut and they started hemorrhage and his hand prints were all over her face now. Her body went limp after that and she was no longer struggling anymore.

Abductor:”That’s better. Now listen bitch. I will remove the tape from your mouth now and if you will shout then I will slay both you and your son of a bitch husband and will cut both your dead bodies in to tiny pieces and no one will ever find the remains of your body. Do you understand?” With sheer terror on her face she managed to say “Yes”.

Upon hearing that he held her head from her hair and squeezed opened her mouth with the other hand and compel his by now fully erect cock inside her mouth. He was pushing his thick cock deeper and deeper inside her mouth and soon started fucking her mouth rapidly. By now I wanted the earth to shatter and swallow me inside it. She was choking on his dick but the asshole kept on fucking her mouth. At least he took out his disgusting cock from inside her mouth and she started gasping for air. He on the other hand took the duct tape that was on the side table and started putting it around her mouth once again. After taping up her mouth again he spit on his hand and started applying it on his cock and while doing that he said;

Abductor:”I could eat your pussy to make it easier for you but I’m not here to do that. I’m here to make you suffer.” As soon as he finished his sentence, he placed his cock on her cunt and with a powerful stroke of his hips he pushed half his dick inside her. Once again she started shouting with pain but he simply kept on pushing the whole length of his cock inside her. Soon he was fucking her cunt rapidly and kept on choking her neck while doing that from time to time and then releasing his grip as soon as she was about to lose her conscience. He even slapped her face again a few times while fucking her brutally. After fucking her like an animal for what felt like a decade to me, he started shooting his cum deep inside her pussy. Only when his dick went limp, he took it out of her and rolled away from her.

He was lying beside her now and taking deep breathes. She on the other hand was no longer moving. Even then tears were rolling out from her eyes. After a few minutes the asshole got up from the bed and went inside the bath and soon I could hear the shower again.

By now I wanted nothing else but to die of shame at not being able to protect my wife. Her almost semi dead bruised body was lying on the bed now like a fish lies outside water before dying slowly. The door to the bath opened after a few minutes and the asshole walked out this time fully clad but even now he had that horrible mask on his face. My eyes were burning with sheer hatred for him and I wanted to rip the son of a bitch into shreds with my own hands. He came near me and upon seeing the hatred in my eyes he started smiling with satisfaction.

Abductor:”You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment. To see your wife in a state that is worse than death and you having nothing but sheer hatred for me in your eyes. Trust me I have imagined it so many times that even I have lost count but as good an imagination as I have, seeing you suffer today right in front of me is priceless. Still even though your hatred has over taken your curiosity, somewhere in your mind you must have those questions still remaining and now I will answer them. Not because I have to but because causing you pain was not my only intention. I want you to know how you have caused me and others so much pain and how, this world we live in stinks because of cock sucking lawyers like you. Rapes in our country and in fact all over the world are on the rise because even when rapists are caught, lawyers like you make them get away with crime as respected citizens of the community.My wife too was fucked brutally. Even more than a year later she’s still suffering from trauma and she dies everyday when memories of that horrible incident came back to her mind. Her rapist was caught but thanks to you he was proven innocent and walked away as innocent, respected member of the society and we suffered further embarrassment and the sheer pain of justice being denied to us. Ever since that day seeing the person who I love more than life itself is slaying me too inside. You have no idea how much I want to remove my mask right now and show you who I am? But I will not do that. You know why? Because I want you to remember the face of your tormentor as the face of each and every person that you have screwed out of justice over the years. Look at all your wealth, your stunning house, cars and bank balance but ask yourself just one question after looking at the state of your wife right now. Is it worth it?” Upon hearing that I was left stunned and my mind went numb. He walked towards the cameras and after stopping the recording took out both the discs out of them and then started packing the cameras in the bag. He placed one disc on the side table and the other one in the bag as well. The bag was in his hand and it seemed as if he was about to leave but before leaving he had something else to say.

Abductor:”I’m leaving one disc for you. You could burn it, throw it away or keep it as a reminder of the price you have paid for your greed. Lawyers like you are a big ugly spot on the name of justice and the profession of law. Just remember one thing, never try to find me because if you will then the tape of your wife sex will become one of the most downloadable content on the net and I promise you that. I’m responsible to look after someone for the rest of my life and that is the only reason that’s keeping me alive now. So don’t compel me to make you suffer any more than you have already.” After saying that he uncuffed my wife and walked away from our house and lives forever but his actions will haunt us both for the rest of our lives.

A lot has changed since that day. I quit practicing law. I don’t agree with everything that man said or did but he was right about one thing, I don’t deserve to be a lawyer at all. As for me and my wife, we are still together but something died between us that day and it will never be the same again. There are days when we try to live like normal couples do. When we smile faintly looking at one another but those days are too few and far in between. I can hardly sleep for more than a few minutes at night and no matter how tired I am, I always wake up with the nightmares of what happened with my wife. I am tired of this life now but can’t end it because I know that it will only result in my wife committing suicide as well. May be she feels the same way about me and that’s what stopping her from ending her life. I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he sex my head, too?

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