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Hi Sanju is here again in your service with hot sex stories. After that violent fuck show of Simran and Shafiq, I came and came as I masturbated. Then I slept like a log. I woke at 8 am with a big and nasty hangover. My body ached and my lips were dry. I got up nd saw that Simran was still asleep with a white sheet spread unevenly on her naked body. I felt my cock rise but I went to the fridge and drank water and rushed to the bathroom. I took a shower, wrapped a towel round my waist and came out. It was hot. May be it was going to rain. I lay on my bed again and closed my eyes. The images of mysister being fucked by Shafiq came back to my mind. I dont know how long I slept.

I woke with a start as I felt a female hand brushed my thigh. It was Simran fresh after a bath, a towel round her fair femalr figure and her white tit flesh a treat to a lusty pair of eyes. She smiled at me as her hand snaked towards my rising cock through my towel,”How did you like it?” she asked. ” What are you talking about?” I said astonished at her words. “I mean, the fuck show that I gave you last night. Did you like your sister getting fucked like a whore by her boss? He sure has a big cock but yours is not a bad one, I can feel it throb in my hands, bro. I would love to try it with you. Yuo looked like you will burst out of your pants, bhaiya, lets do it, fuck me bhaiya, I need it after yesterday’s drink. Your cock is getting hard for me. Touch my boobs, they are growing hard for you bhaiya.”

Hot Sex Stories

I stared at my sister, her naked tits visible from top of them and my cock almost spilled its seed as pre cum leaked out of my piss slit. With a trembling hand I touched her tit. It was soft white and hot. Her towel slipped down and I cupped her tit in my hand. I was touching the naked tit of a woman for the first time. Just then it grew dark outside as dark clouds appeared in the sky. I could see my sister smile lustfully as she fisted my cock in her hand.” Bhaiya, you must have fucked Sanjana, is she a good fuck show, I bet she is one horny bitch in heat in bed. I am dying to fuck in a threesome with you and Sanjana. She has sexy ass and boobs. But for now, lets not waste any time, I am soaking wet for your cock,” she said shaking my cock and making me nude.

Outside, rain began to fall as my eyes travelled across the street to the window where our neighbour Satish babu was hugging his bhabi and both were naked as they were born. Satish was beginning to screw his bhabi as my sister was lying before me for a fuck show. We hugged each other and she clung to my naked body like a climber to a tree. ”

Simran. you have turned into a bitch. You been assfucked. I want to bugger my sis. Is it ok?” “Yess, I would love to get my ass fucked bhaiya, fuck my ass. Make me your anal slut bhaiya, you make me your slave”

Seeing her tight body got my cock even harder. I felt a sexual electricity between us that was amazing!

I wanted her soooooo bad… I came up behind her, put my hands on her shoulders and started sucking on the back of her neck. That was all it took. She went weak in the knees, and moaned as she pushed her ass back into my cock.

I grabbed her neck, and pushed her forward over my cock. Her butt was up in the air now, and I ran my hands down her back until I was cupping her gorgeous ass.

“Oh God, spread my gaand open and fuck me! I need it so bad… I’ve waited so long to fuck you bhaiya!”

I cupped her ass harder and sent my index finger into her butthole and she cringed. My hand touched her pussy. Her pussy was sopping, and her ass was firm but relaxed.

I had to stop and admire her… she looked incredible. Her sweet little pussy lips were tiny, and she looked unbelievably tight. Her ass cheeks were perfectly round, and that sweet little asscrack.

“Can you take it in the ass, Simran?

“God yes… I need it in the ass so bad! Shafiq has fucked me that way. I need it up my ass deep and hard!”

I started with my tongue, licking down into the crack of her ass, just teasing her with the tip. I carefully licked around her tiny hole, feeling the smooth skin of her cheeks as it met the crinkled skin surrounding her asshole. Her sweet little ass hairs were all wet from my tongue.

“Quit teasing me and FUCK ME WITH THAT TONGUE OF YOURS! I need you to get me ready, and then I want the FUCKING of my LIFE!”

I ran my tongue in smaller and smaller circles, coming in on my ultimate target. I could feel her relax her asshole for me, inviting me in. I ran my tongue up and down her crack, licking around her asshole, still teasing her. I finally buried my tongue in her as she grunted and moaned a deep, satisfied moan.

I kept massaging her asshole with my lips and tongue until her gaand was slippery. She tried to push back onto me, getting more of my tongue up her ass. She tasted spicy, and she was moaning like crazy. I finally started tongue fucking her, hard and deep. I only wished my tongue was much longer.

“I want to FUCK you in the ASS Simran I want you to take my cock up your ass and beg me to stop. How much cock do you think you can take?”

“I’ll take anything you can give me! Good God, bhaiya fuck my ass”

I took my finger into her ass. She moaned really loud as I slipped in straight up her ass, all the way to the last knuckle.

“Simran that little ass of yours is pretty full.of my finger. Are you sure you want to…”

“God YES… I want your cock. I want to come with your cock in my ASS!”

I bent her like a bitch on her hands and knees, her ass rising in the air and then I slapped her ass cheeks hard as she winced with pain. I took my cock out and placed its head at her ass hole and pushed a little.

“God, PLEASE, fuck meeee! I NEED it in the ass. I want to feel that fucking thing tearing up into my bowels. FUCK me with that cock, RIGHT NOW BHAIYA!”

I pulled grabbed her hair, and pulled back hard on her head as I slammed my cock up her ass.

“ARGHHHHHHHHH…. OH – FUCK ME THAT HURTS!!!!.. It hurts, It hurts, It hurts sooooo GOOD!”

I twisted her head around, and fucked in and out.

“Oh GOD that feels good… I’m going to come! I’m going to COME! Keep fucking your lund in my ass!”

I was pulling my cock all the way out, then slamming in harder and harder.

“Keep that fucking your LUND INSIDE of me, and fuck that knob”

“Fuck me bhaiya. Fuck me hard and long… Make it burn sooooo good.”

With my cock buried in her sweet ass, I started grinding MORE cock up her ass. For the first time she started to pull away. She really loved me to be dominant, so I started to get even more aggressive with her.

“You little bitch. You’re going to take ALL this cock, and you are going to LOVE it!”

“God I love to hear you talk to me like that… It turns me on so…”

I slammed cock up into her, and she screamed louder than I have ever heard anyone scream before!Her asshole stretched out with the shaft. I fucked her now with easy strokes

“God, the ring of my asshole is BURNING! “Arggghhhhhh! It feels so fucking HOT! You motherfucker… Tear me in two with that fucking COCK!

With my own cock buried into her ass until I felt liKE BURSTING MY BALLS AND CUMMING ION HER ASS.

“AAaaaahhhhhhhhrrrgggggggghhhhh! Stop for a minute… It hurts tooooo much!”

I stopped, and started to massage her ass cheeks to help her relax. She responded, and settled back down. I filled her ass! I massaged up to the small of her back, and tried to imagine where the head of the cock was up inside of her!

“Are you ready for the best part, SIS?

“Only if you come deep inside me as you slam that COCK all the way in… I need your come inside me !”

I loved watching her tiny asshole stretch around my monstrous cock, and close down behind each new ridge.

“Give it to me now BHAIYA I want to scream bloody murder as you fuck me!

“Aaaarrgggggghhhhhhhhhoooooooowwwwww! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK it hurts! It hurts it hurts it hurts IT HURTS GOOOOOOOOOD! Fuck me more!”

I started fucking her with my cock and it was all I could do to keep from coming myself! I pumped her slowly, and was ready to shoot the load of my life!

“Are you ready SIS? Are you ready to have me come deep in your sweet little ASS?”


I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer, I slammed my whole lund into her shit as hard as I could. We both came harder than I ever could have imagined, and her poor asshole was stretched open almost three inches. When I finally pulled my lund out, it was covered with her shit, and the head had red streaks mixed in with the brown.

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