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Hi, I’m back with more hot sex stories which happened out of the blue, hence it’s even more exciting. It is these incidents that keep you energetic and confident even at 38. Read on to know how it all happened. I live in Mumbai, but keep traveling a lot due to work.

Hot Sex Stories

I visit Pune quite often and have quite a few friends there. There is this good friend of mine, Ankita, who is my ex-colleague and lives in Pune. We have been friends for many years. She is elder to me and we share a good relation, however not sexual.

It was one of those days when I was in Pune for work. I got free early and the entire evening was idle. I messaged Ankita and asked her if she’s free, we can meet. She told me that she has a friend staying over and they both will be heading out. If I want I can join.

At first, I thought of letting go. However as I had nothing to do, I agreed and told her that I’ll pick you both and we’ll go for a drive. It was planned. As it was around 7 pm, I reached her place. Just then it started raining heavily and the electricity went off. I called Ankita and told her I’m outside her house.

She invited me inside as she was getting ready. She said her friend will open the door and I should make myself comfortable, till she is ready. I walked in and it was quite dark. Her friend came up to the door and asked me to come inside. As it was only candlelight, I could not see her friend clearly.

But I could make out that she was very slim, had long hair and was probably in her early twenties. She sat opposite me and we introduced each other. Her name was Shriya and she was from Kerala. I learned that she was working with Ankita and had recently shifted to her home as a paying guest.

As we were talking, the electricity came back and my heart skipped a beat on seeing Shriya. She was so sexy! Perfect figure, protruding boobs, and a slim waist. She was dark and beautiful, with big, suggestive eyes.

Shriya: Thank God for the lights, I was getting worried.

Amit: Ya, that too at the right time.

S: Meaning?

A: I mean, Ankita is getting ready, so I guess she’ll be done sooner now.

S: Oh ya.

A: So when did you shift here?

S: I shifted 2 days back after I came back from my maternity leave.

A: (shell-shocked) What? Maternity leave? You mean…err…you are a mother? I mean you.

S: (giggling) Yes, I have a 6-month-old daughter. She’s with my parents in Kerala.

A: Good heavens! you don’t look like that at all. I thought you are just out of your teens. You look so young! Can’t believe it.

S: I know, I keep getting that all the time. That’s how I am.

A: I’m surprised for sure and must say you are very well maintained

S: (smiling) Thank you!

Shriya was 30 years old but looked like 20. She was 32-28-34 and was around 5.6 in height. She got up to get me some water. I saw her ass sway away till the kitchen, in her tight fit jeans. This got me excited and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Just then Ankita came, we hugged and got ready to go.

They sat in my car and we drove off. On the way, Ankita and I were chatting more and Shriya kept silent. I could see her in my rearview mirror and she too looked at me occasionally. Then we decided to go to a pub and grab some drinks. We started off sipping beer and slowly we got in the mood.

I and Ankita discussed the fun we had at work etc. Then I turned to Shriya and asked her if she was bored. She looked me in the eye and smiled, denying it. Slowly, Shriya too participated in the talks and the topic shifted to her life. I could sense her getting a bit high and she opened up.

Shriya didn’t have too much good to say about her husband. I got the hint that she was not satisfied. It turned out that her hubby was a typical IT nerd, who knew only work. Shriya got quite pally and during our talks, we high-fived each other a few times and got along well.

Then we decided to hit the floor and dance. The 3 of us were shaking a leg Ankita got a little tipsy, so she went back to the table. Now Shriya was next to me, swaying, while our hands and hips met with each other.

A: (whispering) You look beautiful.

S: Thanks! You are quite handsome too

A: Haha, was that genuine or just gratitude?

Just then Shriya pulled me towards her and kissed my cheek. I was stunned! She was smiling Now there was no time to lose. I held her by her hips and kissed her lips, bringer her closer

S: Not here, Ankita will see. Tomorrow evening, my place. She has a night shift.

A: I’ll be there

We left the pub and drove back home. Shriya was winking at me through the mirror and I was getting restless. I dropped them and came back. That night I shagged twice as I was so so excited thinking about Shriya. Next day I finished my work early.

I prepared myself, brought some condoms, wore a black shirt, dabbed some perfume and reached Shriya’s house at 7 pm. Ankita had left by then. I rang the bell, but there was no response. Slowly the door opened and there was nobody there.

Then I saw Shriya standing next to the door, wearing a silk robe, with heavy netting around the neck. She looked sexy. She came to me and we kissed straightaway. We both had a burning desire and literally ripped each other. Shriya opened my shirt buttons and kissed my chest.

I kissed her nape and held her boobs. She was not wearing a bra. That handful of boobs felt amazing through the silk. I slid my hand inside her robe from below and found that she wasn’t wearing panties. As I touched her clean and soft pussy of this hot Mallu girl, I went mad. It was dripping.

I removed her robe and there she was…a dream woman literally. Nice round shapely boobs with dark nipples. A figure to die for and long slim legs, with no hair between them. I literally pounced on her and licked her all over like a hungry dog. I spread her legs and licked her pussy, while she was standing.

Shriya started moaning and pulling my hair, pushing me towards her pussy. I licked and licked till she came with a shuddering orgasm. Now she made me nude and held my semi-limp cock. Her caress made me hard and she took it in her mouth. Shriya licked me like a pro and made me lie on the bed.

She came atop and sucked again. She did it for quite long and as I felt close to cumming, I pushed her back. Shriya came to my ear and whispered, “Fuck me, you stud!” I reached for my jeans pocket and removed the condom packet. As I was about to open it, Shriya snatched it from my hand and threw it.

“I don’t want anything in between us. I want that amazing rod raw inside me!” I placed my cock on her wet dripping pussy and rubbed the tip. Slowly I inserted and it went right in as she was slimy. Oh! what a tight pussy that was, like a virgin’s. I pushed in and out, while Shriya, the hot Mallu moaned my name.

I was pumping harder now. She was loving it and was digging her nails in my back. Then we got into doggy position and I fucked her real hard. I was ramming her pussy and she cried out loud. I was afraid of some neighbor hearing her. So I kept my hand on her mouth.

With the other hand, I fondled her boob and kneaded it. What a heavenly feeling it was to fuck such a beauty. Her ass was so tempting that I licked and kissed it in between, several times. I kept fucking Shriya, varying my pace. She was loving it. During the course, she came once again, with a loud moan.

Now I was on the verge of cumming. She sensed it and said, “Shoot it inside me Amit, I want that hot cum in me. I’m safe. Cum inside please.” I could hold no longer and released my hot load inside her pussy. We both fell on the bed, exhausted and hugged.

That was a marvelous session with Shriya. I kissed her goodbye and left from there. Soon there was a message on my phone, from Shriya. It read, “ Can’t wait to have it in me again. Come soon.”

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