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Dear all, this is my first attempt to write my own experience and I am glad to do it in such a wonderful site. After reading the experiences of other hot sex stories, I thought that I should also share my experience. My name is Ryhan, 25, single based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This is about my first experience with my old classmate, which is still going on.

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I did my bachelors here in Abu Dhabi as my parents were here, and we had a fantastic time during our college days. Ours was an institute consisting of a small group of students in each batch. There were only 4 boys including me in our class of 20 students.

All of us were friendly and open to each other & we used to talk about anything under the sun in class. Even the girls used to talk about sex with us. But it was all in a friendly manner. I was a little active than the others, as I did my study in India. So I was a bit popular & everyone in the institute liked me.

As time passed I was like a brother to some, as friend to some & as more than a friend to some. My classmates & friends used to say that I can be trusted & whatever they tell me never goes out. I was having an affair with one of my classmates & we used sit next to each other in class and feel each other while the class is going on.

She had a friend named Nancy, who was in another batch and used to visit us during intervals. She was also friendly to me. Even she liked me but kept a barrier between us because of her friendship with my girlfriend (which she told me later).

About Nancy, she is 5’3, 34-30-34, fair and beautiful, her lips are the most sexiest part in her body. Nancy got married during our college days & went to India as her husband was settled in India. We used to chat once a while & exchange greetings.

After college days, I got a job in a company and was busy with my life & I was not on the net as always before. After a long time, one day while I was browsing the internet at night Nancy came online & said HI. I was surprised to see her online after a long time.

We exchanged greetings and had casual talks & then she asked me a help to find her husband a job in UAE as he wants to come here. I said I will try. We kept on chatting for almost a week, and we used to talk about our college days and all.

Slowly our chatting crossed the boarders and we started chatting about sex. She was also interested as she knew me well & didn’t have a problem in it. By the time I tried and managed to get her husband a job in one of my friends company and he was here within a month.

She was so happy about it. We used to chat all night as she was alone with her parents in India. Slowly we started getting close to each other and she told me that there are some problems going between her husband & herself, as he is not showing interest to her & used to physically assault her lot & she is fed up of it.

I tried to convince her told her that in marriage life it’s all there. We used to talk & she relieved a lot. We started to have cyber sex just for fun & slowly we started to talk to each other on phone. We used to have phone sex and she used to cum by fingering herself.

Both of us were getting out of control & badly wanted to have each other. I went to India for 10 days leave to attend a marriage function. I went to meet her in her house and she was surprised. We talked for sometime & I met her parents and told that I was her classmate.

e used to talk on phone daily & one day she said that her parents had gone to meet some relatives and she is alone. I told her that I will come, but she said NO as she was afraid that someone will see. But I couldn’t control & went to her house. She opened the door and was so nervous.

We talked for sometime & then she said she will get something to drink and went to the kitchen, I followed her to the kitchen and grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck. She was excited, but at the same time nervous too. She said that someone may come so we should not do it here.

I said ok and we kissed each other & I was feeling her boobs and pussy over her dress. After some time I left. She called at night and said that her pussy is still wet and she wants me badly. I said we will meet, but she said she will say when she has a chance.

We had phone sex that night and relived ourselves. Two three days passed and she didn’t get a chance and I was busy also, we controlled our talks on phone only. One night she said that tomorrow her parents are going for a marriage and will leave early & will be back only by evening and she can manage to come out and we can meet and fulfill our thirst.

I agreed with a second thought and started counting each minute. Each second was like years & I couldn’t sleep also. Next day morning she called me and asked to reach at a nearby place after an hour. I went there early and was waiting for her in my car. After some time I saw her crossing the streets & she looked so beautiful on that day.

She was wearing a red churidar, which made her more beautiful. She came and sat in the car & we kissed. Our tongues were exploring each other. She broke the kiss and said it’s not safe to stay there & we will go to some place. I started the car and was looking for a good hotel to stay.

After searching for some time we found a good hotel & I went to book a room & she waited in the car. I got a double room and went to call her. She was looking at me into my eyes in a sexy way, which made me crazy. We went to the room and closed the door.

We hugged each other and I kissed her neck and she her breathing rhythm was increasing. I kissed her lips and was pressing her soft boobs and she was feeling my dick over my pants. Both of us were so aroused and couldn’t control anymore.

I took her to the bed and removed her top and there were the most beautiful things I have seen in my whole life. Her skin was milky in color and her boobs were trying to burst from her bra. The removed her bra and saw her brown nipples which were already aroused. I made her lie on the bed and started sucking her boobs.

Her hands were on my hairs and were caring me, which aroused me more. I slowly shifted my hand to her belly and started to play with her belly button. Then I moved my hand to her pussy and started feeling her pussy over her pants. I tried to put my hands inside her pants, but was unsuccessful due to the stings.

I untied the strings the open her pants and moved my hand inside her panty & touched her pussy. Slowly I started rubbing her cunt and then I pushed my finger into her pussy. She was in heaven as she was pulling my hairs. Now I was sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy. I could feel my fingers becoming wet.

She then got up told me to remove my dress. I asked to do it. She removed my shirt and kissed my chest and then she removed my pants and my underwear and she tool my erect dick in her hands. She was kissing me and was moving her hand on my dick and I was fingering her.

She told me to lie down. She then brought her tongue and licked the tip of my dick. I felt like an electric current passed through my body. Slowly she opened her mouth and put my dick in. she started to suck me. The warmness of her mouth made me crazy. As it was my first experience in my life, a gal sucking my cock, I was in heaven.

After some time I was about to cum & asked her to stop. She refused and she said that she liked my cock and wants it more. I said I will cum so please stop, and I pulled her on my top. We kissed again for some time and I made her lay on the bed & removed her pant & panty.

She had a cute little shaved pussy. I came in between her legs and started to lick her. She was moaning and screaming and I bit her cunt. I then inserted my finger inside her pussy and finger fucked her, while I was sucking her cunt.

She was pushing my head more into the pussy and asked me to put one more finger, which I did. She was moaning and breathing heavily and she asked me to put my dick inside her and fuck her. I stopped sucking and spread her legs and bought my dick near her pussy.

I started to rub the tip of my dick in her pussy and she liked it. She was no more able to control and asked me to fuck her. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time, and I placed the tip on the entrance of her pussy. I started to push slowly inside and she had her eyes closed.

As her pussy was so wet and it was not much difficult for me to insert my dick inside her pussy. Once my dick was fully inside I kept it for a while and kissed her. Then slowly I started to move inside out & fuck her. She was moaning in pleasure.

We fucked for almost 5 mins and suddenly she grabbed me and hugged me tightly & locked her legs behind my back. I knew she was going to cum. After a min I could feel her juice flowing out and making my dick wet, which aroused me more.

I was also nearing to cum and told her about it and she might get pregnant as we were not using any condoms. She said she is in safe periods and nothing to worry & to fill her pussy with my cum. I fucked her with all my might and within a min I exploded inside her.

I lay on top of her keeping my dick inside still for some time, as both of us were tired. We kissed each other and laid on each other arms for some time and went to the bathroom to wash. We had a bath together and got dressed up as it was time to go. We vacated the room and I dropped her near her house.

After that we didn’t had time for a second session as it was time for me to come back to uae. But luck was with us as her husband bought her here and we still meet each other whenever we get a chance and explore each other.

Thank you all very much for reading my story. I really appreciate your feedback. For more hot sex stories subscribe to our website. You can also submit your stories on our archives of sexy stories online.