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Hi DIS Readers, this is Prasad from Hyderabad sharing my latest hot stories. I am going to narrate about second incident which happened in my life after my first encounter with my maid Lakshmi. This has happened when I was in 10th standard. A new neighbor has come into our opposite house. Couples who had two children’s. Ramesh Uncle was around 40 years and Usha aunty were around 35 years.

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Usha aunty resemble the film actress Namita. Very fair with 36 d boobs and a deep navel, she used to wear transparent or semi-transparent dresses or sarees exposing her deep navel and the boobs. Uncle and Aunty used to work in a manufacturing industry, uncle was engineer and aunty used to work in personal department. Both used to go to office together.
Aunty used to watch us playing shuttle in front of our house. After couple of days aunty came and asked can I join. She was looking dam sexy in her T-shirt and tracks. I said sure, so we started playing and whenever she used to hit the shuttle her boobs used to bounce in her t-shirt. I was just watching her play and after one hour we departed as I need to do my studies.

Whenever we used to play I used to concentrate on Usha aunt’s assets bouncing and Usha aunty used to notice it and gives a naughty smile. I used to masturbate thinking of her in the washroom after playing the game. Soon aunty became close to me and used to invite me to her home whenever I as free or after playing the game. One incident changed my behavior with aunty. When I went to her home after the game I was sweating like a hell, Usha Aunty has offered me glucose water saying it is good to have after the game and said she will come in 15 min after having bath. I was playing with her kids.

After 15 min Usha aunty came from her room and I was freezeed seeing her, she was wearing half white transparent sleeve less nighty. With just Bra and petticoat and her deep navel was clearly visible, here boobs were falling out of her bra. I got a full erection in my shots, Aunty came near to me and called prasad, hearing that I came to this world. She was looking at my erect penis and giving naughty smile and started asking me do I have any girlfriend. I said I have one but not as beautiful like you aunty, you still look like a teenager 😊. She was blushing and asking tell me what you like in me.

I started telling her smile and the dimple on her face. She said next then I said your eyes she said next. Then I gathered some courage and said yours two big boobs and a deep navel. She asked why your girlfriend don’t have nice boobs. I said she has but not like yours, I like big boobs like yours. The discussion and the exposure of aunts boobs and navel was making me uncontrollable. In the mean time uncle came from market and I said I will go now and said bye and left to my home.

As soon i reached home I have gone to washroom and masturbated and came like a hell. I made my mind to fuck this aunty one day. Next day when aunty came to play shuttle I stopped playing floating and playing shots In such a way that the shuttle used to hit her boobs, her belly and thighs. This happened for couple of days. Aunty said prasad please don’t hit shots as it is hurting me and said please come to home i will show the bruises.

I went to her home and asked where the kids are, she said uncle took them to their friends house and will be back in 30 min. She asked me to sit on the chair. Aunty went to her room and came in a bath robe which was till her thighs. Seeing that I got instinct erection. She removed her robe she was in white bra and panty I could able to see her nipples and pubic hair. She was showing me light bruises which was got by the shots I was hitting while playing shuttle. Seeing that I said sorry aunty let me apply ointment on the bruises and kept a kiss on one of the bruise on her tummy. She closed her eyes and kept her hand on my hair and rubbing and saying wow your ointment is working the pain is going keep treating on the rest of the bruises.

I was giving soft kisses on the bruises which was one her boobs, tummy and on the thighs. Then I started kissing her deep navel by keeping my hands on her waist and pressing. She was moaning and after 5 min she asked me to stand and started giving a passionate kiss and she was playing with my dick from top of my short. We heard a scooter sound and we departed and she immediately wore the robe and opened the door. Uncle and kids came and aunty said I will go to bath and come and I too said bye and left to home cursing uncle.

I went to the washroom and released my tension and had a bath. I was waiting for the day to fuck Usha aunty. Next day was second Saturday so I woke up bit late hearing Usha aunty’s voice. She was asking about me. I came to the hall aunty was wearing green color transparent saree, seeing me Usha aunty asked me for a help, I have asked aunty tell me how I can help you. She said uncle is not feeling well and I need to go to office can you please drop me at my office and pick me up around 12. I agreed and said let me fresh up and come.

I was ready in 15 min and said aunty let’s move. I took my bike and aunty came near the bike and I said aunty your are looking sexy she said she wore the saree for me only.
We started moving towards her office aunty was holding me along my waist and her boobs was pressing my back. I got erection in my pants, aunty was moving her hand towards my groin and rubbing her hand over my erection and saying in my ear you are already on, I said I am not able to control aunty I want to fuck you. Aunty said sure I will let you to fuck me but we need some patience. We can have starters when ever we get some time. I dropped her at her office and said I will come and pick her at 12. She just saw the surrounding and gave a kiss on my lips and left.

I went at 12 to pick her up, she came near me and gave a hug and started moving to home. She was pressing her boobs and rubbing my dick over the pant. Once we reached she asked me to come to her home. As soon as we entered her home we hugged each other and kissing each other for couple of min, she then said let me release your tension and sat on the floor and opened the zip and took my penis out and gazing the size and width of my cock and said wow you have bigger cock than your uncle and started giving a blow job and in 10 min I unload into her mouth she cleaned my cock and kept back into my pant.

She said hope you are feeling light now. I smiled and said yes but only half not full I want to have main course and stated kissing on the navel for some time and asked why there is so silence in home. She said I have sent the kids to her friend’s house as uncle is not feeling well.I sat in the hall and aunty went to kitchen and brought juice and sat beside me and talking and uncle came to the hall. Seeing both of us gave a smile and sat opposite to us I as bit confused seeing his smile.

Uncle asked how my studies are going on and said thank you for taking care of Usha. I said pleasure was mine with a smile.I said exams are coming near and need to study more. Uncle said if you need any help he can help me. I said sure I will reach if need any help and left to my home.

Next day I went to Usha aunt’s house at 2pm and rang the bell, Aunty came and opened the door, she was in transparent nighty as usual exposing her assets I ask where uncle is. She said he is sleeping with kids. Hearing that I started kissing aunty and aunty also responding by kissing me. She inserted her tongue in my mouth and playing with my tongue. I have moved my hand to boobs and pressing them for around 15min.

I slowly removed the nighty, now aunty was in pink bra and petticoat. I came down and started kissing her navel and pressing her buttocks and I could trace that she was not wearing any panty. It made me more crazy and licking more vigorously and aunty was moaning and pressing my head towards her tummy. I slowly removed the knot of her petticoat and i could see her love triangle with very little pubic hair. Then I took aunty to the sofa and asked her to sleep on her back. I was standing near her face and aunty took her hand and kept on my dick over my short and pressing it and gave a naughty smile and I too was not wearing any undies as it will be free for my junior. I removed my T shirt and aunty removed my short and took my dick into her mouth and giving a blow job.

It was so nice I was playing with her boobs by removing her bra straps from her shoulders and the white milky melons was driving me crazy and I was pressing them very hard for about five min and took one hand to wards her love hole and inserted one finger and started finger fucking for 10 min and there was shiver in Usha aunty’s body which confirmed the she got an orgasm. Then I have inserted second finger and touched her g spot and rubbing with my fingers and pressing her boobs in another 10 min aunty got her second orgasm. I too was on the verge of releasing, I have told aunty I am going to cum in any min and my dick was getting more harder and aunty was sucking very fast and I a released my load into the mouth and aunty took all the load without dropping anything.

Aunty was still sucking my dick till last drop is released and gave a smile and said wow it was so nice prasad your dick was so hard all the time. Uncle has lost interest in sex now a days he is more interested in watching adult movies and when he get erection he inserts and finishes in couple of min.

I am starving for a hard dick into my pussy. Prasad please insert your hard dick and give me a good fuck. I said sure aunty but let me taste your pussy. I went to her love hole and had a deep breath so that I could take all the perfume oozing from her love hole. I have parted her legs and inserted my tongue and licking from bottom of her pussy to the top. Aunty was lifting her waist and serving her pussy to my mouth, I was licking her pussy more passionately.

Aunty asked me to come in 69 position I was on top of her with my dick in her mouth and her pussy in my mouth.

With in 10 min she got her third orgasm, she said prasad I cant wait now I want you inside me and give a hard fuck. Hearing that I made her in missionary position holding my cock and kept in front of her love hole and gave a hard push and my entire dick went into her love hole. I started to give slow strokes pressing her boobs and slowly increasing my speed and aunty was moaning saying prasad wow what a dick I was missing this pleasure since 3 years, hit me hard give me more hhhhhhaaaaa hhhhhmmmmmm. .

After 15 min of intense strokes aunty got her another orgasm, and she hold my waist hard with her legs and asked me to stop for some time to regain some breath. I have asked her to turn over to doggy position and she gave be a nice position so that I could able to enter into her love hole with one push and started to give stokes by holding her waist. After 10 min I said I am going to release she told to release in her pussy and she it is safe as she is operated. In couple of min I gave hard stokes and released in her pussy and fall on top of her. After 5 min we both were kissing and holding each other on the sofa. Aunty said prasad who ever comes into your life she will be having a good sex life and she will be happy with you. You have given the pleasure which I was looking and missing for years. Suddenly we could hear a load moan and I was shocked seeing uncle releasing his load standing near door watching me.

I stood and trying to gather my cloths. Seeing me aunty said prasad don’t worry its ok, your uncle wants me to sleep with you and get the pleasure with I need as he is not able to give me. I was still in shock hearing that, and slowly I was calming down. Then uncle said Prasad thank you for taking care of Usha. I love her and I want her to be happy. I thought you are the right person who can give her the pleasure as you are young and more attractive towards aunty so we both planned and tried to give you both a free time for this and gave a smile. I too gave a smile, and sat beside aunty, aunty from now on don’t call me aunty call me Usha as I am your slave pointing at my dick. I said sure Usha I will give you the pleasure what you are looking for. Uncle said Prasad please come to our home when ever you are free and spend time with aunty.

Hearing that my cock again regained its erection, seeing that Usha said you are ready again wow let me come on top of you saying that she came on top of me and inserted my dick in her love hole and started jumping on my dick. With each jump her boobs were jumping seeing that I took my mouth and started sucking one and pressing other we after 10 min she changed to opposite direction ie facing her back to ward me and jumping on my cock for 10 more min she was getting orgasm and I could feel her juices bathing my dick and my dick was hitting the walls deep inside her pussy again we changed to missionary position and banged her for 15 min and came in her pussy and uncle was sitting beside us and watching us enjoying each other. We relaxed for some time we both were sweating like hell.

Usha said prasad do you want to join me for the bath. I looked at uncle and uncle said please go. I stood and followed Usha towards her bedroom and then to the bathroom. She opened the tap and stood below the shower and I too went and joined her standing behind her and hugging her from back. As cool water is falling on our bodies we were busy in exploring our bodies as if we are seeing each other nude for the first time. Usha starting kissing me and I was busy in fingering her for 10 min and then I went to her boobs and started sucking the left boob and pressing the other Usha was playing with my erect penis and after 15 min Usha said she want one more session and asked me to insert into her from back. She has turned back and bend slightly and positioned her self and waiting for my dick to enter into her love hole.

I went near her and inserted my dick and started giving strokes in such a way that first 4 strokes will be very slow and the 5th stroke will be hard. Usha was feeling good and holding my dick with her pussy walls it was amazing feeling and Usha was saying prasad wow It is so nice the way you are giving the strokes please increase the frequency. Hearing that I was giving 3 slow strokes and 2 harder strokes. In 15 min we both came together. We both cleaned our self and came out and slept on the bed. Usha came and kissed on my lip and slept on my chest and playing with my dick. She was saying prasad please stay with me today then I saw the watch to know that it was 7pm. I said I need to go but Usha was insisting me to stay with her for the night so that we can have few more sessions but I said my parents will doubt if I wont go to my house as it was more than 5 hours.

For that she said its ok lets have one more quick session and she started giving blow job for 10 min and then she came on top of me and started riding on my cock. I was giving strokes in opposite direction for 10 min and then made her in missionary position and giving her hard strokes for 10 more minutes, Usha already got two more orgasms then we moved to doggy style for 10 min and we both came once again. Usha cleaned my penis by tacking into her mouth. Then we both dressed our selfs and came into the hall.

Uncle gave a smile and said hope you both had a great time. Usha went and sat beside uncle and said thank you darling for giving me such a good gift pointing towards me. Uncle said prasad come to our house when ever you want and enjoy with Usha. From that day I used to go to Usha auntys house saying I need to clarify some doubts with uncle and used to enjoy with Usha in her bed room while uncle and kids playing in the hall. Sometimes uncle also used to join us. Uncle recorded when Usha and me were having sex and made 3 movies. Uncle and Usha used to watch those movies and have sex when I am not around but still uncle used to just finish in couple of min and Usha used to scold uncle saying you are igniting me and leaving me in half way where I could not able to control and asks uncle to call me so that I can come and cool her. Uncle use call me and I use go and have couple of sessions and come back.

Usha and i used to enjoy every day and when she has periods she used to give blowjob and I used to play with her boobs and lick her navel. In summer I used to sleep out side and wait for the invitation and spend all the night with her. We used to enjoy like a newly married couple and uncle used to record our love making. For every beginning there will be a end. As I was spending much time with Usha, I could not able to concentrate in my studies and I have not got good marks in my 10th exams and due to which I could not able to get admission into good colleges in Hyderabad. So my father got admission in a residential college in Vijayawada. So, I had to move and miss my darling Usha and our love sessions. I used to come home at the time of festivals and don’t miss any chance of making love with Usha. During my stay in Vijayawada I had relation with my math lecture Swetha which I will narrate you later.

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