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A Son Finds His Naughty Mother, Sarah Coyle was on her back, her feet were over his shoulders, his weight held her in place, his hands either side of her kept him there, and his hips were beating down on her like hail in a storm. His thick and heavy prick filled her completely, and she had just cum for the, what felt like to her, the umpteenth time.

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And Sarah Coyle was still in awe of how he could make her cum like this, time after time, after time. She swooned each time he hit home, the flatness of his lower body preventing him from going any further than he did. Her day had started like many of the others now did. A knock on her door after Ken, her husband had gone to work.

He had come in, walked upstairs to her bedroom where he knew she would be waiting for him. The signal had been there, it was a prearranged one, he would look for it. It was a half open window in her bedroom, one of the small ones, and the same one every time. If it wasn’t open then he would stay away and wait for the next time. Her husband always insisted on the windows being closed there, so it was the easiest of ruses for their safety to not get caught..

So when she knew it was safe for him, she would open it as soon as Ken had gone to work and wait. And she had not been disappointed yet. Pete came in, hurried to the bed, sat down, took her in his arms and kissed her; he was the most generous, and passionate of lovers she had ever known. He never ripped his clothes off, jumped in and screwed her, even though he could have very easily. He always took his time with her and Sarah loved the way he was.

Pete was also the most energetic, and athletic of lovers she had ever known, and Sarah had had a few before marrying. When he had finished with her, when he had practically fucked her half to death she would lay there and think, ‘Well, here I am again, fucked to death, and I’ll stay fucked to death forever!’ This didn’t happen every day, twice a week was about the norm, but occasionally it could be three or four, sometimes once, and on the odd occasion, none!

But he was here now, Sarah had gradually got into a routine of rising before Ken did, make his breakfast, and go back upstairs. This had been initiated slowly so as not to arouse suspicion on her husbands part. She showered and got ready for Pete, everything was done to a set piece. Ken would come up, kiss her goodbye, by the time he was about to leave the house, Sarah was giving her hair one last brush and she was looking gorgeous once more, but only for her lover.

The beautiful forty two year old woman lay on her pillow, her hair in a pony tail so as not to impede the kisses on her neck that she loved so much. Her oval face smiling, her symmetrical lips perfect for the first kiss of the day, her wide and deep hazel eyes, her arching brows, her pert nose. The creamy soft and still smooth complexion made his heart flip, just as it always did when laying his eyes upon her once more. His beautiful fabulous cock also flipped and twitched in appreciation of where it would very soon be.

Sarah was a tall woman at five ten inches, and had been a fashion model in her younger days, and reasonably successful too. Mostly because of her photogenic looks, her lithe, yet full body, and she had learned the walk that models needed. And throughout her formative years she had looked after herself. She had had several lovers before meeting Ken, many rich men had courted and wooed her, but Sarah had always craved ‘the normal life.’

And when she had met Ken, who in every sense of the word, was ‘normal.’ He had taken a drivers job to earn extra money while he made his way in the world, and thats how she had met him. He had asked her out, tongue in cheek, and he nearly died with surprise when she had said yes.

The thing Sarah liked about from the off was his very normality, he refused the bright lights that surrounded her, and gradually Sarah herself tired of them herself, and gave it all up to marry him. Now here she was, the mother of an eighteen year old son who had just gone to college.

She remembered how her affair with her lover had started, she hadn’t looked for it, certainly hadn’t expected it at all. She had tried to resist it, she had fought as much as she could, but he had been too strong, too insistent. And she had had to give in. He had in fact forced her to give in, she couldn’t eventually fight him off, and he had taken her. And, she had admitted to herself afterwards, it had been the most illicit, exhilarating, frightening, and highly exciting sex she had ever had.

It had been so good that when he had come to her for her the second time, she had momentarily hesitated, but only fleetingly. He didn’t hesitate, he had gone straight to her, she saw the look in his eyes, ‘you’re mine’ they had said, and she gave herself to him.

Pete, her now lover, was Mark’s, her eighteen year old sons best friend. And he had taken her one weekend when Ken was away, and Mark was fast asleep in his bed. Mark had had a big row with his girlfriend; so he had invited Pete to stay over on that fateful night because of the row with Heather, his on off girlfriend.

But just after Pete had arrived, Heather had phoned and tearfully asked Mark to meet her. This left Pete in a ticklish situation, he had come prepared to stay, now Mark was going off. He had told Sarah. “Mrs Coyle, I’ll go, I don’t want to impinge on your good will.” Sarah poo poo’d him, and insisted he stayed.

Pete and Sarah had a very pleasant evening and he had had a hard on nearly all night just being alone with friends beautiful sex mother, who he had had the hots for as long as he could remember. Pete along with every male who knew Sarah, or had even just met her longed for her. And when she had kissed his cheek before going to bed, he had nearly shot his load in his pants. Then as soon as he had got into his bedroom and under the covers he had jacked off over Marks gorgeous mother.

Mark had gone off and not returned until about four o clock in the morning. Pete had heard him come in, looked at the clock and smiled, he knew how much Mark loved his bed and knew he wouldn’t be around until the next afternoon. He had no plans to do what he would do the following morning; his first thoughts were before going back to sleep was that he would be alone with her once more.

He awakened; and had a morning wood, so he’d ploughed another session with his prick, and blew another hot load into another tissue. He lay there thinking of Sarah alone in her bed, he tossed and turned but a lie in was out of the question. He had never wanted to fuck a woman as much as he wanted to fuck his friends mother.

Pete was nine months older than Mark although they had been in the same class. Mark was at another college; Pete was at the local one so he was home every day. Mark would leave again on Sunday afternoon to return to his. Pete had decided that if opportunity presented itself, he would stay over Saturday night too.

This proved to be very fruitful, although Pete had not even thought of the events that would unfold this very morning. He had watched a little TV in the bedroom but turned it off utterly bored with it. And all the while his thoughts kept turning to Sarah, wondering what she was like in bed, what she looked liked, how soft and sexy she was, she was everything his girlfriend hadn’t been, and whom he had just given the push. And all the things an extremely horny nineteen year old boy thinks of.

He got up to go to the bathroom, and as he passed Sarah’s door he heard a noise, he stopped to listen. She was in her own shower; he could hear the water running. His mind went into overdrive, thinking of the water running off her, how sexy it would be to be in there watching her rub herself down.

Without thinking of any possible consequences, Pete, led by his burgeoning prick opened Sarah’s bedroom door. The en suite door was open and she was definitely in the shower, he crept to it, and peeked his head round. He could see her naked shape as she lathered her luscious body. And he could hear her humming to herself.

Thats when Pete’s mind went blank, or blew up, or whatever it was that caused him to do what he did next. Completely forgetting that Mark, her son was two doors down, he dropped his pyjama bottoms to the floor, now he was naked too. And his young, youthful rock hard cock was protruding upwards towards the shower door.

The steam blocked Sarah’s view to outside of the shower; he opened it and stepped in. Sarah gasped as the cold air swept over her and turned to be confronted by Pete. Sarah never spoke, she was too surprised, and Pete took the one step that brought him up to her. Sarah instinctively turned away from him.

He slid his right hand down her back, and his middle finger pressed into the crack of her beautiful rounded tight ass. It caught her little sphincter, and he pressed it, not quite in, but it was now located right over her crinkly little hole.

Sarah gasped again, and put both hands behind her back to remove the invading finger and hand, as she did this, Pete’s left hand slid down her flat belly, and his fingers found their target immediately. His first and third fingers were on the lips of her tight pussy, his middle sank right in. Sarah squealed, “Pete, what the he… Ohhhh Stop this right no… Ohhhh…”

Then she remembered that Mark was in his room, probably snoring his head off, so she knew she couldn’t make a scene. This would never be viewed well by any stretch of the imagination by any one, no matter how innocent she might be. This was to be Sarah’s worst enemy, and her seduction to her son’s best friend.

The finger now seated in her pussy was another problem for her, one hand tried to move that, her other was behind her trying to move that one too. It was to prove impossible but she didn’t know it yet. Pete at six feet two inches was at the optimum height for what he was doing, Sarah had to stand on her toes to try and get herself off the invading digits, and she couldn’t!

She put a hand in his chest and pushed, she was wasting her time, he never budged an inch. Pete’s feet were already set against a physical protest. To try and distract her even more, he leaned in and kissed her neck, his prick was poking her in her thigh as well. Sarah stifled the moan that tried to escape her blood filling lips.

Pete’s thumb sought and caught her little man just above the entrance to her pussy, this made her throw her ass backwards in an unknown, but vain attempt to get away from it. It also gave Pete room to get his middle finger up into her ass. It went right in, past the first knuckle and up to the second. Sarah rose involuntarily, and automatically up onto her toes.

Now she was in real trouble, she wanted to call out for help, but dare not as she was scared to, because she knew already that this would look bad for her. She was naked, Pete was naked, who would believe her if she caused a scene. She was begging him to stop, it was crazy, you’ll get caught, this will end everything Peter, she had moaned to him. Pete never heard a word she said.

He was kissing her neck, fingering her ass, and fingering her pussy, with his thumb increasingly. And as far as Sarah was concerned, was maddeningly creating a monstrously severe itch, and it was starting to demand to be scratched. Pete still had the marbles spinning round his head, he knew what was happening, but it seemed like he was looking down at the scene, instead of being the major player.

He was close up to her now, she was struggling to move one way and the other, but no matter which way she moved, a finger went that way too, and he was kissing her neck, a place that Sarah loved above all others to be kissed. Sarah half turned towards him, she put her hand out and grabbed the shower rail. nNow there was one place, it was her pussy, completely unprotected.

She started to slow, her actions were becoming laboured, and her body was heating at the same rate. Pete centred his attack now on her neck, Sarah could only rock her head this way and that, all it did was give her seducer more access than he required for his interminable attack upon his friends mother.

Sarah was visibly wilting, her other hand fell away from behind her, it moved about as if looking for somewhere to go. His prick still prodding her thigh, was the resting place it found. Her hand rubbed over it, she moaned, she knew without looking what she had bumped.

Her last stance was about to take place before she fell into her fate. She took hold of it and squeezed, trying to cause pain. Pete moaned, she squeezed again, and Pete moaned again, then she dug her nails in and squeezed some more. Pete bit her neck, her last attempt had failed, now her fingers closed around it. Her thumb went over the top, and she pulled it, the way a woman in need of sex and love did.

Sarah turned right to him now, her lovely face flush, her high cheek bones had red flashes on them. He took over, “Put your feet on the ledges Sarah,” Pete told her. Around two edges of the shower were two ledges about three inches wide and two inches high. With no thought, she did, her back was in the corner so it made her legs and feet spread apart. Pete bent his knees, pushed his hips forward and straightened up, his prick sank right in. Sarah gasped at the fantastic intrusion, she came immediately, it wasn’t a crashing climax, but it was enough to snuff out any possible future complaint from her again.

Pete’s hips moved at speed, his prick which, she was to learn was a beauty in its own right, gave her untold pleasure from the start. He had his arms around the beautiful forty two year old woman now, and was leaning against her, and he was in heaven, his dreams of screwing his best friends mother was now reality.

Sarah had let go of the rail, and her arms encircled her erstwhile lover, as he fucked her wonderfully against the tiles. Soon her left leg rose and encircled him, the side of her foot coming to rest against the back of his thigh as he pumped his hips at her. Because Pete had her against the wall it prevented her from falling down.

And he had already cum that morning thinking about her, so cumming again too soon would be a no no, but only for now. He knew the thrill would overtake him. Sarah had had a huge orgasm, then another, each one was bigger than the last. She had two more then Pete grunted, crushed her to the wall, and blew a load of hot, sticky and creamy cum right up into her. She could feel the pulsating of his cock, the heating inside her, it told her his cum had found its mark, and Sarah came once more.

He stood there like a pillar of stone, his cock throbbing, he kissed her for the first time, Sarah let him and kissed him back. His cum and hers started sliding down there legs, eventually realism returned. “Pete,” Sarah murmured, “we have to get out of here, if Mark wakes and finds us, all hell will be let loose.” He had to agree, and pulled back, his soft cock popped out, he looked down to see water washing him, Sarah looked as well, and she stared at it, she liked what she saw.

She grabbed a cloth and washed him down, inadvertently kissing his cock as her lips neared it. She looked up at him, he smiled a grateful smile. They got out; he grabbed a towel, and quietly left her, but only after kissing her a lot more. She kissed him back, both groped the other a little, then she pushed him out. He went back to his room and threw himself on to the bed.

He thought long and hard about what had happened, even he couldn’t believe what he had done, and what he had achieved. It stunned him, it also brought life to his withered prick once more. He considered going back again, but decided against it, the last thing he wanted to do was anger, and upset her.

An hour later he had gone down, Sarah was in the kitchen making breakfast, both were sheepish around the other. Pete took the lead, put his arms around her and got her neck, Sarah moaned, but told him to stop, “Mark is right above our heads Pete,” she warned him.

“Yeah,” he answered, “and a bomb under him wouldn’t wake him.” He told her as he kissed her neck some more.

“Pete please?” she squeaked, he took no notice and kept it up, Sarah stood and let him, then she turned in his arms. “Pete, we can’t do this, it has to stop, you forced me, even raped me, I know I gave in, and it was fantastic while it lasted, but no, it’s done. I think you had better go.”

Then a ringing sound and a thud from upstairs told them Mark had set the alarm for some reason and he was up, they both looked at each other, Pete said unequivocally, “I’m staying.” And he went into the lounge with his coffee. Sarah was nonplussed to say the least. If Mark was up this early, he must have something on, and Pete bet he would be going out, he was right.

He appeared looking dishevelled, but passably presentable, had a quick coffee, and an even quicker hello to Pete, he said over his shoulder as he opened the door, “look after mom for me pal!” and he was gone. Pete couldn’t have been happier. ‘Don’t you worry Mark, I intend to!’ he said silently after him. Sarah stood there in a daze, and she was alone again with her rapist come seducer, what was she going to do now?

She hurried upstairs and closed her bedroom door, Pete hadn’t heard her, when he went into the kitchen to see her, she was gone. ‘Only one place she can be,’ he told himself. But getting up the courage to go to her was harder than he thought. The courage he had had yesterday had evaporated.

An hour later Pete could wait no longer, his prick was leading him again, he needed to screw his friends mother desperately, and for the life of him, he couldn’t see her saying no! He made his way up, he stood outside her door, then he knocked softly, no answer, he knocked twice more before he heard a muffled, “go away Pete!”

That did it for him; he wasn’t going to back down, not now. He was sure she wanted him to fuck her again. He opened the door and Sarah was sat at her dresser. He undid his shirt and pulled it out as he approached her. She saw him through the mirror. The determination was etched on his face, his eyes telling her, ‘you’re mine!’ She also saw the abs above the belt on his trousers, it was like looking at a staircase climbing up to his rib cage, they were so defined.

He put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed gently, it was all it took the breach the dam. ‘God,’ she thought, ‘for a young man, or boy, depending on your point of view,’ she pondered, ‘he is damn sure of himself, so forceful in character.’ Her mind, let alone body, still hadn’t got over the events in her shower earlier. It was still set, and still very hot to her.

She was also still in a state of arousal; the memory of him doing her that way would never leave her no matter how many years passed from now. Sarah rose robotically from her seat, she needed to tell him to leave quickly, instead she went into his arms. The kiss they shared this time was not their first kiss, but this was the real kiss, the one that gave her to him.

Soon Sarah’s clothes were dropping to the floor, as his were too. Then she was on her bed, and on her back looking up at him, her son’s friend. As he rose majestically above her and plunged into her super heated pussy again, it took only seconds for them to cum frenziedly with each other.

Their lovemaking was sheer pandemonium, heated and childish, neither could cum quick enough, both were more than desperate to cum once more. This was for themselves, singular, Sarah because she was feeling a little frustrated in her life, and suddenly in dire need to feel him in her, a deed she had just resolved never to let occur ever again. And Pete’s need was because of his animalistic longing for this female now in his world, this female under his powerful young frame! And both made the other cum, a feat that they both wallowed in.

They lay breathless in each others arms, ‘that was a proper two way fuck,’ she thought, ‘boy he is something else, and thats for sure!’ Then to spoil the moment, her phone rang, she answered, and said hello?

“Oh hi Ken, yes I’m fine thanks, … Mark? He’s dashed off somewhere and left me with his friend Pete, I have no idea where he is or what he’s doing. But if I had to guess it will be with Heather.” She listened again,… then replied, “Yes he stayed over, I don’t know if Mark is coming back tonight, so if he doesn’t shall I ask Pete if he will stay again, keep me safe etc?” she gave Pete the silkiest of looks.

… “Okay I’ll ask him,” She said, “he’s a good boy isn’t he, and yes I’ll call his mother to let her know where he is and what he’s up to!” Pete grinned at that, and Sarah said to herself, ‘tell her where he is, and what he’s up to, as if!’ Sarah reached out for Pete’s prick, it felt so lovely, sticky and wet as it was, it heartened her to hold such a hot and combative weapon.

Sarah gripped it tighter and tighter, it was turning her on, talking to her husband whilst holding an almost nineteen year old, and very rampant prick. It was twitching in her hand now. She said a breathy goodbye to her husband and said, “I’ll see you on Tuesday then?” Pete made a grab for her as she put the phone down, but she said to wait, she had to call Mark, she couldn’t take the risk of him coming home and finding them like this.

“Mark honey, it’s your mom, where are you, what are you doing?” she listened for a while, and said, “0kay honey, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon then, behave yourself with Heather, I don’t want you coming home one time and telling me you have both had an accident?” meaning pregnancy.

Sarah listened for a little while longer, all the time squeezing Pete’s growling prick, then she said goodbye and put the phone down again. “Well,” she said to Pete, “I have one more phone call to make, and thats to your mother to tell her you are staying over to protect me, from what I don’t know! But that can wait, I have something else on my mind right now,” she giggled.

Pete dived at her and they tumbled about the bed like two children play fighting. First one and then the other was on top, Pete gladly gave up his position, for one that put him underneath her, especially when she straddled him. Sarah ended the contest by sucking his cock, it left him prone and never wanting her to stop. Sarah knew how to suck a cock, it had been, and still was, one of her favourite pastimes.

Her lips were clamped around him like an octopus attaches a pad to its victim, her tongue swirled around the head of his cock end, and he loved it totally. He got her pussy eventually, and gave almost as good as he got. But this was one battle he had no intention of winning, he wanted, and intended to lose it with as much grace as humanly possible.

Sarah gave him and his prick her utmost attention; Pete had laid back now to let her have her head, her day. He wanted nothing more than for her to make him cum. And cum he did, he hooked his nails into her ass to let her know he was about to eject a lorry load of cum. Sarah increased her power suction, she felt his cock jerk, then hump, and he was spewing copious amounts of hot thick liquid right into her waiting throat. She sucked and swallowed, one after the other until she had got it all. Then as the last remnants of sperm slid out, she savoured the taste by swilling it around her mouth with her knowing tongue.

Pete was in dream land, he had cum so hard it had hurt as it travelled up his spout, to enter the world it had never seen, nor ever would. It was all now, apart from the taste well hidden in Sarahs tummy where she kissed and loved it with her body’s fluids. Pete was in a world hitherto unknown to him, his girlfriend was a nursery, Sarah was final year.

She lay back shocked, stunned, and so bewildered by her own actions, the way she had dropped into this as if by some parachute from on high, it was something her head as yet, hadn’t taken on board. I t was only the early afternoon and he had been with his pals mother twice, and she had made sure that he would be here for at least the next twenty four hours.

Pete was ecstatic by any standards, what had been impossibly out of reach was here right next to him, he was in bed with the supremely beautiful model mother of his friend, ‘Oh happy days!’ he chorused in his happy head. Then Sarah had the dirtiest thought she had had for a long time. It was dirty, yet thrilling to even think of it happening.

Her manager in years gone by, had also been a lover, and one of his quirks was, he loved to fuck her in the ass. She hadn’t liked it at first, but she had given in, just in case it might affect her career. It hadn’t of course. She had learned to like, then love it, and over the years a number of men had been given the privilege.

But her husband when they had married, had been more than a little reticent about such things, consequently it had petered out, again, no pun intended! Sarah saw a picture in her head of her on her knees, head buried into the bedding, Pete, tall behind her, and he, wrecking her ass the way she had got to expect it to be, and had had been wrecked by some rough men.

She thought of how to bring it up, should she finger his ass, he had already fingered hers in the shower, so he must be aware of the deed. Should she just come right out and tell him? She jumped out of bed, an idea had formed in her mind. She quickly sat at her dresser, picked up her nail clippers and cut off the nail to her middle right finger.

He hadn’t seen her do this as her back was to him, but as she got back on the bed, she popped her finger into her mouth and seductively pulled it out. It made her lips pout sexily, then she pushed him on to his back, lay next to him and slid her hand under his ass. Pete felt the finger searching, and then he felt the delicious intrusion of it.

He squirmed in arousal, ‘this is fantastic’ he told himself, Sarah managed his ass for and age, bringing moan after moan from him, followed by groan after groan. She had his cock in her other hand and it was a full attention once more.

“Where does he get his staying power from,” she asked herself. But she didn’t care and she knew he liked it, it boded well for her, she thought gleefully. All it did was make her hornier by the minute for it to be driven into her ass after all these years. Pete was reaching for her ass now, he was after getting his finger back in.Then Sarah got up on her knees.

“Behind me Pete, get behind me!” It was an instruction, not a request, he did as he was told, suddenly realising what she wanted, he needed no further bidding, his young prick was sinking home at speed. Sarah’s head dropped at the painful yet wonderful entry into her secret world.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned, “Hmmmm, ooooh, ahhhhhh, oh yes yes yes Pete yes!” She thrust back and he was all in, she felt his hairy balls tickling her, it made her cum. Her head bounced up and down of the bed as Pete enhanced the rhythmic fucking of his friends mother tight, rounded beautiful ass.

She reached under and grabbed his balls to feel the heavy cum laden sac, it made her cum again, the thought of hot steaming cum flooding her bowels was too much to withstand. Pete took her nipples, squeezed and rolled them, Sarah was totally helpless now, the onslaught was unbearable.

She abandoned all pretext of control, to sink and drown in her utter debasement by her very young lover. She cried out in pain, joy, fear, desire and need. Pete hammered home his advantage, Sarah wilted before it. Then he blew his lot, she felt the heat expanding within her, more orgasms tore through her.

She fell face down, unable any longer to stay on her knees, Pete pumped his cum in forever. Sarah, although she didn’t faint, disappeared into a world of an unknown woolly and cloudy satisfaction. Her whole weekend was spent with him, he screwed her seemingly continuously, he just never stopped wanting her, his need to screw her was never ending.
Eventually she had to say “STOP! Pete, we, or I, need to rest, and Mark will be back shortly, we need to clean up and get ready.” Pete reluctantly agreed with her. Sarah, for the first time in her life was sexually beaten, she had been outdone and indeed undone by her son’s best friend, she could take no more. She was shattered completely and needed lots of rest.

When Mark came home he asked her if she was alright, saying, “You look done in mom, what’s wrong?”

Sarah told him no lie. “I haven’t slept much darling, but now you’re here I can?” She didn’t tell him she hadn’t slept much because his best friend had more than thoroughly rocked her world! Pete left after a lot of glances her way, he made a phone call sign with his hand and Sarah nodded.

The following Tuesday Sarah made the call, “Pete,” she breathed down the phone. “I have given this a lot of thought, but we can’t go on. I’m sorry, but what we have done, fabulous though it was, is too dangerous. Mark suspects something, though I’m sure it wasn’t this. I think he thinks I’m having an affair with someone. He called his father and told him he will stay with me until he comes home.”

Pete was devastated, but he told her he would respect her wishes, but if she ever needed him, he would be there. He didn’t know she needed his cock right at that very minute, but it was impossible. She thanked him for that, and told him she would call if things changed. Sarah sadly put the phone down; unaware that Mark had quietly picked the downstairs up when it had dinged, as his mother connected to Pete.

But he hadn’t heard her mention his name at the beginning of the conversation, and only the end of it. He did think something was wrong, but he hadn’t really guessed it was an affair, and especially not with his best friend.

A full week later Sarah was in turmoil, Ken was away again, and her mind was wondering around. When she had been younger, in her teens, she had ‘put’ it about a bit, but her preference had been older men. And thats how she learned what great sex was about. She had never regarded herself as promiscuous, and rejected the very thought. She had always been selective, and her modelling career had helped that achievement.

But now, after being truly topped and tailed by her son’s best friend, she was hankering once again, the way she had been when she was younger. But her fixation was a young man, not older as before. One afternoon, sat in the house she almost called Pete, but instead ordered a pizza to be delivered, it was 5pm.

She was looking out of her window waiting for it, when a two wheeled scooter drew up on her drive. A young dark skinned man in shorts, and a tee shirt with pumps, got off. He took off the enormous helmet, and she smiled behind her drapes, at the great looking guy striding towards her door, box in hand.

She opened it, not remembering she was loosely dressed, the boy couldn’t stop his eyes popping out at her. Her libido fired up immediately, Sarah shuddered as her pussy quivered. She gave him her best smile, and invited him in while she got the money for him. She was impressed by his dark good looks and white toothy smile.

“Is this your last delivery then?” she asked, knowing the parlour shut from 5pm to 7pm.

“Yes he replied, I’m back on again at 7, and finish at midnight.” He told her with a deep manly voice. Sarah looked at the box, she had been hungry, but now she was starving, and it wasn’t for the pizza.

“Well,” she said brightly, but suggestively, “why don’t you stay and share me with this Pizza?” It was a play on words that she had intended, but wasn’t an in your face offer. He clicked on straight away.

“Maam,” he said, respectfully, and taking in the older beauty stood right in front of him. “I would love nothing more than to share you with it.” And taking the box, he ripped the top off, tore a piece of pizza away and offered it to her lips. Sarah looked into his eyes as she picked at it with her teeth, not allowing her lips to touch it.

“Mmmmm, this is gorgeous,” she whispered, stepping a little closer to him.

“Yes,” he said, “you are!” and he dropped the pizza, and closed the gap. He wasn’t a very young man, he was 23 and married, but always on the lookout for a chance, and he wasn’t about to let this one pass by him. He puled her to him and kissed those lips that men drool for. Sarah closed her eyes as they met, ‘what are you doing Sarah, are you fucking mad!’ she chided herself hotly. But it was already too late.

She had made the sideways offer, he was taking her up on it. “Where,” he demanded, it brought Sarah out of her reverie, she mumbled something. he decided what she had said, bedroom. Bending, he picked her up and walked with her tight in his arms to her bedroom. His grip on her gave her untold excitement, it was irresistible. But she also told herself that this had been unnecessary, ‘Pete had been available you know!’

He got on with her and soon she was being ravished by him, one minute she was dressed, the next, both of them were naked, and he rose up. Sarah glanced down and saw the dark skinned weapon about to be fired, it was cocked and ready. ‘My first black!’ she muttered in her head. And then she was impaled by it, the sudden thrust made her tell herself that she was nothing but a dirty slut” Sarah came immediately.

She never even asked the boy his name, he fucked her twice, she came a million times, his dark skin was an aphrodisiac to her. She had always wondered about black men, in this case it wasn’t true, but he was more than capable of giving a girl a great time. But she didn’t feel right either inside, ‘I am a slut, I am!’ she told herself repeatedly.

Over the next three months she collected five telephone numbers of young men, all about the age of twenty. The next one had been from a shop. She had given him the come on, he offered to carry her purchases to her car for her, where she had thanked him admirably. And he had screwed her in the back of her car, it had been thrillingly exciting, looking out of the rear window while being royally screwed on her knees and from behind, whilst taking in the skyline. It was on the top of the deserted multi storey car park, where she now parked in case of picking a guy up.

Another who had come to her home, following her from the gas station where he worked, taking a chance he knew, but she had come on to him. And the risk he had taken paid off because she had spent the afternoon under, over and around him. Another was an Italian waiter from where she liked to have a coffee; she had gone upstairs with him, where he had a small apartment.

But Sarah was becoming disillusioned, not only with what she was doing, and the way she was behaving. But because Ken was away from home so much. She was becoming increasingly frustrated, she complained to him, but he passed it off as a mid life crisis, and told her to get over it. Mark too noticed the change in his mother, and decided to investigate, he knew his mother was up to something, but he was in for a massive shock.

He asked for time off from college, two days a week for two weeks. He promised it wouldn’t affect his work, so it was granted. So for the following two weeks Mark would take Tuesdays and Thursdays off to track, or trail his mother if she went out. Nothing happened in the first week, and Mark began to doubt his suspicions.

Then, in the second week, he followed her to the gas station, he watched her fill her car up, or rather the attendant did, and he seemed very personal and up close. His mother was also very friendly, and he could see her nodding when he asked her something, she looked at her watch, they spoke some more and his mother left.

Now Mark knew something was going on but what? He checked the time, it was 4.30pm, ‘this guy would be leaving work soon,’ he told himself, ‘I’ll wait and see.’ He saw the guy hurry out of the station at 5.15, he was washed and dressed in street clothes, he jumped into his car and drove off with Mark behind him. Sure enough 10 minutes later he pulled on to his parents drive and got out.

He ran to the door, opened it and went in, Mark was astonished, his mother would never let any one enter the house like that. He parked his car around the corner and walked back. He silently let himself in, no one was around, then he heard a clump, and giggles from upstairs. He quickly climbed them but stayed silent, now he was certain his mother was having it off with some one!

The door was open of course, there was no need to close it, Mark peered through the crack in the door and saw his mother on the bed, and the young man preparing for what could only be sex. They were almost naked; his mother was already nearly undressed waiting for him. And both excited and hurrying to get on with it. Mark fumed, ‘how fucking dare she!’

He strode into the room grabbed the man, and threw him across it, where he hit the wall hard, going up to him, he kicked him hard in the ribs, yelling. “Get out you scum bag, leave right now or I will fucking kill you! He roared. The man was terrified, mumbling and apologising; he got up and ran away.

Mark turned to his mother laying there with her tits exposed and nipples hard. All she had on was a skimpy thong, she was so shocked, she couldn’t move or speak. The look in her eyes was of sheer terror and shame.

“What the hell are you doing mom, why are you shagging someone like that, he can’t be much older than me!” he shouted, clearly upset. Sarah had seemed to forget she was nearly naked, she gabbled about something, her luscious body moving in time with her stuttering words.

Marks own eyes had fastened on her glorious tits and nipples, the bump of her pussy was pronounced, the lips of the aroused gash was clearly evident. Her fabulous lips were blood red with arousal still unsatisfied. His own prick hardened; suddenly he could feel the pressure from it. His youthful horny body took in the sight of his beautiful mother. The one he had grown up with, knowing every man she met wanted to seduce her.

His prick was becoming uncontrollable, “You want sex with a younger guy mom, is that it, are you a cradle snatcher mom, are you? Dad can’t do it for you any more hey, is that it? He can’t cut it in bed now mom hey? You need young blood mom, young flesh, nice hard young cock, is that it mom!” he was yelling at her. Sarah was mortified, she had been caught just as she had feared she would, but for her son to be the catcher, it destroyed her equilibrium.

She was looking at Mark and trying to speak, trying to think of a way out, there wasn’t one. She was staring at him, but she never saw him rip his jacket and shirt off, never saw his trousers and shorts being kicked away along with his shoes. She didn’t see him walk the two steps to her bed and get on, all she knew was, she was instantly being filled with cock.

Mark had got on top of his wayward mother, and stuffed his irrepressible prick into her hot slithering pussy. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, she grunted as he stuffed her, her voice totally dumb. Sarah went to automatic, she threw her long legs over him, and her arms went around his back. She didn’t seem to understand that she was now being fucked by her own 18 year old son, and fucked wonderfully. The orgasm she had wanted and almost had achieved from her garage lover, was given to her by her son’s beautiful cock.

She heard soft moaning, mewling, and wailing, it seemed to come from deep within her, another climax raced through her. This was what she had been wanting and needing so desperately. Mark shot his first load. He had no way of stopping it, he just carried on fucking his mother. He wanted to fuck her so bad, and so hard, he wanted it would hurt her. Hurt her like she had just hurt him, and so she would never ever forget what she was doing to him, and his dad.

Mark greedily, hurtfully, and nastily drove at her, his prick now a bar of steel, he had just unloaded and he had got harder! Sarah was Ooooohing, and Arggghing loudly, the pain, mixed with the utter pleasure was unbearable, she came in torrents, and thats when she broke.

“Mark, oh Mark my darling, Oh baby, wha… Oooooh, Ohhhhh yes baby yes, do me Mark, hurt me, make me hurt, give me pain honey do me, do me for god’s sake do meeeeee pleeeeease!” She was almost hysterical with the total demolition he was visiting upon her and her beautiful sexy body. Her mind had warped and bent, she was out of shape, out of kilter, and being subjected to an hitherto unknown fucking, a violent fucking she had never experienced, not by anyone.

The rage that was in Mark and fuelling what he was doing, kept him going, he had never shagged anyone like this either. Certainly not Heather his girlfriend, who would soon be history. He physically concentrated on beating his mother, literally into the ground, or in this case, her bed. He rose and fell at speed and power, his mother was no longer holding on, she was hanging on as he pummelled her endlessly.

But even his youthful anger couldn’t sustain him forever, and gradually it subsided, but his prick remained as it was, iron hard. He levelled off into screwing the gorgeous sexy woman who was his mother. His eyes regained their focus, and found he was looking down at the serenity of her, even he could see bliss when he saw it.

Her eyes were closed, her whole face was flushed, her mouth slightly open, her white even teeth were also parted, she was breathing deeply, her chest rising and falling, making her magnificent breasts rise and fall in unison. Her titanium tipped nipples were grazing his chest as they rose together.

Mark didn’t know that he had given his mother the satisfaction she herself hadn’t known she was in dire need of, what she had really craved for. All the times she had fucked her young lovers, she had taken it that her satisfaction was complete, she couldn’t have been wrong, Mark, her own son had just revealed it to her.

Sarah had sought, found, seduced her young lovers after Pete had seduced her, her belief was that she needed them. That she needed satisfying while Ken was away, it was all a big mistake, in her befuddled brain she was now thinking of the horrible way she had been acting. Pete had brought her unwitting troubles to the surface, but instead of bringing hope and relief, it had exacerbated her situation.

Mark, unwittingly had found the key to her deeper problems, his prick was it. He had put it in the lock of her shuttered being, and opened the door, and now Sarah could step through it and back into the sunlight from the dark places she had visited and finding herself in. Sarah felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her, she also understood somehow that her roaming days with young lovers, even possible future older ones, were well and truly over, she had Mark!

Mark was now making love to his mother; his strokes in and out were long and slow, languid, though still strident, and very personal. He wanted to please her now instead of hurting her, he wanted to see her smile at him. He wanted to know that she was happy, satisfaction was for the future, which today was now.

She tightened her hold, her legs closed over his and gripped, her arms held him near, her nails dug in, he moaned, she dug deeper, making him moan more. Then she opened her eyes, they connected with his, she smiled, he smiled, Sarah raised her head slightly and kissed him.

“Mark, I love you darling, I’m so sorry about, er, please forgive me Mark please?” and she nodded her head at the door meaning the garage man. “I honestly don’t know what came over me; I was feeling just so lonely,” she told him. She hoped he had no idea of what her immediate past had been, of her other young lovers, but if he didn’t know now, he never would know either, she decided.

“I’m applying for the college here mom,” he said softly, “you’ll never be on your own again, I’ll be right here when dads away, and I’ll take care of things when he is.” This wasn’t lost on his mother, she stared at him trying to work out if he was meaning what she thought he was meaning.

“You’ll take care of me Mark, what do you mean?” she asked, she wanted to know where she stood now. Sarah needed the comfort of him actually saying what he had meant, what he intended. She still had fears of being really found out about her recent past.

“I mean, that when he is away, you won’t need to look elsewhere, debase, embarrass and disgrace not only us, but yourself too,” he told her forcefully, even a little cruelly. “I have noticed a change in you for the last 3 months or so mom, you haven’t been with us in your head. So I’m assuming you have been, how shall I put it?” He raised his eyes and eye brows as if thinking deeply, “Ah, I know mom,” he said nastily, “shagging every bloke you have met!”

“Mark,” she cried, that hit her where it hurt and she didn’t like it, not one bit. Had she really been that obvious, had Ken noticed? Now she knew she would have to rely totally on her son’s good will not to ruin, what she in fact, she had started to ruin.

Sarah broke into tears, “I’m sorry Mark, I am honey, I really am. I still don’t understand this myself. Please can we talk about this a little?” by saying, ‘a little,’ she was hoping Mark didn’t want to talk about her indiscretions at all.

“What’s done is done mom,” he said, “all you need to know is you and I are taking a new direction, one that will be steered by me from now on!” Sarah couldn’t, in her fuzzy mind, still wasn’t sure what he was meaning.

“How Mark, tell me what you mean baby, please?” He rolled to one side and looked at her, his finger tips squeezed a sizeable nipple, she folded before him. Now she knew, or thought she did.

“From now on mom, when dad is away, I will take his place, not only here in your bed, but also here too,” he told her, and tapped over her heart with a finger tip. “What has just happened here today won’t be the last time mom, now I’ve found you. I’m not about to let you go. You are mine now, no going back, no recriminations, what you were about to do with him!” and he hooked a thumb over his shoulder,” no one else will ever enter your life again, got it?”

Sarah beamed, her indiscriminate past was over, no more Pete, no more looking for unwarranted sex, for that was all it had been really, she understood herself now. She would be safe forever, Mark wouldn’t let her stray again, not that she had any intention ever again of doing so. And if he was like again, the way he had just been then Sarah was in for the ride(s) of her life.

“Do you mean Mark,” she said, “that if I do something like this?” and she rubbed his prick, cupped his balls, kissed his lips, “then I will be getting a lot more of the sexing from you that you have just made me have?”

“Finally,” he smiled, and looked down at her, “the penny has dropped, now,” he added, “get down there and get me ready for round two! three and four will follow later! He pushed her head down and forced her to his prick, his mother needed no second bidding, her lips closed happily around it.

“Why I hadn’t felt this before mom I’ll never know, you are just so beautiful, but I knew that didn’t I, what I didn’t know, and didn’t see was you!” It took her nearly twenty minutes, she never gave up, and eventually he spewed his cum into her mouth for the first time, their relationship was being cemented.

“How many men have you had since you married dad mom?” his question took her by complete surprise. She spluttered and stammered, coughed and wheezed.

“I have never been unfaithful darling, except today, why have you asked me such a bad thing?” He grinned.

“Right answer mom, to be honest I don’t care if you have, but now you won’t be straying any more. By the way, Pete was after you, did you know that? So it’s a good job I got here first isn’t it, he wouldn’t have given up chasing you, not unless he would have had to.”

Sarah stared at him, ‘Jesus Christ!’ she thought, “He wouldn’t have got any where baby,” she told her son, “and I’m so happy you have found me. But you are a bad boy Mark, a very bad boy. But I do love a good bad boy too!” and she laughed. And saying that, his mother slipped her middle finger with the nail still missing, unexpectedly into his ass.

“How bad with me are you going to be, my bad naughty young master?” she asked wickedly.

“You are about to find out, you dirty slut!” he told her, this turned Sarah so far on she orgasmed. It shattered her completely, no one, never ever in her life, had called her a dirty slut. It was so magical, so intense it blew her away. Her lips quivered, she looked at him in a way she had never looked at a man. Her whole being gave in to him, Sarah’s life had gone full circle, from wife and mother, to son and devoted lover.

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