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First let me thank you for reading my latest hot stories. This story is about sex story of eight college friends and their sex experience of lifetime.

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Kisi kavi ne theek hi kaha tha. Aadmi ke bas do hi chakkar hain. Ek pait ka chakkar or ek pait ke neeche ka. Aur is ke siwa hai bhi kya. Hum ne apne pait ka chakkar bhi theek karliya hai aur apne pait ne neeche ka bhi.

College ka zamana tha. Hum aat dost hamesha saath mein utha baitha karte the. Ye un dianon ki baat hai ke computer technology the revolution India ki economy ko doogna teegna karne wala tha. Hum college ki akher saal mein the. Rita, meri jaan aur girl friend saath saath thi. Aur phir Nasreen, Rana, Juhi, Munaf, Fez aur Rahul. Sab ek doosre ko acchi tarah se jaante the aur chahte the.

Haan. Us zamane mein mera irada tha ke ek din Rita se shaadi karoonga us zamane mein bhi hum choda karte the. Jaise Nasreen Rana ki, Juhi Munaf ki aur Fez Rahul ke saath ek hua karte the. Magar yeh bhi sach hai hum ek doosre ke bare mein sexual qayalaat bhi rakhte the. Agar Fez meri dost na hoti ya dost ki girlfriend na hoti to uski regal sensuality par mein zaroor qurban hota. Kam se kam usey ek baar to chodta. Aur agar Juhi Munaf ke saath na hoti toh kamas kam ek baar use gudiya ki tarah uthata aur usey apne lund par bithaata. Agar Nasreen Rana ki dost na rahi hoti toh main bas uski gaand ke chume le kar uske tits masalta.

But that is quite natural, isn’t it. Twenty something kids have raging hormones that want to fuck anything that has a cunt. Shit, sometimes even just an ass. But we kept our fantasies to fantasies. We never let them control us, though everyone knew that we would like to fuck each other’s girls at the drop of a hat.

Pata nahin ye debate kaun cheda. Ye wohi baat hui jo sadiyon se insaan ke liye a masla bane hue hai. Ye koi yaad hi nahi raktha ke kisi fight mein pehla pathar kis ne phenka, kis ne pehli lat chalai. Baat exam se do mahine pehle ki hi. Hum Fez ke ghar par hamesha ki tarah baith kar padh rahe the. Mujhe shak hai ke ye zaroor Rahul ke imaginative mind ki kartoot thi. Magar ek debate ban gayi.

Yeh ke Free Sex naam ki cheez hamare samaaj mein nahi zinda reh sakti. It was against the human nature. Man may want to share his everything but not his woman, a woman in some societies is forced to share her man but does so reluctantly.

Aur hua bhi yoon ke ladke ek taraf ho gaye, aur ladkiyan ek taraf. Hum yeh kehte rahe ke yeh mumkin hai, hum mein se koi bhi ek doosre ki girl ko ek raat ke liye udhar de sakta hai. Of course shart yeh ke girl friend razi ho. Magar kya hum sab ek saath ek kamre mein ek doosre se chudai kar sakte hain. Kisi na kaha kyon nahin. Agar dil se mohabbat ho to badan ka koi bhaav nahin.

Baat chalte chalte khareeb ek ghanda guzar gaya. Fez akhir kaar sab ko shush kiya. “There is no point in discussing this. Unless an experiment can be satisfactorily conducted there is no point in debate.”

“Then let’s do the experiment”. Rita said.

“How?” Munaf questioned.

“I think she is on to something.” Rahul said.

“Yeah, how?” Juhi piped in.

“Well, simple. Let us all plan a week long holiday after exams, somewhere remote and far off, let us put ourselves there, let us remove all laws regarding sexual propriety and see how we react.”

“I still don’t get it.” Juhi pursed her lips.

“What’s not to get. A simple game like truth or dare could be played to see what our boundaries are. Don’t you feel at times you want to test the limits and boundaries, see how you would go on a sexual level?”

“I think I catch the drift.” Fez said in her soft voice. “But I am sure we could come up with something more innovative than truth or dare. And I think I know of a place too. It will take us a little trouble but what was worth without trouble.”

“Main toh bas ek budhu hoon. Kya keh rahi ho?”

“Yehi ke hum apne exam ke bare mein soncho.” Main beech mein koodh pada.

Do teen awaz ek saath: “Tum se kis ne poocha?”

“Okay okay. Rita tu samajh rahi ke Fez jya keh rahi hai.”

“Haan. Samajh rahi hoon.”

“Bas toh aisa karte hain ke tu aur Fez ek saath baith kar plan banao. Agar kuch kaam delegate karma ho toh hum hain yahan. Jab kuch samajhdaar plan ban jaaye toh hamein batana. Theek.”

“Kya kehti hai Fez? Theek hai?” Rita Fez ki taraf dekh kar apne eyebrows chadaye.

“Done. Aur pehli meeting kal hum lunch par kareinge okay.” Fez ne kaha. “Aur baqi sab log, meet hear after the last day of your exam.”

Idhar kuch hum apne apne exam ki chakkar mein us tarah nahin mil rahe the jaise pehle milte, sub ke papers alag alag din aura alag waqt par the. Main us raat ke bahut dair tak Rita ke saath raha. Hum dono ek park ke kone baithe ek doosre ko necking karte rahe. Who jhuk kar ahista ahista mera lund choosti aur main apni ungli uski choot mey andar baher kar raha tha. Jab use wapas ghar chodhne ke liye motorcycle par baitha toh yaad aaya kal Den mein milne ka plan tha. Main ne us se poocha who taal gayi muskarate hui ke kal maloom hojaye ga.

Doosre din hum sab ek ek karke jama hone lage. Munaf, it was understandable, came last. Paseene se tar and smelly, hum sam ne usey bathroom mein dhakal diya ke pehle paani naha le. Jab who paani naha kar ek naye pair (kayi pants aur shorts hamare yahan raha karte the) kapde pahen kar aaya toh Rita ne Fez ki taraf muskara kar kaha:

“Fez, you have the floor.”

“Okay guys. Remember the plan we had of taking an experimental vacation on free love, on testing the boundaries and limits of our sensuality? Well the plan is ready, listen to it first, then each of you one by one go to the coffee table there and pick a paper, YES or NO. Cast your votes. This experiment will not go forward if there is even one NO. Right? Got it?”

“Yeah sure, what is the plan?”

“Taher na besabar. The plan is simplest we could think of, we thought many and discarded them, and only this simple one seemed to work best, maybe because of its simplicity…”

She saw a few fidgety people and continued.

“Okay okay. The plan is this. We will all go to the house on the cliff. You know my father bought that piece of land and it came with a old house build apart from everything else. He had it refurbished and sometimes flies there for a quite weekend. I have asked him and he has loaned it to us. We will go there all eight of us. No one will disturb us, the moment we reach there all rules pertaining to sex will become suspended. Hold on.”

She took a sip of water. “But we thought nothing might happen if we just left it at that. So we decided that all of will play cards. And everything we do will be decided through it. It is like this. A card is dealt to everyone. Jo sab se bada card paye ga woh jeeta, jo sab se chota card, woh haar gaya. Harne wale ko jeetne wale ki ek baat man ni padegi.”

“Har baat?” Juhi ne poocha.

“Haan Juhi har baat, however absurd or outlandish it may be.”

“Isn’t that dangerous? Say for example I may win and you lose. I ask you to kill Raj…”

Fez looked at him with an enigmatic smile. “If you add that I make love to him first and then kill him then even that would be testing some sort of sexual limits na? But we are sane people who love each other, I am sure we won’t let anything that hurts someone happen.”

“Any other rules?”

“Yes, several. One: what happens there will be left there, nothing should affect our lives. We all are couples and will remain so. Two: We will leave all prejudices about sex, looks and life here.”

“Anything else Maharani ji?” Rahul joined his palms and asked.

“Mahrani ke bacche, yes. There are a few things that all of you have to do, a few errands.” She gestured towards Rita who got up and distributed a few papers to each, making sure to read the name on top and each got the right one.

Mere parche par Mera aur Nasreen ka naam likha hua tha. “Your job is to get everyone’s sizes and get for them the sexiest possible clothes, two pairs each.” I looked at Nasreen and made a stupid face. But it was a good choice. She was the most well versed in fashion and I knew a few things about clothes.

Rahul leaned towards me and showed me his paper. He and Rita were to go find as many sex toys as they could, dildos, vibrators, double dildos, chains, clamps, BDSM things, a whole list of them.

Munaf and Fez would look after food and beverages, while Juhi would team with Rana and get all the best music and movies they could. A few porn and soft porn too.

“And… and just in case we don’t end up without one, everyone will bring a pack cards.”

“When do we go.” I asked.

“On Sunday. Three days from today. Dad told me he could send us there in his chopper but I told him we wanted to be a little rough adventure and we would take the Cherokee. It will take us at least eight hours to reach there. So meet us here a day before to check everything is there and stay here if possible, we can that way leave early in the morning.”

We had fun after that, I pretended to use my hands to check the sixes, cupping my hands to see the girls’ bra sizes. We laughed a lot as we always did. We passed around a bottle of wine that we took a slug of and passed it on.

.* * *

“Jai Shiv Shankar…” Rahul called out seeing the pile of things when he arrived on Saturday evening. “How long we plan to live there? A few years?”

“Chup hoja and help get the things stuffed into the jeep.

“And cards.” Rahul asked and everyone produced a packet.

I lay on the couch and stretched myself. I was the designated first driver. I though I had better have a good night’s sleep. I had funny dreams that night. I dreamt that I was fucking Rita and suddenly I saw that she had changed to Juhi, while Fez was holding her cock in hand and fucking Rita in a corner. I woke with a start, saw Rahul sprawled on the carpet and went back to sleep.

Fez woke us up early in the morning at dawn and her mother Nisha hovered over us telling us to take care and not get into trouble. Nisha, by the way, was a pure bred highest category MILF, whom every lund in the room saluted. We had our little tastes of the lady at one time or another, but that is another story.

We started with a lot of noise and fanfare. I took the wheel while Rita sat next to me and Munaf next to her in the front. The others had made comfortable places for themselves and were singing away. The drive was beautiful. We passed long stretches of fields, yellowing a bit in the summer sun. Colorful people. We stopped from time to time to have a cup of tea or snacks. We turned off the main road and the journey became a little rough.

I changed places with Rahul and he drove for a while. Then Nasreen took turn and last Fez who knew the tricky last part of the territory.

“Yaar ye kaun ghada yahan veerane mein ghar banaya hoga.”

“Arey, raha hoga koi zindagi ka mara, kisi ladki ne dil tod diya aur woh chala aya yahan philosopher banne.” Munaf explained to us.

“Arey nahin, tumhe pata nahin…. Bahut saal purani kahani hai ke ek zamindar ko ek untouchable se ishq hogya….” He began with his usual dramatic style. Everyone laughed and listened to his cock and bull tale.

We reached just as the sun had begun to lose some of its intensity. Still a good hour or two before dark.

“Suno, aisa karte hain ke sab samaan utarkar rakh denge, aur phir yahan paas mein ek jharna hai wahan ke thande paani se zara sustalein.”

We dragged the samaan in and trooped to the stream, the water was pleasantly cool. We dipped our feet and some lay on the grass. After a while feeling much better and the sun going down we trooped back to the house. Fez told us that someone had come last week and checked all the appliances and switched them on. So it was. The windmill behind the cottage generated enough electricity for the house. The fridge was working, we stored our food and a few bottles of wine there, rest went into the cabinet under the sink. We took everything else and helped Fez rearrange the furniture. She ordered us to get all the rugs in the house and piles them here in the large living room.

“From now on this living room will be our home. Everyone lives here changes here, sleeps here.”

“So when do we start the card game?” Munaf asked.

“Two choices.” Rita said. “We can all rest for a while, take shower, change into something a little more attractive, sip a little wine, relax and then start. Or now.”

“Lets vote. I say I need a shower.” Munaf said.

“Let us.” I added. “I for one would like to see the babes washed and fresh.”

“And vice versa.” Juhi smiled back.

“Hey I thought there were some special sexy clothes in the kitty. Why not wear those?” Rahul had the idea.

“No, keep them for later. Sab ek saath khol dhega, abhi toh aayein hain, zara sabar kar.” Rita ke kaha.

“Aisa mat kahe Rita. Isi umeed par baitha hoon ke aaj char char kudiyon ke kore kore badan se apni ankaon ko swarg pohchaoonga. Tu ne meri umeed par pani pher diya. Ja ab main bhi yahin khandar main reh kar apni zindagi guzar deta hoon.” Rahul ne badi roti si surat bana kar kaha.

“Lelele… meri jaan koi baat nahin. Main yahan aakar tere liye swimming suits main pose karoongi.”

“Agar aisa hai toh theek hai.”

Sab hans pade aur Rita aur Fez pehle bathrrom sabhal liya. Kyon ke yaha do hi bathroom the aur two at a time hi paani naha sakte the. Hum ne unhe kaha ke bhaiyya dair na karna, makeup mein saar waqt laga dogi toh hum yahan baithe hi rek jayein ge. Toh unho ne bataya ke woh toh pani nahaayeingi, makeup sub udhar us kamre mein hoga.

Woh paani kafi jaldi naha kar baher towel lapete hue niklien toh sitiyan bajne lage. Phir doosri batch girls ki andar gayai.

Main aur Rahul last mein paani nahae. Bahar nikal ka dekhe toh ladkiyan abhi tak kamre main ghusi huin hain, magar kaanch ki khidki se baher Munaf aur Rana barbecue par kuch ghost bhoon rahe the, dekh kar bhook lag gayi. Sare ladke baher baith kar wine ke ghoont lete aur garam bhoona ghost ka intezaar karte rahe

Paanch minute ke baad Juhi ne apna moon khidki se nikal kar kaha. “Kya dinner ready hogya.”

“Bas ek do minute ki deri hai meri jaan. Tum zara plates waghaira nikalo main lata hoon, aur thanda bottle bhi nikalna na bhoolna.”

Ek bade se thaale main ghost ke saare tukde daal kar Munaf aur hum sab andar aaye. Dekha ki ladkiyan badi ban than ke bheti hui hain. Main ne kaha. “Wow. Tum log toh lagta hai kisi party mein jaane ke liye tayyar hui hain.”

“Kyon Rita ke saajan, kaho toh wapas wohi jeans T-shirt pahen lein. Hum ne soncha tha ke tum log khush hoge.”

“Nahin Nasreen bibi, khushi se phoole nahin sambhale ja raha hai. Zara sab uthkar humein ek catwalk kar ke batao toh ke kaisi lagrahiein hon.”

“Na na. Jo bhi dekhna hai ab himmat ho toh jeet kar dekh lo.”

“Yeh bhi theek hai.” Main bhi neeche sab ke saath baith gaya. Ek gosht ka tukda ek paper plate par sambhal kar main araam se khaane laga. Rana cards ka packet nikal kar usmein se jokers alag karne laga aur ek mahir ki tarah shuffle karne laga. “Batoon main?”

Sab ne ishara kiya toh woh ek ek patta sab ko baat ne laga. Main apna patta uthakar dekha, Spades ka king tha. Is patte toh meri jeet ho sakti thi, haar zaar namumkin tha. Muskarakar doosraon ko dekhne laga.

Kismat bhi kabhi kabhi chanchal ka saath deti hai. Rahul ke diamonds ka ace tha aur meri Rita ke paas ek duggi. “Ahaa…” usne muthi upar uthakar kaha. “Ab aaya hai oont pahad ke neeche. Rita tum is gang mein sab se acchi dancer ho, chalo ek dance karke batao. Zaar accha sexy dance hona chahiye.”

Mujhe pata tha ke woh sexy dance kitna accha karti thi, hips matkanein mein mahir thi aur jab jhatke deti tu mera lund khada hojata. Mujhe yaqeen tha ke aaj bas paanch cheh minute ke andar ek nahin balke char lund khade hojayeinge.

Juhi ne music shooru ki. Rita ahista se uthe hue apna dance shuroo kiya, woh naachti hui center main aayi, aur jaisa music ki beat thodi tez hui woh apna hips ko jhatke dene lagi. Hum sab ne loaferaon ki tarah seeti bajai aur bahut khoob kehne lage. Woh zara mast hokar aur thoda naacha phir apne knee length skirt ko thoda utha kar lehraya aur hir baith gayi.

Main ankaon ke kone se dekh raha tha that dono Munaf aur Rana were changing their position. Certainly it was that these two were trying to hide the bulge. So, I thought, yeh dono agar mauqa mila to Rita ko chodne na nahin kahen ge. Waise bhi is room mein shayad hi koi tha jo doosre ko na kahega. Main ne soncha ke kyon na main apne aap ek khel kheloon. Ek ek ki sexuality ki rating karloon.

It was certainly a meaningless exercise but it would be fun. I will start with Rita. Meri jaan, jise main bahot chahta tha, jis se ek din shaadi karne ka irada bhi rakhta tha. Mujhe pata tha ke ye bistar mein kitni garam thi, magar yeh khayal bi rehta ke woh khul kar fuck nahin kar rahi hai, kuch reserved si hojati hai chodte waqt. Acche bade tits the, aur waise bhi mujhe pata chal gaya tha ke sab ka exact figure kya hai. Rita size 35 ki thi, C cup ka bra pehenti thi jis mein uske mamme badi acchi tarah bhar jaate the. Kabhi kabhi woh zara chota size ka pahenti thi jab use cleavage batana hota. Jaise ke aaj lagta tha ke woh ek size chota pehna hai. Her cleavage showed tantalizingly today, promising of full breasts to the taker. Uski ankein hali brown color ki jo kafi expressive theen. Naak choti si, bas aisi ke uske chehre pe acchi lage. Hont medium size ke jis par normally halke rang ki lipstick lagai rehti. Aaj toh us ne bada makeup kiya tha. Kajal, shadow, blush aur gehre orange rang ka lipstick jo mujhe bulata hua nazar aaya. Halke orange rang ki skirt jo bas knees se thode hi upar tak aati thi aur sufaid blouse.

Ek khisam ki pride bhi mahsoos ho rahi thi ke meri kudiya itni sexy thi ke yahan har mard use chodne ki tammana zaroor karta hoga. Jab mera khayal usey doosraon se chudawne ke taraf gaya toh mera lund aur bhi khada hua aur main jaldi se apna position badla aur khel ki taraf dhyan dene laga. Juhi ek naya bottle lakar khola aur pass karne lagi. Taash ke patte Rita ne sambhale aur baatne lagi. Rana haar gaya aur Juhi ne jeeta.

Juhi khushi se chilla kar boli ke use Rana ko wohi dance karnwana hai jo Rita ne kia tha. Sab nahin ki awaz lagae, Rana aur dance dono zara alag alag cheez the. “Acha, tehro. Main sonchti hoon. Haan tum apne zindagi mein pehli baar jab love kiya tha us ke baare meinbatao.”

“Love, yeh love kya, yani mohabbat.?” Rana ne poocha.

“Arey tum jaante ho main kya keh rahi hoon.”

“Yaar use chudai kehte hain.” Rita ne kaha.

“Haan wohi.” Juhi jaldi se bol padi.

“Aise kaam nahin chalega Jaan, khul lar kehna padega.” Rana hans kar bola.

Juli laal hokar kaha. “Okay okay, apni sab se pehli chudai ke details batao.”

Mujhe toh yeh pata tha. Yeh jab 18 saal ka tha toh ghar ke padosan ne usey seduce kiya tha aur ek dopahar mein usey apni virginity de baitha.

Main Juhi ko dekhne laga. Agar contemporary aspect se dekha aaye toh charon ladkiyon mein sab se zyada plain aur seedhi thi. Magar ek ajeeb si flavor tha us ki personality main jo har ek ko uski taraf dobarah dekhne par majboor tha. She was modest in the boobs and ass department. But she made up for it with lips that were perfect. With eyes that were so sexy that sometimes I felt even she didn’t know the effect they had on others. Looking deep into her eyes could give you an erection, the expressive eyes could flutter and you might want to shoot your semen in your pants. The promise of flavor, taste and electricity was more than ten times any foreplay.

I had a vision that this shy girl would turn out to be a screamer if the right buttons were pressed. My hand went to my crotch involuntarily and my eyes strayed to Fez. She was watching me, with eyes that seemed to sense what I was thinking; she crinkled eyes and let them wander slowly, so I could see, to my crotch. Then her hand fluttered from her side and moved between her thighs.

“And so that’s how it happened.” Rana was finishing his tale.

Everyone clapped their hands and we all started asking questions. How tight was she compared to Nasreen? How big her boobs were? Would he do with her again if he had a chance?

He answered none, of course. And we took a break, some wanted to go pee and others wanted to stretch. A five ten miinute break later we were back again, Rana dealt the cards. Fez won and Nasreen lost. Fez took a long swing from the bottle and said. “Nasreen, pick a man or woman of your choice and do a lap dance for him or her.”

WIthout batting an eyelid Nasreen got up and started dancing like a stripper moving from here to there and then sat on Rana’s lap, moving her hips in seductive manner. Then getting up, giving a spin she sat on Rahul’s lap, did the same fucking motion and sat back in her place.

“Whoooo….” Rahul exhaled loudly. “Yaar Nasreen ab neend nahin aayegi.”

“Oye. Main aur Raj ne kya ghalti ki,” Munaf bol pada.

Nasreen bas muskara kar aankh mari.

Patte phir baate gaye aur phir Fez ne jeeta aur Rita is baar phir satta lakar bhi na bach saki.

Sab Fez ki taraf dekh rahe the, woh apne chin ke neeche hateli rakh kar sonch rahi thi, akhar bola:

“Hum yahan sexuality ki boundaries test karne aayein hain na. Hum yeh dekhna hai hum kahan tak jaa sakte hain. Toh Rita wahan us drawer mein measuring tape hoga usey lo aur hamein in char banadaroan ke lund ki lambai aur motai batao.”

“Are you serious.?”

“Are you chicken?” Fez asked. “Does Raj have objections, does he own you?”

For a moment anger flashed in Rita’s eyes. “You know I am no fucking chicken. And you know that we are here proves we don’t mind opening strange doors.”

“I know that darling. And I also know that you are the hottest girl here and the most daring so I chose you. Kya agar yeh Juhi se kehti toh karti?”

“Hey agar mujh se kehti toh Fez main zaroor karti,” Nasreen joined in.

“Haan sach hai, magar mujhe zara Raj ki bhi limits dekhni hai.”

Jab tak Rita ek chota sa tailoring tape laee. Palat kar Fez se kaha. “Lund ki lambai toh sirf akade hue ki le saktein hain, agar koi khada na ho toh?”

“Simple darling, moon kis liye hai, muthi kis liye, magar tum daro mat, sab ke sab akde hue hoge jab tum haath lagaogi, Dekha nahin tumne kaise the jab dance kar rahi thi?”

Rita meri taraf palat kar kaha Rita ne: “Kholo.”

“Main ne haara nahin hai meri jaan ke main kuch karoon. Kholna tumhi ko padega.” Aur main zara peeche hoke apne elbows ke sahare lait gaya.

“Jaan ti thi ke kuch kuch haramipan karoge.” Rita mera pant kholte hue kaha. Jab mera luada baher apne briefs se nikla to bada araam mila. Apne ankhaon ke kone se dekha ke Fez apni jagah thoda badaldi thi ke woh acchi tareh dekh sake, uske lips were open aur nostrils were flaring a little. Rita idhar mere lund ko sehla rahi thi aur phir aage bad kar meri taraf jhuki aur kiss diya. Phir wapas mere lund I tarat aakar naapne lagi.

“Lambai 7 and half inch. Motaai just a little less than five inches.”

Phir mere lund ko chod kar hat gayi aur doosraon ko dekhne lagi. Uski ankahon mein sexual arousal ki chamak thi. “Ab who is next.”

“Mein, mein, mein.” ke naare lage.

Woh Rahul ke paas gayi aur puposely uske seene par baith gayi. Pant khola aur uska lund nikala. Jab sehlarahi thi toh uski nazar lund ke bajai Fez par thi. Magar Fez ki ankhaon mein woh pyaas nazar nahin aayi. Usne muskarake ke sar hilaya. “Lambai six and half, motai nearly sheh… I mean cheh.”

Rana ki baari thi. Uska lund baher nikla. Usey kuch zara zyada hi sehlaya. Nasreen ki taraf dekh kar kaha: “Nasreen tu toh garam hote lag rahi hai. Kuch aur karoon tere lund ke saath?”

“Garam toh sab hi ho rahe hain Rita. Tu ab bas naap le.”

Rita phir hans kar boli: “Lambai seven and half, motain five and half.”

Munaf ke paas aakar us ne Juhi se kaha. “Juhi zara help kar. Tu is ka lund pakad aur mein measure karti hoon.”

Juhi sharmate sharmate apna haath badhaya uar apne ladke ka lund sambhala. “Six and half, motai six. Muscles wonderful, body hot.”

Jab woh apne seat par jaa baithi toh hum sab ne lund ko wapas pants mein daala. “Yeh kya. Itna pyaara manzar kyon kharab kar rahe ho, naher hi rehne do.” Nasreen said. Toh sab ne baher hi lund ko rakh kar zara comfortable position sambhali.

Rahul ek tak Juhi ki taraf dekh raha tha aur halke halke se lund stroke kar raha tha.

“Yaar wine khatam hogayi.” Fez ne kaha aur uthna chahi magar Rahul ne rok liya ke pehle patte to delhle. Rita patte baati aur Munaf ke paas spades ka ekka aaya, bas ab yehi dekh tha ke sab se chota card kiska tha. Nasreen apna card chupane lagi aur pakdi gayi. Duggi ko batate hue moon banaya.

Munaf ne kaha. “Yaar hum log kuch sexy dresses bhi laaye hain na? Toh Jao koi sexy lingerie pahen lo aur hum sab ko wine pilao.”

Rita uske saath gayi, ab mujhe yaqeen tha ke zaroor koi sexy libaas pehnegi. Hum sab uthkar stretch karne lage, main baher pishaab karne chala gaya. Fez mere peeche tahelti hui aayi.

“Hai.” Maine kaha, apna pant ke button lagate hue. Usne halki si muskarahat ke saath apne eyebrows uthaye.

“How is it so far. Kuch boundaries ka pata laga?”

Usne hans kar kaha. “Abhi boundaries ki azmaeash shuroo hi kahan hui hai.”

“Magar abhi abhi toh tum ne kaha tha ke meri limit test kar rahi ho.”

“Haan woh dekhna chahti thi ke tum kaise usey kisi aur ke saath tolerate koaroge.”

“Aur kya dekha?”

“Pata nahin, not satisfactory impression yet.”

“Chalo andar chalte hain.”

Andar aaya hi tha ke Rita baher aai kamre se aur kaha ke tayyar hojao Nasreen aane waali hai. Nasreen baher aayi toh hum sab saans rok kar tahergaye. Drak leingerie mein aisi lagrahi thi jaise ke… Main apna sookhta hua moon band kiya aur dekhne laga.

Among the girls here, Fez fascinated me most, that was a fact I had come to terms with. Rita was my girl. I though Juhi was attractive in a homely sort of way, but Nasreen was a girl I found just plain fucking hot. Agar mujhe kisi ne yeh kehta ke ek raat main yahan kisi ek ladki ke saath guzar sakta hoon, (the sharth being only ONE night) for hot sex then it would be Nasreen. I would not want her as my life partner or girl friends, my tastes were different from hers but for one night…

She had pure golden skin, unblemished in any way. And now we got see some of her other assets. Tits that were full and nipple pointing upwards, seen easily through the netting of the red flimsy cloth covering it, Her shapely legs and the ass that seemed now to have swelled even more and jutted out beautifully. I strained to peek at her crotch, and could not tell for sure if she was clean shaven or had a small patch growing just above her slit. I hoped she had. I wondered if her pussy was moist and ready.

I found my cock throbbing in the enclosure of my pants; I slowly unobtrusively tried to adjust it to a better position. I saw Fez watching me do it, gave me a smile and turned away as Nasreen gave her the bottle of wine to take a swig. After a coulpe of long swigs drinks she gave it back to her and when she came near me I got the view I had been wondering about. Not only has she a small triangular thatch on her crotch she was mosit, tiny beads of her juice shone on the outer lips of her pussy.

I took a deep breath, held back the urge to put fingers, no, my mouth on the lips and drink its sweet nectar.

As she sat after having served wine to everyone, I said: “I have a suggestion, why dont the next few rounds the winner gets the loser to dress sexily. It is unfair to the three goddesses here that are fully clothes, unfair to us too.”

“Good idea!” Rahul said and passed the deck of cards to Nasreen. She passed out cards and deliberately bending forward giving a better view of her breats as she did.

Juhi lost. She was almost to tears and Rana having won grinned at her. “Wait he said, “I have a better idea, why not change here before us.”

“No, please, please.” Juhi cried.

“Of course, and Rana you get to choose the dress.” Rita grinned.

Rita ran to the room and brought the clothes in hangers. “Nasreen get the makeup box too.”

“Kya makeup bhi karogi.” Rahul asked.

“Thoda touch up yaar, sexy lagna hai na?”

Taking off a blushing Juhi’s clothes was an erotic exercise by itself. Rita did it deliberately slow. Exposing her breasts first while she stook her time to unbutton her jeans and get her out of it. Uski choti si tits aur gaand bade hi pyaare the. Yeh aisi ladki thi jiske saath lovemaking kiya jaaye. Slow, romatic dinner followed with long foreplay and ending in fucking.

I could feel precum oozing out of my cock and creating a wet spot on my pants. I looked towards Fez and her eyes were fixed on Rita doing her friend. Rana had selected the skimpiest skirt he could find, it came with a fishnet blouse. Nothing was hidden.

Rita was applying a fresh coat of lipstick and freshening the facial makeup, done, she leaned back and had a look then satisfied she sat back.

“Zara ek chakkar laga kar sab ko bata, meri jaan, akhar jis body mera chaap laga hue kita dilkash hai.” Munaf ne us se kaha.

Juhi laal hoti hui ek baar phirki lagai. Main usey thumbs up diya, Fez ne us ki taraf ek flying kiss bhejdi. Rana aankh mari. Munaf uth kar usey apne bahaon mein lekar ek lambi kiss di.

Rita boli: “Jo dress change kar chuke hain unhe patte kholna hi nahi chahiye”

Juhi patte baati, jab apne ghutnaon pe ho kar aage juhk kar meri aur Fez ki taraf patte daala toh Munaf ne uski gaand par haath caress kiya. Hum sab seeti bajae.

Aur phir hans pade isliye ke haara Munaf aur Jeeti Rita. Usne ek crotchless tight leather ki briefs uthai aur us ke saath ka joda jo leather ki doriyon ka bana hua tha. Actaually sab ladkaon ke kapde lag bhag aise hi the. Jab woh apne kapde utara toh ladkiyan seeti bajane lagein. Woh badi dileri se kapde change karne ke baad apne lund ko sehlata hua charon taraf ghooma.

Is baar main haara. Mujhe Rana ne apne kapde baatae. Ye bhi ek chota sa skirt jaisa Roman Gladiators jaisa dress tha jo samne se khula tha. Mera akda hua lund badi saaf dekhayi deta aur upar ek halka sa netting ka tight shirt. Main jab apne lund ko sehlate hue charon taraf ghooma toh mere lund se precum jhad raha tha, Nasreen ne haath aage kar ke drop liya and put the finger to her mouth. Yaar agar bas chalta toh wahin chodta.

Jab sab haar gaye toh bas Fez aur Rita bache, hum kaha ke kyon waqt barbad karte ho, chalo dono ek doosre ko change karo. Fez ka kala leather jacket bikul hi haseen tha, jo crotch less bhi tha aur tits ki jaga bhi khula ke dono saaf nazar aate. Uski crotch par ek bareek si line ke baal the. Uska bottom aisa tha ke gaand bhi khuli thi.

Rita ki chhot clean shaven thi jaise ke woh hamesha rakhti thi.

Main Fez ko ab bina kisi hesitation ke dekh raha tha. Uske mamme badi magnificent tareeqe see uthe hue the, uske nipples bade bade aur khade hue lagta tha adhe inch se zyada nikle hue the. Chehre par sex ka flush tha.

Patte baatne wale hi the ki Rita ne kaha: “Kyon na ab khel ke stakes badhae jaaein?”

Yeh baat bhi pehle hui thi ke second stage mein yoon hoga ki jeetne wale jo do log sab se chote patte lai unhe kuch karne ke liye kahe ga. Aur kisi jeetne wale ke paas Spades ka Ace aaya toh double kaam karna padega. Fez patte baati. Aadhe abhi baati thike Rana pooch baitha. “Hey agar last kisi do ladke rahe toh unhe kuch….”

“Meri jaan, limits dekhna tha na. Kyon darte ho ke gay kehlao ge. Ek baar karne se tum gandu nahin ban jaoge.” Rita taunt ke andaaz mein kaha.

Rana hans kar kaha: “Yaar Rita, main na toh lund choosne se darta hoon na gand marne ya marwane se. Yahan aaya hoon toh har cheez keliye tayyar. Magar tumeh kisi ladki ke saath…. hai ye manzar dekhne toh ek baar jeetna zaroor hai.”

Magar baat kuch tal gayi, yani ke Rita aur Munaf haare aur Rana jeet gaya. “Aur kiya” he grinned wide. “Give each other head till you cum.”

A lot of whistles. And slowly the two came to the center and began to touch each other taking position. Munaf on the bottom and Rita on top. They were side ways so I could a little view of both, I leaned the other side to able to watch her take the cock in her mouth, watch her as she did it. My own was throbbing like mad.

Fez was watching Munaf lick Rita for a while and then came behind me, her breath against my neck. Mere kaan ke khareeb apna moon karke whisper kiya. “I need a release very badly too, lucky bitch she gets it first.”

“Main bhi, sala main harta toh accha hota.”

“Rita ke saath ya kisi aur ke?”

“Halat ye hai ki faraq nahi padega. Magar choice agar ho toh Nasreen and you.”

She took a sharp breath. “They look hot don’t they?”

“Bahut. Are you fantasizing yourself in her place?”

Her hand caressed my back, the touch making me crazier. “Honest truth? I was fantasizing myself in his place, isn’t she hot.” I was always of an idea that this woman behind me was capable of woman to woman fun but still it took me by surprise. “Of course, if you were a part of it too then it would real wild yaar.”

“Ab mujhe akela chodhde nahin toh teri baataon se hi jhad jaonga.”

“Arey meri jaan, kisi ke hisse ka semen bardab nahin karna chahiye. Bye.” Kehke us ne jhuk kar mere lund ko ek bar stroke kiya aur zara door ho kar baith gayi. Usne is tarah baitha ke ek leg andar ki taraf mudha hua tha aur, uski heel choot par thi, woh ahista ahsita aage peeche ho rahi thi. Main use dekta raha, usne mujhe dekhte hue halki si muskarahat ke saath aur exaggerated action kiya, jaise ke woh kisi par baith kar chod rahi hai. Uskey hont gehre laal lipstick mein saje hue thode khule hue the. Main jhatke se apni nazar hataya.

Aur waise bhi ab idhar Munaf ki grunting ki awaz tez hogayi thi aur he was very near climax. Us ne Rita ki choot choosna chodh diya tha aur ankein band kiye Rita ke face par upar neeche ho raha tha. Ek dum se tharthara ne laga aur us ki moon mein jhadne laga. Rita ko toh hamesha se semen peene ka shauq tha. Us ke hontoan ke kone se thode nikalne laga. Woh peeti gayi aur Munaf ke lund ko tezi se stroke karti rahi. Jab shooting khatam hogayi to slowly woh chaatne lagi. Ek halki si slap maar kar Munaf se kaha. “Ab my turn, make me cum Munaf.”

Munaf ab Rita ki behti hui choot chaatne laga. Main nazar doosraon ki taraf gayi. Sab is coupling ko ek tak dekh rahe the. Juhi ki saansein phooli hui, Nasreen ki chaati upara neeche hoti hui, Rana aur Rahul moon hula rakhe, dono ki lund mein se precum tapakta hua.

Nearly paanch minute ke baad Rita ahista ahista moan karni lagi, uske ankein band the. Main jaan tha ke woh is se zyada nahin loud hogi. Main ne jaldi se Fez ke paas aakar kaha. “Fez, she always holds herself back, tries to muffle her squeals, go help her open up, talk to her so she can scream and come.”

Fez uske sar ke khareeb aayi, use haaton mein liya aur started to whisper to her. Main jahan baitha tha wahan sunai nahin deta, aur main khareeb bhi nahin jaana chahata the ke woh aur self conscious ho jayegi. But effect hone laga aur uski awaz dheere dheere loud hoti gayi. Phir jab Munaf ke hont uske clitoris ko pahonche toh usne kaha: “Haan Munaf, thats it. Wahin raho.” I saw that Munaf was not sucking but licking her. Main ne zara khareeb hoke us se kaha. “Munaf, clit ko moon mein leke zor suck kar.”

When he started to do that, it was as if someone had touched a raw nerve. “Yes, yes, YES.” She creamed. Oh maa, oh Fez, oh Munaf, OH OH FUCKING FUCK.” She screamed very loud as her body thrashed and she went limp.

They moved away from each other but lay on their backs catching their breath. Munaf was hard again, his cock shining with saliva. Us ne aankhein khol meri atraf dekha, main jhuk kar us se ahista se kaha: “Bahut khoob, darling. Tu ne meri shaan bada di. Thumbs up.” Woh smile kar ke uthi aur bottle dhoodndne lagi.

Both took a swing from the bottle and passed it along.

Rita told Munaf to deal. The cards fell just as did not want. Rana lost and Fez lost and again Rana won. “Chalo wohi jo hum ne kiya tha.”

I would have given anything to be in Rana’s shoes.

“Wait,” Rita said, “I need a break. I need to go pee and don’t want to miss anything, Time out.”

It was actually a welcome relief. In the fiver we took the cock subsided a little and things came back to normalcy. I too went and gargled and washed my face. My face was getting oily with sweat and heat.

Rahul said as we all gathered again. “I think we should make it a little more comfortable and pleasant. Both should take off their clothes and do it, they can put them back on later.”

We agreed. Fez naked was a magnificent sight. Fucking hot. And Rana, with mota lund that looked hard as a pole as his cock pointed upwards and his balls shrank and snuggled close to it. There was something I liked about the cut cock, I thought if I got a chance I would have my foreskin removed, it made it look so sculptured and clean.

Rita came up behind me. “Did you like it?”

“Very, you were so fucking hot. It was hot watching you with another guy. I liked the way climaxed. You were always so quiet.”

“Fez helped me, told me to let go release myself. She was good, it was good. Mujhe chod ab Raj. is baar chilla chilla kar aaoongi. Promise.”

“Well certainly mauqa milega. Agar nahin bhi mila toh intne lund hai, maza le, mera kahin bhaage jaa raha hai.”

“True. Mere yaaron ke lund bhi aise waise nahin hain, Acche mote aur tagde bhi hain. Ye bataon in teen ladkiyon mein se kise chodna chahoge.”

“Teenaon ko, of course.”

“Woh toh hai. I too wouldn’t mind any one of the boys here, but if I had a choice main Rana ko chunti.”


“Pata nahin, jab haat lagaya uske lund ko toh bada maza aaya, aur shayad yeh bhi hai ke Nasreen jaisi aurat ko jo chod raha hai woh mujhe chod raha hai. Tum kise chunte?”

“Nasreen ko. Yaar body dekhi, sex goddess jaisi hai. Okay zara dekhne do, ye Fez bhi kisi se kam nahi, she is attracted to you, pata hai?”

“Really, wow. I wouldn’t mind going sixy nine on her. Uke tits dekho, kitne gol aur bhare hue hain.”

Ab hum thoda silent hoke dekhne alge, dono shuroo hone wale hi the. Rana ne usey leeta kar hum sab ki taraf dekh kar kaha. “Yaar aurat ko poojna chahiye, batata hoon kaise. Watch the master work.” Usne Fez ke pass ghutnaon par baith gaya aur uski taang cheer kar alag alag kiya. Is haal mein bhi Fez regal lagti thi, nangi lete hua, sans phoolti hui, is tarah paer pehlae bhi who majestic thi. There was that aura around her.

Rana pehle uske paer ke chume lene laga, phir ahista ahista uska paer ka angotha choosne laga. Fez began to moan. Rana usey paer kiss karte hue, haat sehlta hua raan tak pahoncha. Uski zaban Fez ki inner thigh ko caress kar rahi thi. Fez aur zor se moan kar rahi thi.

“He is good na?”

“He is, we have all heard of his expertise, now we are seeing it. Actually, I am learning a lot too from all here. Everyone here has something to teach and everyone something to learn.”

“That’s true. Watch her loose herself, it is as if she doesn’t care people are watching, right now she seems to be in a world of her own. Who..” Just then Rana had reached her pussy and just grazing it with his tongue, passed on. Her body had tensed in anticipation when the tongue was near, but when he passed by she did not open her eyes. She moaned louder and her hands strayed to her breasts, caressing herself, kneading herself. Rana’s hand came fast flicking her hands away/

“Fez there will be plenty for your hands to do later. Let me do it now.”

She opened her eyes, and looking a little drunk. Her eyes sought mine and as if by magic, clang, a lock seemed to fall in place; our eyes were locked for the rest of the fuck. It was as if I was kissing her, I could feel the wrath of her body on my lips, I could feel the increasing tempo of her passion, I could sense the turmoil being created inside, the tempest that waited a right moment for release. For all practical purposes it was me there and she knew it. I was making love through a proxy.

I wanted to but I could escape her gaze, she tried to close her eyes, to look at Rana as suckled her nipples but they would stray back to mine like a magnet attracting a needle. With pinpoint accuracy, with speed. Her moans wear soft wails now as having paid enough attention to her tits, the majestic mounds he had paid homage to her throat and lips. He was moving down, I was moving down, feeling the throbbing of her pussy, feeling the tempest build. I moved down.

Rana was now on her pussy lips, perfect pussy lips, a slit that just opened into a gateway, that spoke a language I understood. I could kiss this lips for a hundred years and not tire. I could drink her nectar for a thousand years and still want more, I could take my cock and fuck her as centuries passed by. The ultimate love, the all conquering insatiable lust.

She knew it, I knew it. Something changed. She was now moaning very loudly, Rana’s tongue was making her cunt throb and making her spit juice from an unending supply. Woh apne shake hote hue paeron ko zara upar kheencha aur usi samae Rana ke hont uske clitoris par pahonche. I could feel the ringing sensation of the clitoris in my mouth, feel the throbbing.

It was a strange setting. Rita was talking to me, asking me something and I must have been answering her back, talking to her. But I could not remember a thing. I must have been coherrent for she did not show any frustration or make any comment later. I was here and I was there, totally.

I felt my cock shake, I felt the breaking of the dam even before anyone else, even Rana, even Fez herself felt it. I heard her scream, saw her body arch, tense, stiffen. Her eyes did not leave mine, and she began to drool, helplessly. Her eyes clouded over, her nostrils flared and she got up. Her eyes still locked to mine. Her lips sought rana’s throbbing pole and surrounded her lips on it. She was on her knees and Rana was standing. I could feel the sweet warmth of her lips, feel the saliva.

When I heard Rana grunt and jerk forward I saw the pleasant sparkle in her eyes, the aproval and my eyes must have given what she wanted. I let my breath out. Then as suddenly the magic lock was set free. I heard a loud clang and was back in the real world.

My own cock was throbbing with need, was painful with need. I needed release. I hoped I could win something. Anything, anyone even a male ass, a male mouth.

I heard Rita clear her throat and pass the pack of cards to Fez, I came to the present world. Fez passed out the cards. I wondered for a moment if the magical thing that had happened earlier had been noticed by anyone. Probably not or I would have heard some barbs being passed. I realized too at the love making that had taken place had been absolutely top notch. Just like Fez to put her majestic stamp on it. Among all the passion that had passed Fez’s had been the one that stood out. I made a vow to myself, when my time came I would match her performance.

Fez was sliding cards around. I picked mine eight. Possible loser. Everyone turned their cards upwards. Rahul had a four and Nasreen a six. Just my luck. A performance with Nasreen would have been the highlight of the evening. Then fez turned her card up. Ace of spades.

“Double task, isn’t it?” Munaf asked.

“Yeah it is.” Fez was half smiling. And there was something sinister in the way she smiled, something evil lay behind it. With a shock I realized that a connection had been created between her and me during the fucking earlier and it had created an unseen optic fiber connection. I could feel her thoughts, I could sense them. I could sense now she was planning something.

“First task, both of you. Tell me where when and who you last made love to. No lies please.” Her voice was soft and harsh. Her mouth set, the corners of her mouth drooping in determination. I knew that now they couldn’t lie to her even if they wanted to. The queen had uttered a farmaan and it had to be obeyed.

“Two nights ago with Rana.” Nasreen replied. “On your bed while we were waiting for you. He was really horny and I wanted to just give him a blowjob, but as always his fantastic cock made me flow like a broken tap and I grabbed him and we fucked like crazy…”

All this while, I noticed, it was as if Fez was not even listening, her eyes were on Rahul, the smile still lingered.

“And you Rahul. Say it, tell me, I know it and I want it out in the open. No hard feelings, really.” Fez said quietly, her voice fell like a quiet thin frosting over the room. All went silent. Rahul stuttered.

“It was… It was…”

“With my mother, no. I watched. Don’t worry, she has probably done it with every boyfriend of mine, I guess with all the men in this room, why maybe even the women – that wouldn’t surprise me. She is naturally horny and hot. She can’t help it. So say it, kise choda tu last.”

“Mrs Irshad…”

“Ah, magar us din tu Mrs Irshad nahin keh raha tha, Uneh to kuch aur naam se pukar raha tha. Na?”

“Nisha.” Us ke moon se woh naam aise nikla jaise koi apne moon se karwahat nikal kar thook raha ho.

“Aur un ke israr par unhe mummy, mummy bhi keh raha tha, na?”

Sab khamosh the, kisi ko pata nahin tha ke kya kehna chahiye. Main Fez ko dekh raha tha, kuch ghusse ke asaar, kuch jalti hui soul ki sense, magar wahan mujhe shanti hi nazar aayi. It was as if she had suddenly come to a peaceful conclusion, she had just thrown away a great burden off her shoulders and was at last free. Her eyes did not say anything, her lips still had that half smile but I knew that her spirit was liberated. I leaned over coming close to her. I spoke.

“Don’t let hatred take over Faiz,” I used the name I sometimes used, “enjoy the freedom, savor the moment of liberation.” Strangely, I could sense the deep sense of joy she was feeling, like news of being released from bondage, of being found innocent in a court of law.

Her eyes met mine. “Thank you Raj, I won’t let it enter, it can’t, I am too free for that to happen, and Raj, it feels great.” She turned to Rahul “But I have no ill feeling Rahul, no young man like you could have passed on such a choot. Magar I don’t like being lied to. Never did. Even though our relationship has ended I am still your dost. And you have to pay for it, of course…”

“The second task,” she continued, “will be ke tu Nasreen ko bilkul usi tarah chodega jaise tu ne mummy ko choda tha. Down to the last detail. Usey tu Nisha kehkar kar pukare ga, Mummy keh kar pukarega aur wohi sab karega. Go ahead. Nasreen I am sure you can follow his lead, I will tell you if you need to do something. You start with seductive smile and your hands on the trouser buttons that you want to open and suck the lund..”

Nasreen was watching this with arched eyebrows. She did what she was told, coming to Rahul, tugging at his pants, improvising. She smiled seductively.

“Ask him what he thinks of you as a women, of your body.” Fez pipped in.

“Fez se milne aaye ho Rahul, woh toh nahin hai. Magar main toh hoon. Aao idhar. Kaho Rahul, kya main tumhe acchi lagti hoon? Kaho.”

“Yes Mrs Irshad.”

“Yeh kya Mrs Irshad kahe ja raha hai, Nisha keh. Le mera naam, koi nahin hai yahan.”

“Haan mujhe tum acchi lagti ho. You have a hot body Nisha.”

“Ab itni hot bhi nahin hoon ke nazdeeek aaya to jal jayega? Idhar aa.” Nasreen had opened his trouser button and unzipped the imaginary zip. “Zara main bhi dekhoon ke tu bhi jitna hot upar se lagta hai andar se bhi hai ya nahin. Hmmm… jawan lund hamesha accha hi lagta hai. Jawan lund ka tagadapan kahan milta hai. Bol, beti ko toh chod raha hai, kya maa ko chodne ki akad hai is lund mein”

Yeh keh kar woh neeche aayi, aur mujhe shak hone laga ki yeh koi improvisation nahin hai balke practice kiya hua script. Main Fez ki taraf dekha aur usne halke se sar hilaya aur muhe aankh maari. Toh ye sach much reenact ho raha tha.

Nasreen us ka leather shorts nikal kar phek di thi aur lund par upar se neeche tak apni zaban phira rahi thi. “Bol Rahul, Mummy ko bhi chodega na? Aaj meri choot ka ras piyega? Bol Rahul ek garam aurat tujhe pukar rahi hai.”

“Magar Fez….”

“Usey tu chod, pata nahin chale ga.” Nasreen now was removing her clothes. Naked, holding Rahul’s cock in her hand, stroking it she brought her lips to his. Kissing him. He kissed back, she opened her mouth and their tongues met. “Bol Rahul.”

“Haan Nisha aaj chodunga tujhe.”

“Kya aaj hi mere chanda, sirf aaj hi?”

“Nahin, hamesha. Jab tum chaho.”

“Mummy ko chodega? Mere bete, kya tu beti ko chod kar us key ras bhare lund ko meri choot mein daale ga? Bol?”

“Haan Nisha, tujhe aisa hi karoonga. Teri choot mein hi nahin, teri gaand mein bhi, tere moon bhi apna ras bhardoonga.”

“Wah mere sher. Ab choosun tera lund, pilaega sharbat Mummy ko? Jo karwana hai bol Mummy karegi, Mummy mujhe yeh karo, Mujhe mera lund chooso.”

“Mera lund choos kar us ka paani piyo Mummy.”

Nasreen went down, swallowing his cock in her mouth as Rahul threw his head back and thrust forward. I could sense that he was close, I looked at Fez, as if by magic she answered me, a finger pointing to her face, cheeks, chin and nose. That is when Rahul grunted, Nasreen took his cock out of her mouth and began to stroke him hard, the first shot went over her head, the next few hot ones on the face.

“Dekh, Rahul. Dekh teri ras se saji hui teri mangetar ki maa. Acchi lagti hoon? Badi jaldi agaya magar, chal lait tujhe phir khada karti hoon.”

They lay down and Nasreen was all over his cock, sucking his cock, his testicles, she spread his feet far apart and wetting a finger thrust it in his ass. Rahul grunted and his cock was becoming hard again.

“Kya Mummy ke liye khada hua hai yeh lauda? Haan bol ke Mummy ke liye khada hua hai. Bol ke hamesha Mummy ke liye khada rahe ga.”

“Haan Mummy tere liye khada hua hai lund, and for you always.”

“Oh yeah, baby. Ab meri choot par apne hont laga, thandi kar meri choot ki aag apne thook se.” She pushed him towards her pussy, rolling over on her back. And Rahul started licking her, not in a very expert manner but Nasreen seemed to love it, she kept asking him to do it harder. Then he raised his head, crossed his legs and brought his cock to her pussy, thrusting inside her in one fluid motion.

Nasreen was wailing, yes this is my jawan lund. Chod mujhko, mere jawan bete. And Rahul was going, Mummy, Mummy, Nisha, Nisha le chudwale, le chod raha hoon maa aur beti ko. Meri khismat zabardast hai, jawan beti aur chudasi maa. Aur yeh chudai chalti rahi. Woh pukar pukar kar chod mujhe beta kehti rahi, aur Rahul jab jhadne ke khareeb aagyaya toh Mummy, Mummy Nisha kehne laga. Ek baar uska jism pura akda aur woh Nasreen ki choot mein jhadne laga. Nasreen us se chimat gayi.

“Ek aur baar, mere laal, chanda. Fez ki maa ko ek aur baar chod…. Le meri gaand maarle. Nahin gaand maarne ke liye tel chahiye, phir kabhi, bas aaj choot ki puri pyaas bujhade.”

Right then Fez cleared her throat. “Mum… Mum… Rahul ki car baher hai kya woh bhi yahin hai?” Awaz badi loud thi. Nasreen aur Rahul dono ekdum alag hue aur apne kapde pahen ne lage. “Main yahan hoon Fez.” Rahul ne zor se kaha, Nasreen chupke se apni jagah baithi rahi.

Everyone was silent. “I wanted everyone to know what happened. I have no ill feeling for Rahul, I just can’t keep his ring anymore. But Rahul tu mera dost hai, kabhi chodne ka mauqa mile toh zaroor chodeinge bhi, aur agar tu meri maa ko chodna continue karna chahta hai toh karsakta hai. Waise bhi chudai adhoori reh gayi thi na, gaand to maarni chahiye, suna hai badi tight hai. Kyon Munaf?”

Munaf laal hone laga.

“Sach keh rahi hoon, you are welcome in my house. Now come and give me a make up dost dost kiss.”

Rahul uske khareeb aaya, anhkaon mein aansoo the. “I am sorry Fez…”

“Shush… it is okay baby, it is okay.”

I suggested that we take a break. We wandered around, I went to pee, this time without much privacy, just stood by a tree and let go. “I hope your semen also shoots as powerfully.” I heard a voice, Fez.

“For you Faiz, it might even be stronger.”

“Flatter kar raha hai?”

“What do you think?”

“I have a feeling it might, I hope it does.” She turned away. The she said: “Raj, my color is blue.”

“Kya matlab?”

“You will know.” I turned looked at me and answered cryptically.

When we were inside she told the group: “Listen, ab sirf Juhi aur Raj hain jo abhi tak frustrated hain, why don’t we let them give us a show. Of course woh bhi wohi kareinge jo hum sab ne kiya, agar koi some ideas add karna chahta hai say it”

“Ek hi request bhaiyya. I know Raj is experienced chora. All I ask is be gentle with her, she needs to know how it is done, tell her and make her do it.”

“Yeah.” Rita added. “Keep talking to her, tell her what she is doing and how good she is and how beautiful. Aisa chooso ke agar hum aankh band karke tumhari awaz sune toh pata lage ke kya ho raha hai.”

“Good idea.” Fez clapped her hands. “Chalo shuroo hojao. Juhi darling, dekh is lund ko bada taras raha hai jhadne keliye, choos le ise meri jaan.”

Juhi came closer, a little nervous. She was still out of place in the raunchy atmosphere. I put my hand behind head, grabbing her hair, but gently, lovingly, raised her face to me, looking into those eyes that were begging me to love her and scared to death too.

“Hey Juhi, baby, yeh main hoon, Raj. Shush, don’t be afraid. Sab dost hi hain yahan par. Okay baby. Apna haath uske head se hata kar dono hataon se uske face ko pakda. The thumbs craessed her cheeks and temple. “You want to love Raj, don’t you?”

She closed her eyes, nodded. I brought her face to my chest, holding her, also wanting to untie the knot on her top. I did it and holding her still close, I noticed that Fez was looking at us. I looked into Fez’s eyes. Speaking to Juhi but I knew the words would reach Fez.

“Shush, baby, darling, don’t be scared, I am your dost. La apne haath se mere lund ko pakad… that’s good baby… accha lag raha hai na lund, sehla usey.” I had by now undone her mini skirt and it had fallen to the floor. My hands traveled, caressed, her back and ass, my eyes on Fez. “I want to see you your mouth on my lund, baby. Will you do that for Raj. Will you?” Fez nodded, almost imperceptibly. But I noticed the nod. “I want my lips on your choot, meri jaan, drink your ras, will you let me?” Fez nodded again.

I realized I was being unfair to Juhi. I pulled her away from my chest and her top fell to the floor, I cupped her bare chest, her tits nicely fitting into my pals, I squeezed them, I decided that it was not right for Juhi to become a pawn of a lust game between me and Fez. I bent down sucked her nipples. Juhi ki saans phool rahi thi, aur ab woh toh badi erotic lag rahi thi. Main uska haath pakad ke floor ki taraf le gaya. We lay down, me on my back, bringing her up on me. “Yahan kiss kar Juhi.” I said pointing to my nipples.

I waited for her to get into it. She moaned softly as she kissed. I held her head and began pushing her down. Her hot lips left a trail of saliva as they went. “Mujhe dekh Juhi, meri ankaon se aankein mila kar rakh.” I knew that was one of the most erotic sight. Her eyes were such expressive ones. They looked into mine. Aur unme mujhe har cheez dikhai dee. Uska lust, pyaar, ummeed, garam choot. Main us ke sar ko dhakalta gaya neeche ki taraf. Ab tak who badi mood mein aagayi thi aur was licking me. Her lips found my cock and I drew a sharp breath.

She took it in her mouth and still looking at me began to drool saliva on it. She was hot, I was near breaking point. Her lips were soft and full, her throat smooth and rough. She kept bobbing her head up and down my shaft, her saliva dripping down to my balls. It went on till my balls began to churn.

“I am going to cum, Juhi. Meri jaan peele mera ras. Dekh lund aur phool raha hai. Oh oh.” I began to buck and shoot my semen into my friend’s mouth. She was stroking my cock hard and taking most of the semen in her mouth.

I was now on top. I had her spread-eagled and was following Rana’s advice. After having turned and smiled and told him I would and add some of my own to it. I was kissing her lips, her throat, her chest, avoiding the nipples. So long I lingered on her tits and kept away from the nipples that she held my head in frustration and brought me to her nipples. I sucked hard, bringing a wail of pleasure from her lips.

I went down, passing her choot with just a lick. To her feet and toes, sucking each with abandon. Licking her soles, kissing her, she was moaning like the others had, without a care of who was watching. I began to kiss her legs, thighs, then lifting her up a little holding her ass, I kissed and licked her ass. I flicked my tongue at her puckered hole. She squealed and went almost delirious. I spent a little more time and reached her pussy, by now dripping and juicy. Aur apne moon se toot pada bhooke ki tarah. Woh chillane lagi.

“Oh Raj, Raj. My button. Suck it…… gasp gasp…. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

She was up half way, holding my head and keeping me from moving away. I grabbed her by ass and sucked even harder. She wailed, screamed and screamed then went limp, my face was flooded with sprays of juice. She was mumbling as I slowly sucking her gently and licked softly, cooling her down. “That was good Muna… Raj. Oh yeah, fuck me baby, put that lund in me.”

But the game was only for blowjob. I moved away, took a towel that Rita threw towards me and wiping my mouth I reached for the wine bottle. I took a few good gulps and passed the bottle to Juhi. She was still shaking a little as she took the bottle.

I fell back on my back and lay down. I wanted a cigarette real bad. I looked at Fez, she smoked sometimes, maybe she had a pack somewhere. “Ek cigarette milega Faiz?”

“Andar nahin, baher porch mein piyo.” Woh uth kar kamre se ek packet Gold Flakes ka laayi aur ek lighter. Main usey lekar baher aaya. Woh bhi mere peeche aayi, ek cigarette liya aur main usey light diya. I lambi kash lekar us ne apne naak se dhuan udaya.

Main us se kuch poochne hi wala tha ke, Rana baher aagaya. Us ke peeche Juhi aur Munaf bhi. Juhi mere bazoo hokar mera haath thaama. “Thanks Raj. That was beautiful. I always have this complex about not being sexy, you helped a lot.”

“Koi baat nahin Juhi, aur kabhi yeh na sonchna ke sexually tum kisi se kam ho. You are unique, like everyone else, capable of most passionate and erotic sex.”

“Haan, tab bhi Raj, you were good with her.” Fez ne kaha.

Rana asked for a cigarette. We stood there smoking, I threw my cigarette butt into a flower pot and told them I would go wash up a little. I took a quick shower and wiping myself, came out. Someone had taken out a box of cashew nuts. We all took some. Rita stretched up and said that she wanted to call it a day.

“Itni jaldi thak gayi meri jaan. Jawani mein yeh andaaz, main toh soncha tha ke aakhri night long round hojaye.” Rana ne kaha.

“Akhri round to hoga pyaare, yaad nahin, ab beads select karne ki bari hai.” Rita smiled: “Actually I wouldn’t mind one nice long fuck before sleep.”

“Everyone in?” Fez looked at the others. “You know the rules, girls go and pick a bead and then boys pick a bead. The matching bead are the couple for the night. All forms of sex, well every damn thing you want to do, is permitted. The couple will remain a couple till we start a game tomorrow evening.”

“Okay shall I go pick first?” Rita asked.

“Let the boys pick first.”

We all went to a corner where two glasses were kept with four bead of red, blue, green and yellow. I remembered Fez’s words. Was this what she meant when she said her color was blue? I picked blue.


When we had picked our beads and returned, the girls went and picked theirs. When we were back together Rita said: “Everyone listen, stand in a line show the bead on your palm, change places accordingly, drop all your clothes and go hug hug and kiss the partner. From then on you are on your own, no one needs to tell you what you are to do, no one will interfere. Morning we will all get together for breakfast; we will go swimming, walking or anything you all want. The whole day too you are free to do what you want with your partners.”

We opened our palms. Rita had red, Rahul had red. Munaf had a green, Nasreen had a green. Rana had yellow, Juhi had a yellow. So it was me paired with Fez. She stood before me, shedding off her leather outfit. I did away with mine. We hugged and kissed. It was as if an electricty passed through our bodies as our lips met, melted into each other. She moaned softly, nostril flaring and red. I broke away, not because I wanted to because I needed to. I wanted to take her in a manner befitting a majestic woman, make love to her. Slow soft love that would build up its crescendo like a beautiful Mozart piece and end in volcanic eruptions inside our bodies.

She had apparently chosen a spot for us, she lead me to a corner that was a little more isolated than others, the dim light from the moon fell against the white wall on the other side and illuminated the corner softly. We could see each other clearly once the eyes got adjusted to the light. She asked me to wait while she went to a room and brought back two pillows and a soft blanket. Main leta hua that us ne mere sar ke neeche ek pillow khiska diya aur who bhi lait gayi.

Main uski taraf palta, apna sar apne haath par sahara dekar zara aisi position main aaya ke main use dekh sakoon. Who chat ki taraf dekh rahi thi, mujhe is tarah uthe dekh kar meri atarf dekhne lagi. “Kya?”

“Aaj hum ek doosre ko cheeye tak nahi. When so many things have happened this evening.”

“Not true, main ne tumhare lund ko sehlaya hai ek baar.” Her white teeth showed through her smile.

“Arey, usey bhi koi hisaab mein leta hai. Jahan log ek doosre ke ras mein madhosh hue jaa rahein, jahan we were cumming like never before, tu ek touch ko kahan le baithi.”

“Kya tumhe lagta tha we did not do anything?”

“Wanted to ask you about that, what happened?”


“While Rana was drinking away from your sweet well.”

“What happened then?”

“You were looking at me and laga jaise ke something fantastic happened. I can’t put my finger on it, I can’t exactly say what?”

“Me too, magar Raj. What ever happened was the most beautiful thing. Aur it was something that should need no explanation. If you have to ask me, or I have to ask you then the magic would go away. Maybe someday we will know, we will realise what happened, understand its significance…”

“Yeah there are better times to philosophize. Can I?” The last words were with my hand hovering over her breasts, wanting to touch her.

“You have to ask?” She took my hand and placed it on her tit. Firm and warm, they felt heavenly. “Kiss them.”

I leaned forward, brnging my lips to the rock hard nipples. They tasted nice, they felt nice. I sucked at them as she drew long deliberate breaths. I kissed and nibbled at the other one and kissed her cleavage and throat. Her tits crushed against my chest, her hand reached out to my throbbing cock.

“Chodo mujhe Raj.”

I did not another invitation. I spread her legs and entered the most beautiful cunt I have seen, she drew a sharp breath and pulled my lips to hers. Saans phool rahi thi, uski halaq mein se moans mere moon mein stiffle ho rahe the. Main elbows par sahara le kar usey pump kar raha tha. Who apne hont mere hont se juda nahin karne deti. Main saans lene ki liye hat ta aur who phir mujhe apne hont se see leti. Uski saans bhi bahot phool rahi thi. Her nostril were flaring, her breathing was noisy.

From the other part of the room I heard Rita’s moans, then Nasreens screams. I heard several noises of bodies slapping against bodies. I pulled her lips away from me and lightly bit her lips. “I want to see you. Meri ankaon mein ankein daal.” I panted to her. She looked at me and once again I felt that magic clang as our eyes locked. My hands were partly on her tits, kneading and rubbng the nipples. Our eyes were locked.

I could feel the length of my cock dig into her deep, could feel every nerve inside her vagina. Mere lund par jaise lakhaon aur sensitive nerves ug aaye the. She began to moan as an orgasm approached her. Louder and louder and then clutched me, her eyes begging me to kiss her. She had this fetish probably about kiss, or was it with just me, she had not forced Munaf’s lips on her. I let that though go for now. Her body was stiffening and I felt my cock being flooded as she came. Her pussy throbbed, her whole body throbbed and shook. I kept pumping her through it.

When she calmed a little I began to slow down. I leaned forward to hold her face and felt her temples wet. I looked at her, tears were flowing from eyes. I stopped, my body barely moving, her hips began to gyrate. “Hey ro rahi ho, kya baat hai.”

“Don’t ask Raj, please don’t ask. Just fuck baby. Bas chodo mujhe jitne baar ho sake chodo.”

“That I will, but why ro rahi ho?”

“Maybe someday. Kiss karo mujhe, kiss karte raho mujhe, suck my nipple, bite them hard. Make me bleed. Just chodo Raj. Wait let me come on top.”

She looked even lovelier, more majestic on top, well lit by moon light. Her firm tits pointed upwards and jiggled as she rose and fell on me. After a while she was just sitting on me, impaled on my cock and gyrated her hips, squishing, spraying our mixed juices all over. We picked our tempo, she was back again under me and this time I fell in love with her, sexually that is. Her whole body shook under the impact of the thrusts, her tits jiggles, her mouth lost some of the control, saliva escaped from the corners of her mouth, tears flowed from her eyes, and even her kajesty was gone as her nose flowed. She was for once in my life just a woman. A plain woman submerged in lust.

Her wails were as loud as some of the others from others parts of the living room. And we came together. Breathing hard like we had run a mile in a record time and lips, wet slipper, warm and swollen on each other as we gave each our our juices, as we drank each other’s saliva. “Faiz, Faiz, Faiz.” I kept mumbling.

When she had fallen back on her back and me on mine, when her uncontrollable breathing had begun to take some form of normalcy, when her fluids had subsided, she opened her eyes. “I need to go wash up a little. Come with me.”

“What kya mera semen itna kharaab hai ke you want to wash it off so quickly.”

“Not that Raj. Main toh choot ko ghat bund rakha hai ke kahin beh na jaaye. Aur anyway, is bag main aur bhi toh bahot hoga. Kya aur dene ka irada nahin hai?”

“Yaar agar jo uski khadar na kare toh usey kyon dein.”

“Khadar karti hoon, more than you know, will ever know. Aur kya, chalo next time cum in my mouth. Fuck me and when you are about to cum let me know I will show you then kita khadar karti hoon.”

We got up and made our way to the bathroom in the guest room. We only passed Nasreen being fucked from behind by Munaf, who looked at us and gave us a wink. The harsh light in the bathroom made me blink. I adjusted and saw in such a sordid shape Fez was in, her hair was in disarray, her face was a mess, her nose still flowed, her lipstick was nearly gone. A bite mark on her nipple was now a red bruise. Semen was flowing down her thigs. But she still looked lovely. She washed her face with cool water. I stood there in front of her and peed into the bowl. She stopped for a moment from her washing and looked as a powerful stream splashed into the water in the toilet.

She was as uninhibited as I was and sat down on the bowl and I heard her pee hitting the inside of the bowl. The only diffrence was she used tissue to clean herself afterwards. She went into the bathtub and stood under the shower, letting the water fall on her body and flow down. I joined her, behind her, rubbing her tits, massaging them, her tummy and reaching over her to her pussy. She leaned agaisnt me, we both were wet.

We came out of the tub, Her makeup was gone, her skin was clear of all applications. I realised, her skin had a even glow all over. Whereas Rita’s or any other woman’s skin covered by clothes would have been pale a little lifeless, hers shone all over. Her lips looked even more seductive without the color she kept wrapped them in. I kissed her lightly. We dried with a towel she got from a cabinet and throwing to one corner walked out.

Nasreen and Munaf were lying side by side. We stopped for a minute there, told them they could use the bathroom now if they wanted. I leaned closer to Nasreen and said: “You seemed to be enjoying it, I just wondered how you would be screaming if here was one in the pussy and one in ass.”

She laughed. “That would be awsome, oh boy.”

As I returned to Fez, she asked: “What would be awsome?”

I laughed. “Oh I was telling Nasreen how she was enjoying one cock, and what would she do if she had two, one in both holes.”

“You would like to be with her, would like to be the second no?”

“Are not we here for that Fez?”

“Can you ask you something? Don’t call me Fez, call me Faiz, always.”

“Sure Faiz. I thought you hated when I called you that.”

“Raj, there are so many things that you never really know, na? Batao mujhe. How would like most to fuck me. I mean, what would be first preference, blowjob, pussy fuck, ass fuck or eating me.”

“Oh Faiz, that is the catch 22 sawal. Honest?”

“Of course.” We were actually whispering, I don’t know why but we were.

“That is the most hard to make up the mind on. I think I can leave ass to the last, reluctantly. But how do you decide on the order of other three? I would love to eat that beautiful pussy, spend all night doing just that. I saw what you looked like when you sucking cock, I could die to see that mouth over my cock. And I have just felt the tight warmth of that pussy, it is addictive. So maybe, a few days of nothing but plain old choot an lund chudai, a few days of pussy eating, a few days of cocksucking ending with a few days of ass fucking.”

“A few days?”

“A few years. A few decades. A few centuries.”

She exhaled suddenly, loudly. “Make love to me again. And you know what, I can’t decide the order too. If it was up to me it would be all in turn everytime. But ain’t gonna happen. Ab mujhe chodo Raj, fuck hard, real hard and phir jab aane lago toh cum in my mouth.”

I could hear Rana snoring. I listened for a while, there seemed to be no noise anywhere. I lay down on my back and invited her over onto my hard cock. “Tum is pose mein badi erotic lagti ho.”

“Ek baat aur Faiz. I suddenly started to feel, then when you were… that I could understand what you were saying from your eyes. That was a rehearsed play from Nasreen and you…”

She put a finger on my lips. “Yes it was and yes that’s what I told you. Its part of the magic I guess. Like some magnet seems to bring us towards each other, I don’t understand it, maybe the day when we do will be a special day too. Just fuck me.”

A while later we were back in missionary position. “Are you afraid of hurting me Raj? Are you scared of something, you are being too gentle. I don’t want lovemaking Raj, not today. I want plain simple lusty fucking. We may never again get this chance, who knows the cards may never fall in our favor again.”

I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, stopping her from talking and making her growl in lust and pain. I took a nipple and bit it hard, took chunk of her fleshy tit and left bite marks. She howled and came, I grunted and thrust harder and harder, till she had, with the upward force reached the wall. I turned around, grabbing her ass, squeezing the cheeks apart and thrust in again, sweating now like mad. The release this time was body shattering. I dug my teeth into her back, she thrust her ass backwards towards me and we came, for the longest time I could remember.

As we lay there, she at the bottom, belly down, me on her top, cock still in her throbbing choot, I slid my hand under her and grabbed her tits again. They were wet and oily and warm. A while later she mumbled she wanted to sleep. I came off her, lay on my pillow and she closer, drowsily pecked my my cheek: “Good night, my love.”

“Good night Fez.”


“Good night Faiz.”

I drifted into a dreamless, happy sleep.

* * *

When we woke up in the morning, the sun was streaming through the windows. I woke first, felt some others moving about in the other parts of the house, and heard a clang of vessels in the kitchen. I watched Fez, Faiz. She was still asleep with her mouth slightly open, a little saliva drooling out of one corner. Her breathing was even and her chest rose and fell in a rhythm.

Badi sundar lag rahi thi. Main khamoshi is lete lete usko pehli baar theek tareh se dekhne laga. Sach dekha jaye toh woh koi classsical type in beauty nahi thi, nothing like today’s Aishwarya Rai or the many new stunning new models. But she had no obvious flaws too. Very dark expressive eyes, long eyelashes, eyebrows were done in a simple shallow curve. Hont bhi saade se, not the shapely bow shaped upper lip of Nasreen, or the full lips of Rita, rather straight thin. But when she smiled and showed of a little bit of the white sparkling teeth she was awesome. Her nose, I realized, was what her face stand out. Slightly aquiline in shape, it was beautiful.

Her soft throat gave way to a smooth swelling of tits, well rounded and even lying down with enough flesh to hold them up. A size or two she would be a handful. But then I have particularly large hands. Her rib cage rose and fell as she breathed. I could count the last three ribs. Flat stomach kept so by the exercise she did regularly. And then the beautiful vagina now hidden from view, just the top of the strip of hair visible. Shapely legs.

She wore her hair fairly long, some of the strands now stuck to her skin on the sides of her tits. Maine uske chaati par kat ke nishaan dekha, gehre laal hogaye the, magar not as bad as I thought. Main apne hateli se uske mamme sehlae. Halka sa pinch kiya aur haath neeche ki taraf legaya. Choot was sticky but still warm, I put a finger inside her. She stirred and I removed the finger. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. “Faiz, Faiz…”

She opened her eyes, looked at me with surprise for a moment, leapt up and hugged me.

“What? Bad dream?”

“Yeah a very long bad dream. Is everyone up?”

“Some are.” She got up and walked naked towards the bathroom. I watched her, felt a pang of separation. I stopped myself. Was I falling in love with her? Couldn’t be, I was in love with Rita, she was my gal. It was just dosti love. Just the pangs of good fuck. I shook my head and went in search of my things, picking my bag of toiletries went in search of a bathroom. I saw that in the kitchen Juhi, Rana, Munaf and Rita were there, wearing nothing. I took a long shower and drying myself came out, joining the other naked guys. Only Munaf, it seemed was still hard.

“Kya hai Munaf, raat mein kafi dair tak chudai chalti rahi magar abhi tak lund hai ke khada hua hai. Aye Juhi kuch kar na uska.”

“Main kyon karoon, mere karne ke liye hai mere paas ek stud. Usey karna hai toh wohi uthae apni chudain ko.”

“Yeh bhi theek. Kuch coffee hai ya nahin?”

“Idhar jug mein hai.”

Just then Fez joined us. Dressed in a light T-shirt and a very skimpy shorts. “No clothes.” We all shouted. “Clothes only when absolutely necessary.” Rana said with conviction. I agreed, of course. Who wouldn’t want to feast our eyes on not one but four naked beauties?

Fez took her clothes off and sat down on the chair as if it was a daily routine. “Koi un do ghadaon ko uthaega nahin?” She asked.

“Main jata hoon.” Rana keh kar utha. We plastered our bread with butter and ate. I took my second cup of coffee. Rita arrived with a chirpy good morning. She was naked too. I felt a pang at seeing her thus happy and not because of me. I shook my head, it was the same with me too. If I had the nature to show my feeling I would jumping in air too. I asked the girls if they had any plans.

“I just want to laze around here.” Rana said. “If it is okay with Juhi.” He looked at Juhi, she smiled broadly at him and said: “How about a little dip in cooling water.”

“Well, anywhere not too far off.”

“I think I would like to badge out.” Rita said. I think nothing like rest and sex after exams. We all laughed.

“Is there anything to see around here?” Munaf asked as Nasreen joined, yawned and poured herself a cup of coffee.

“There is an old temple a few miles on the hill. Beautiful view, if you can stand the climb, I thought I might take Raj and show him the temple. That is if Rita doesn’t mind.”

“Why would I? Remember the rule, he is yours for today.”

And I wondered if I heard it right. Fez exhaled and said under her breathe “Mine, yes, mine.”

“But we will have to wear clothes, jeans and T-shirt will do fine.” She said aloud.

“Get going then, don’t be late coming back. Take enough water and food.” Rana advised.

We were on our way in less then twenty minutes. The sun was up but not too hot yet. A few paces after we had left the house behind them Fez stopped. “Raj?”


“Can I make a request? A little weird one?”

I just cocked my head. She hesitated. “Can we – just for today – this duration we have, be lovers. Will you… ah never mind. Sorry, let us go.”

She tried to pass by me, I held her arm. “Kya baat hai Faiz. Lovers toh hum hain hi. Kya raat ko bhool gayi.”

“Woh lovers wali raat kahan thi Raj. Woh just fucking tha, for an experiment with borrowed man.”

Main us ko apne khareeb kheencha. Uski chin ke neeche haath rakh kar uska face upar apni taraf kiya. She looked at me, with that eyes, with that clang that locked our eyes. I smiled at her. “Chal yehi hoga, meri rani. Bas tu aur main aaj.”

“Mujhe rani ya kuch aur mat kaha karo, please.” Her lips, I noticed for the first time, were devoid of lipstick. They held a little tremble, were incredulously sexy. I kissed her. Without the haze of wine or the constant high of hormones created by the erotic scenes last night, I kissed her. She clung to me, lips hungry, warm, needing. “Faiz,” I said. “Meri Faiz.”

“”Raj.” She whipered back, “Raj, Raj. Raj.”

I held her head on my chest, patted her hair, her back. What was it that was making this incredibly reserved girl to break down thus, a queen becoming a beggar? What was her state of mind, had Rahul incident so destroyed her that she sought refuge in make belief love. She didn’t need to. Boys were waiting in line for her ishara. And good honest boys too, from good pedigree, decent boys. She did not need her friend’s boyfriend to shore up her self belief.

I could not understand. But I was her friend; I could not abandon her in time of need, however harsh her asking may be. However meaningless it may sound. I would pretend she was the only one, wondering if that in the end would not hurt her more in the end. Was it going to be the case of better to have a wise enemy than a foolish friend. Would I in the end be her foolish friend?

I patted her, she moved away as if she had just woken up from a dream. “Chalo, dair hui toh dhoop bahot bad jaayegi.”

We picked up the staffs that had fallen to the ground and began walking. We walked a while and she told me there was a stream not far off we might rest at. I took off my shoes and sat with feet in the water. She told me she would be back in a jiffy and took off, coming back about ten minutes later holding something in her T-shirt.

“Yahan ek ber ka jhaad hai jiska phal bahot hi meetha hota tha, let us see if it is still as sweet.” She put them all next to the stream and began to wash and put them back in her T-shirt. When done she offered me. I took one, and it was very meetha.

“Haan?” She asked.

I spat the seed out and nodded approval. We began to walk again. Eating as we walked. I stopped her several times to ask her about one hill or the other. We reached the foothill and began the climb. We were drenched in our sweat, our hair plastered to our head, clothes sticking to the body, I had noticed she had not been wearing a bra, and with the wet shirt sticking to her body, showing off the roundness, the firmness of her tits was positively erotic. I said so.

“Well from a distance maybe, come near and the sweat smell will repel you.” She said, and funnily her nipples hardened, right there before my eyes. I went nearer.

“They say sweat also releases a kind of a pheromone that attracts men. At least I find sweating woman attractive if they are named Faiz.” I grabbed her sticky head and brought our lips together. Salty saliva was tasty. “What did you think? That a little sweat would keep me away from my Faiz.”

“I hoped not.” She whispered back. “Just touch my crotch to see how absolutely beautiful you are and how fucking erotic.”

“I don’t have to touch, I know.”

“You know?”

“The magic connection. Come lets go, we are not far from the temple, and wahan bahot thanda hota hai, aur koi bhi nahin aata. You can take off your clothes and spend the day without anyone seeing you.”

“Aur yahan? Kya yahan koi dekh sakta hai. Nahin toh yaheen kyoon na hum kapde utarein, why should I be kept away from a divine beauty for even that short a time?”

In answer she crossed her hands, held the edge of her T-shirt and peeled it off, sweat tricked down her cleavage. “Kya this is all you want? Is this all you care for?” Her hands had rapidly unbuckled her belt and undone the button and were pulling down the pants.

“Honestly, no. This is just a bonus. Faiz being with you is erotic, being with you is what is exciting.”

She was on to me in a flash and was peeling off my shirt, undoing my pants. I let her do it, She peeled off my briefs and then swaying her ass began to walk. I collected her clothes and mine, with my cock pointing the way began to follow her. I called out. “Wait.” She turned and stopped.

“Ever heard of Catullus?” She asked.

“Koi Greek poet na?”

“Haan. He wrote a lot of poems of love to a fictitious character called Cloda:

Kiss me softly and speak to me low; Trust me darling the time is near, When we may live with never a fear. Kiss me dear! Kiss me softly…”

She said it and began to run.

The ruins appeared suddenly, looming over the space. Birds, disturbed by our footsteps flew away in bunches. And as she had promised, it was cool, better than an air conditioner. She walked over to a fallen statue and sat on it. I wished we had a camera and I could freeze the moment on celluloid.

She sat there and pointed a crooked finger at me, calling me. I went. She took my cock in her hands. “Tu jaanta hai kitna pyaara lund hai tera?” She did not wait for my answer. Her fingers and thumb pushed the foreskin as far back as it could go and her lips surrounded it — and me — in blissful heaven.

My eyes closed, for a moment, I was afraid my knees would buckle. I held my ground. The moment of pure happiness passed. Her saliva was trickling down my cock and to the balls. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked my lund.

My voice was hoarse, broken, with thirst and passion. “This… yeh first time tum mujhe… you know…”

She left my cock alone to ask. “And you like it?” She was back to her business, giving my shaft long licks, from base to tip, tip to base and then the testicles. I did not know if I was supposed to answer, I said to myself to hell with it all and holding her head gently. She did not need guidance; she was doing it far better than I could have taught her. I was that close to ejaculation. I warned her, which only made her more frantic, faster. I was cumming inside her mouth. And the feeling, the sight was incredibly beautiful.

I grunted, roared. “Faiz, Faiz, Oh Faiz.” More birds left their nests in fright. And then my words echoed back. “Faiz Faiz.”

She was licking it clean, waiting for a late drop to appear and flicked it off with her tongue. I bent forward and grabbed her by the arm, almost lifting her up. In level with the face I said, and meant it. “Thank you Faiz.”

“Kis baat ka Raj? I love you. Always have, always did.”


She stopped me before I could say another word. Her finger on my lips. “Don’t. I know, I know. But just for today let me believe what I want to. I know how not possible it is. But till sunset, away from the world it could be, please let it be.”

“Is there any place here that is comfortable to sit on.” I asked.

“There is a stream behind, lets wash first and then there is a hall here where if I think right there still might be a comforter. I hid one here last time I came.”

We washed ourselves. “Is it just with me or do you have this fetish of washing immediately after sex?”

She laughed: “Just coincidence sweetheart. Normally I would love to stay and wallow in the scent of a fuck.”

The comforter was where she had left it wrapped in a plastic garbage bag. It was clean too though not as good smelling as it may once have been. We spread it on the floor, lay on it and she began to unpack the lunch. We ate the sandwiches and drank the water.

“I always loved this place. I used to come sit here and read. I read a lot here.”

“Seems like a pleasant place.” If you go that way there are some statues that are still standing. Maybe you should go and pray — if you want to.”

“I am not really a great believer in God. But I will pray and ask that you get everything that you may desire.”

“That Raj is a dangerous thing to ask.”

“Then I will ask for your happiness.”

“Yeah you do that. But tell God not if it means someone else’s unhappiness. Not on that terms.”

It was so pleasant that I must have dozed off, I woke up with a start and found her cuddled next to me, her head on my arm. I slowly got my hand out. She was sleeping like she did last night. Her majesty all gone, her childlike face looked very vulnerable. I moved away a few strands of hair that had fallen over her eyes. She moved. I stopped. She opened her eyes.

“Good sleep?” She yawned and stretched her hands, her breasts heaving, close enough for me to latch on to a nipple. Her hands came down to my head, ruffled through my hair, caressed my head. I sucked her tits, one then another.

She began to moan. “Oh Raj… Raaaaaaj.” The halls seemed to add more base to the sound, the echo making it more drawn. Or was she louder, away from ears that may listen. I would never really know. I went down, to her legs, kissing her thighs, her legs , her toes. “Oh Raaaaaj.” Each time the word got louder, the voice came from deeper, from the pit of her stomach. I kissed the flower, the clitoris, I woke it up and the voice was now even louder.

“Ab chodo mujhe Raaaj. Ab chodo mujhe.”

Main bhi is awaz ke jaal mein lapat gaya. Main aage hokar uske hont ke khareeb apne hont laya. Use kiss kiya. Ye ajeeb si kashis thi, mujhe usey baar baar kiss karne ko jee chahta tha. Main kiss karta raha aur uski awaz mein apni awaz milata gaya. “Faiz, Meri Faiiiiizzzz”

“Mere Raaj.” Meri ungli uske choot mein thi, aur mera anghota uske clitoris ko sehla raha tha. She was getting hotter. Her breathing was fast, she began to gasp, cumming, and I chose that moment to enter her, she arched upwards, sensing the feeling of fulness.

“Raaaj. Chodo mujhe, chodo mujhe.” It was a scream. I want began to fuck her hard, she came with a earthquake like shakes. When her body had ceased to shake I gently turned her around. “She was still mumbling: “Chodo mujhe. Chodo mujhe.”

I lifted her ass upwards, so she was now prostrate on the floor, I enter her from behind. The position allowing me to thrust and deep. I grabbed her tits as her body listed up a little, garbbed them hard and tight.

“Ye le,Faizz, tera Raaj tujhe chod raha hai. Bahot tight hait tu, Faiz, bahut pagal karti hai yeh teri body. Chduwai gi aur. Kya hamesha chudawaegi?”

“Haan hamesha chodo, randi… randi… randi bana kar chodo.”

Phir Raaj or Faizz ki awaz deewaraon se takra kar wapas aane lagi, is baar meri awaz us ke loudeness ka saath deti rahi. Jab usne mehssos kiya ke mera lund aur bhi mota ho raha hai, us ne apne lungs se ek baar chillaya aur uapar hogayi. Main uske ke pait par ek haat, aur doosre se ek tit pakde hue use chodta raha, apna sara juice usey deta raha. Dono were like people in a trance, moving fast into each other. Then even as the movemnets slowed down we were in a daze like state, unable to part. My cock had incredibly begun to harden inside her choot.

“Dekha tune. Dekha kya asar tu karti hai mujh par, choot se nikla bhi nahin, lauda phir khada ho raha hai. Teri choot se nikalna hi nahin chahta.”

“Toh nikalate hi kyon ho, chodte jaao. Jab tak choot phat na jaae is choot ko chodte jaao.”

“Chod hi toh raha hoon. Magar adat pad gayi toh kya karoonga. Tu kya karegi.”

“Rita ki choot toh hogi na tere paas. Main bhi kisi lund se dil behla loongi.”

“Kya tujhe koi faraq nahin padega. Koi bhi lund chal jaega?”

“Toh kya chahta hai, bol teri chinal ban kar jeeti hoon, aana jab bhi choot yaad aaye. Magar dosti se bewafi bhi toh nahin kar sakti. Rita is my friend yaar.”

“Tu phir tu ne yeh shuroo hi kyon kiya. You fucking knew where it was going didn’t you? You knew what happened yesterday, you knew it and you told me to pick blue.”

“I didn’t. I didn’t until last night, only this mornig I was sure. I couldn’t go back, I couldn’t help it. Look at it, feel it the, lund in my choot, how perfectly it fits. How snug it is. I never sucked a cock with such happpiness, such pleasure as I sucked yours today. Oh Raj just forget everything and fuck me hard. Make me fucking cry.”

But I was no mood to fuck her hard and finish the matter, I wanted to take her as slow as I could, as deliberately as I could. I held her waist and watched the cock go in and out of the pussy. Long strokes that brought the cock nearly out of the hole and then sank in slowly till it could not any more. She turned her head around. “I want to see you”

She tried to get away, I held her back, sinking deep into her. She struggled, I slapped her ass, hard. She moaned, she screamed you fucking bastard. She struggled again and I hit her again. And again and again, her ass was red. Then I threw her off and spread her legs, lifted them to my shoulder and entered her thrusting in roughly. She gasped, I banged harder and harder. Mouths were dry, sound wouldn’t come from our throat and the sound of body slapping against body reveberated the hall.

Then I came, gasping for air, she came clutching my hair, leaping upwards, her teeth dug into my chest. I kept releasing an unending supply of sperm into her womb, hoping, praying, it would germinate. Something to cling to, a reason to be with her forever.

When we were spent we fell in a heap. Uska badan jaise mere badan se judgaya. Pasina, semen, pussy juice, all mixed with each other and created a heady perfume. I wanted to move away from her, thinking I might be heavy, she held me back.

When at last we separated, we stmbled to the stream, this time she did not immerse herself in it. She just washed her face and hands. She picked up her pants and still filled with my semen she put them on. She put the T-shirt back.

“Are you angry with me Raj.”

“As much as I want to be, no.”

“Don’t be please.”

“I am not. I pulled her and kissed her, long lingering kiss.”

We walked around the ruins, when the sun began to lose its heat we began the descent down, stopping every now and then to kiss, cuddle, paw. We stopped at the stream where she had collected some fruit, unzipped my pants and gave me a blowjob. This one was sweet, slow and unhurried, it was love making. We reached the cottage as the sun was going down. She gave the others the fruits she had collected.

The others were all wearing clothes, most of them in shorts and T-shirts, only Juhi wearing a skirt and blouse. Rana mentioned that they wanted to explore the stream and wander around so felt better to be dressed in something. The big news, of course, was that Munaf had snared a hapless deer. There was always a herd around, according to Fez and Munaf had managed to hit one with a stone, stunning it enough to catch it.

He and Raan had slaughtered it cut, skinned it and were already roasting it on a makeshift BBQ pit. Someone suggested that we bring all the rgs and carpets outside and since it was a beatiful moon and quite warm we could spend it out in open.

I went to take a shower and returned to see all nicely sitting on carpets and resting with pillows strewen about.

* * *

The sun had just about set, the glow of the fire burning was making a shadow and light play that was beuatiful. I went to Rita. We kissed for a while, I rubbed her hardening nipples over the T-shirt and she moaned.

Breaking away we sat down.

Fez came out, her hair wet still, looking delicious. I tried to avoid her eyes, infact we avoided each other the most part of the night.

Someone, I can’t remember who suggested that we play just one game. That we give the cards to the girls one each and fuck them all in turn according to the draw. Well if they wanted to have two at a time then they could too, Rana grinned.

We insisted that Rana get the first fuck with her. It was only fair as the lovers must have been pining for each other. I wondered what would happen when Rita came up next, or Fez after that. If this was testing limitations, mine had been drawn. I could stand either being fucked in public, and I could stand the thought of them being fucked by someone else.

Somone else suggested, thank heavens, that why the hell make it limited, everyone was horny and let us all fuck the hole we could find.

I chose Rita, vaguely feeling she was disappointed, I must have been mistaken. For when I entered her she was as vociferous as last night. Her pussy looked swollen and tighter than before. The feeling of familiar pussy around my cock was great. We got into familiar love making. We kissed and prosfessed love. If I had sensed any disappointment before there was none when we came and huddled together.

I looked over her shoulder as Rahul and Fez were kissing, his fresh semen oozing out of her pussy. I felt a pang of jealousy. I shook my head and looked towards Nasreen and Rana who were still going strong. I felt a strange disconnection. While I had been lusting for Nasreen last night, hoping I would get a shot with, I felt happy watching the lovers with their men and women now.

I sighed. We ate the deer meat, well done and crispy at places and enjoyed the wine.

We talked most of the night, naked, cuddled into our lovers arms, kissing a little, necking and making love when fancy took us.

Near midnight Rana said: “Listen guys. I think we have done all that we could possibly do. Sirf agar kisi ko kisi gand marna hai to batao. Other wise we have fucked and everyone has had a go with everyone except Nasreen and Raj. So with Nasreen’s permission we would like to exchange girls for tonight. What say?”

“Since that is the way it is, why not we do the same too. Let Munaf have Fez and I want Juhi?”

“Sure.” Munaf nodded. “Juhi, meri jaan, tere saath ek raat….”

Juhi blushed. Fez was staring at me. Rita seemed happy with the arangement.

“I have a suggestion too. All this sex is a little boring, to me at least.”

“I heard cat calls of “Budda” “Party pooper” but I kept a straight face.

“So tomorrow we go back to our dress selves and if any of us get horny we can still request to borrow our girls, no restrictions there. But otherwise let us have a little normal fun…” I finished feeling a little sheepish and staid.

“I think Raj has a point.” Fez boosted my argument. “For the duration of this trip which is anway only one tomorrow night left, we will go back to our boys. Agar kisi ki choot mein kisi ke liye khujli ho rahi hai to beshak who request karein. There shouldn’t be any problems with it.”

I asked to be excused. I could sleep in the open. I took Nasreen and went in. Finding the place in the other end of the room, I began to undress Nasreen. Making love to her, in the beginning with thoughts of Rita and Fez cropping was a mess. But slowly I lost myself in the beautful full blooded woman. She reponded in kind. We ended up making love twice.

With a final of hot passionate fuck we slept. I wanted to go and check what Fez and Munaf were doing, they had opted to sleep outside. I controlled the urge and fell into a fitful sleep.

Doosre din hum sab ghoomne nikle. Main aur Rita Fez ki peeche jo akele chal rahi thi. Pehle hum ek lake ki taraf nikle jo yahan kafi khareeb tha. Aur jab wapas aa rahe the to main apne aap ko akela paaya. Rita Munaf aur Juhi ke saath kuch hansi mazak karte hue peeche rehgayi. I caught up with Fez. We walked in silence.

“So what are your plans after we return?”

“Wapas gaon jaana hai Faiz. Phir Yale ke liye apply kiya hai, agar miljaye to accha hoga.”

“Milega kyon nahin. Agar milgaya toh kab jaa rahe ho.”





“Don’t talk of that Raj.”

We walked for a while in silence, Rahul joined us and soon it was a whole group together.

There was a new type of togetherness in the group, a kind that comes with deep intimacy and knowledge that we might not meet again for a long time. We spent the night with our own girls. Some made love. Rita’s insatiable lust had not abated. We made love too in the dark corner of the room.

The next day we packed, set the things in order in the room and satrted our journey back.

I left for my village the next day. A week later I received a call. Based on my previous years results they had accepted me at Yale. I reached Delhi, called Fez. I was told she had gone outstation. Rana told me that she had gone back to the cottage and wanted to spend time reading there. I wondered what she was reading. All the guys came to leave me at airport. Rita was in tears. I promised her I would keep in touch and come back to marry her.

It was a terrible three years for me. At times penniless, at times hungry. I had not enough money to rent an partment. I made some friends and lived from one place to another. I lived a couple time of hospital bed, ate from food served to homeless. But my aim was to do well in studies. I did well.

A couple of times I tried calling Fez from a tampered phone booth where you could just use a dime to call long distance. Each time she was out. I spoke to Rita her studies were going well too.

When I finally, in the last month of the studies got a call from a software giant, I took it without even thinking of the future. All I wanted was a place of my own and some proper clothes on my back.

I stayed with the company for a year. Saving enough, having learnt to live on little.

I returned home, going straight to Bombay and then to Rita. We had a wonderful three days together. I came to Delhi, having decided to spend at least a couple of days with Fez.

Mrs Irshad answered the door, somehow she had not changed a bit from the college days, the sex and makeup keeping her in good shape. But I found her haggard and old. I found her very distasteful. How perspectives change. A few years ago I would have licked her pussy with relish, the though of that I found repulsive.

She told me Fez was not in, she spent a lot of time at the cottage these days. She was there now. Somehow I had a very good relationship with Mr Irshad. He askd me how things were and was interested to know that I was going to very start my own business. We talked for a long while, he offered my some Scotch Whiskey.

“Ab bade ho gaye ho Sarkar, ek peg lene ke khabil toh ho.”

I couldn’t refuse. He told me he was worried about Fez. “Bahot akeli rehti hai. Abhi dekh lo. Pichle hi hafte khareeb dus din bita kar aayi cottage par, waps aayi, do din kuch kitabaon ki shopping ki aur wapas chali gayi. It is good that we have satelite phones now, kabhi kabhi call karke baat karleti hai. I would be very worried otherwise. Yaar tum us bachi se baat karke dekho. Shayad kuch us ki aqal mein baat aaye.”

I told him I would like to and could I get a ride to the cottage. He made a call and told me the chopper would be ready at his corporate office at eight tomorrow morning.

I reached the cottage in less than an hour. There was no one there. But the place looked lived in and had improved a lot. The living room was with a new look. A giant TV with brand new furniture. There was a half empty pot of coffee on the kitchen table, still lukewarm. I knew where she had gone.

I told the driver to go back and return the day after.

I took a shower and and since I had not brought any change of clothes I started my walk through the hilly terrain. I reached the top of the hill in good time, pleased with my own physique. I passed the hall we had made love in. A lot had changed here too. There were several comforters, one on top of the other spread nicely in a corner to make a bed. Pillow and a blanket. A couple of lanterns hung on nails driven into the wall.

I walked around, quietly and found her under a tree, reading. She looked a little older. Didn’t we all? But she looked tired and old. “Faiz.” I called softly. She dropped her book and jumped.

“Raj.” Looking all around and saw me on the edge of the step. “Is it really you?”

I walked into the sunlight. “Yes it is, and I need to ask the same thing. Kya kar rahi ho.”

“Living. The way I want to.”

We sat together for a while, not speaking. Then she asked. “Rita se mil aaye?”

“Haan, we are getting married in less than a year.”

“Good for you. I am happy for both of you.”

“I see a lot more things in the hall, looks like you spend quite a lot of time here.”

“Haan. I like it here.”

“Is it okay. You must be alone and…”

“Oh it is okay. I am not afraid of dark and there are no wild animals here, a few monkeys from time to time…”

“With one disturbing you right now.” I grinned.

I wanted to touch her. I wanted to hold her and make love to her. But this was no limit testing trip. There was Rita hanging between us like a think curtain. “Anything to eat?”

“I have a few cans of soup, I usually keep them in sun for while and eat it. Come. How did you come?”

“Your dad’s chopper. I asked to him to come back the day after. I have a flight in the evening back to California.”

“I though I heard the sound. Eat your soup and we go back to the cottage. No reason why you have to spend it here.”

“I would mind, actually.”

“No, we need to go anyway, there is hardly enough kerosene for the lanterns.”

We ate the soup and started our way back. We stopped at the stream where we had made love the last time. Where she had loved my cock with her lips.

“You remember?”

“I remember every thing.”

We reached the cottage. I was all sweaty and sticky. “I have a problem. I have not brought any change of clothes. And these are begining to stink.”

“I thnk there are some of my father’s clothes here, see if they fit.” She found a loose shorts and an over sized T-Shirt. Laughing at me when I put them on and came out of the shower. She had whipped up some noodles. We ate again. The sun was beginning to turn red. She made food. A simple dish of fried rice with some canned tuna fish. We ate early and I stood outside in the porch. It was the beginning of winter, the air had begun to get cold. I got goosebumps on the expose part of my skin. She joined me. We stood close to each other. I could feel her warmth emanting out to me.

“Have you ever thought about that day Raj.” I knew what day she meant.

“Yes I did, a million times.”

“Hold me, Raj.” I wrapped an arm around her, bringing her closer. How our lips met is something clouded in a mystery. Her warm lips opened up to mine, the slow langrous kisses making way to urgent ones, and we leaning against the column and my throbbing pressed against her jean clad crotch. Even through the thick fabric I could feel her pulsing pussy.

We broke off, only for her to pounce back on me, her arms around my neck, wrapping her legs around me. She had lost a bit of weight too, or my strength had increased. I carried her, light as a feather, inside, She pointed to a door, we enetered inside.

The first fucking was a frenzied affair. Clothes flew. Neither able to decide what we wanted first. She took my lund, neeche khisak ke wrapped her lips around my cock. I was in heaven, but in need for more. I pulled her back, spreading her legs to drink the sweet emissions of her cunt. Woh mujhe phir wapas upar kheenchi. She wanted more of my lips. I enetered her and with frenzied maddness, fucked her. Hard and harder, till her pussy was spraying and splattering her juice all over me and we were calling each other’s name with screams that could have been heard miles away.

I came with her mouth on mine, her moans inside my mouth shook every nerve awake, grunts sent shivers down her spine. Spent we lay side by side.

The second time we made love was less frantic. We kissed. We kissed and kissed. Every conceivable part of each other. So much that we were each showered in other’s saliva. We made slow love. Increasing the tempo to just slow it down, bringing each other to the brink and holding back, fustratting but exhilarating. Nerve racking but when at last our dams broke it was almost dawn. And our bodies were meshed together in the earthquake like orgasm that went on and till they became so strong that shaking we could only whisper each other’s name. We feel asleep.

Later, I found her naked, in the kitchen, pulled her back to bed and made love to her. I washed and showered putting on the same clothes she had given me. She had washed mine and were drying outside. After food we sat on the couch, my fingers tracing the shape of her lips, her chin and nose. Straying to her still very firm tits. Reaching out to her pussy. Still wet. Still very sticky as if she had not washed.

I asked. “Hope that is not a problem with you.”

“Not at all, but that is unlike you. Hardly ever see you dirty.”

“But that is not dirty, that is divine.”

We lost count of number of times we made love. We lost track of time, hardly sleeping, making love through the day and night. Breaking only when we heard the chopper. I showered in a hurry, she washed her face in the kitchen and told me I could go back, she would stay a few days more.

“Why don’t take my calls?” I asked her at last.

“Why add fuel to a fire that is already raging.”

“Come with me.”

“You know I can’t. Go, you will be happy with Rita.”

The only people absent were Fez and Rahul when Rita and I got married. It was a decent affair. I started my own company, it was the beginning of Internet boom. I sold it six months later, I started another and sold it before settling down for a long term one. I had made my millions. I had made my name.

I tried many times to contact Fez. She was never there. Sometimes I had a feeling she was there listening on as her mother answered her calls.

The work, the millions took their toll on the married life. Rita was happy at first, the money giving her new things to buy and spend on. But the strain of working eighteen hours a day was really too much. Three years after we had married we broke up. I visited Delhi a few times. But each time Fez was missing.

I immersed myself in work. Another three years passed. My hair were prematurely gray. A trait that ran in my family, but oddly I liked it, it gave a look that brought some respect. Thrity something and among older giants I still managed to make my name.

* * *

It was almost ten years from the gangbag we had at the cottage.

Main ek bade company ke takeover ke baad New York se wapas Delhi jaa raha tha. Main apne assitant Deepak Basu se phone pe baat karta hua airport ki lobby main aahi raha tha ke ek aurat aur bacche se takrata takrata bacha.

Phone zara kaan se hata ke “sorry mam” kehne hi wala tha ke ankein khuli ki khuli reh gayi.



Main phone mein moon laga kar Deepak se kaha ke main baad mein baaat karta hoon.

“Faiz, tum yahan? My God. Kahan ja rahi ho.”

“Wapas India, ise ghoomne le aayi thi.”

Then I remembered the boy, a small boy held her by the finger. Something seemed familiar about him.

“You married?” I said in surprise. No one had said anything about this. Even Rana.

“You can say that.” Her eyes looked into mine. Clang. Something moved with loud enough noise to drown the surrounding din for a while.

“You are lying.”

She avoided my eyes. “What difference does it make.”

“Look at me, you think it doesn’t… Look at me damn you, you woman.”

“This is not a place for making a fuss.”

“You are right.” I called Deepak. “Deepak, get hold of the driver and whereever he is ask him ot come to the front of departure entarnce. Change of plans. I will let you know.”

I looked at the boy. “What’s you name son?”

“Siraj, uncle.”

I looked into her eyes again, she could avoid them now, not now. She must have have seen anger flash through my eyes, she stod defiantly. “Uncle. And you say it makes no difference.”

I looked at the boy again. “Bete, thoda change of plans ho raha hai. Tumhari ye mummy hai, yeh mujh se bahot naaraaz hain, aur itna naaraaz ke ye tumeh yeh bhi nahi batati ke main uncle nahin tumhara daddy hoon. Aap log mere saath pehle ghar chalein phir sab saath India jaayeinge. Okay.”

“But my daddy died in a accident.”

“Dekno ye ab tak kitni naaraaz hain.”

“Kya ye yeh sach hain Mummy?”

“Haan beta yeh sach keh rahein hain.”

The ride back home was incredulously frustrated. I wanted to say so many things and I could with the child present. I wanted to hug her, kiss, slap her. I want to hurt her as much as I was hurting now.

The tense ride ended at last. The young boy looked with wonder at the tall building where my penthouse was. He pressed the button for the top flight and looked outside through the glass exterior windows. I called the old Indonesian maid who kept my house and told her to make a room for the child and see that he is comfortable.

“Bete aap in ke saath jaao, okay. Main aur Mummy kuch baat kartein hain.”

“Are you guys going to fight?’

“I don’t think so, not much anyway.” I laughed. “I little maybe.”

As he was going out of the room he turned and asked. “Can I call you daddy.”

“Yes, you may, Siraj.”

When alone, I turned to the bar, pour myself a drink, added some ice and turned to her. “Follow me.”

I padded to my bedroom. Put my glass on the table by the bed. Looked at her.

“I couldn’t do it.” She said, her voice a beginning to break. “I couldn’t call you and say cancel your wedding Raj, I am pregnant.”

“Knowing you, stupid though that is, I can. But didn’t you hear of Rita and me breaking up. You were in town didn’t it occur to…”

She walked over to the table and picked up glass, taking a few sips.

“There was never really a right time. I wanted to a million times.”

“So what should I do with you now?” My voice betrayed the pain, the hurt.

She put the glass down, came closer. “Don’t Raj. Please don’t hurt this much.”

I turned away, tears building in my eyes. I fell back on the bed. She came close. “I was stupid, I agree. Don’t hurt Raj.” Her tears were flowing too.

“How can you expect me not to Faiz. I am a father and… and…”

“It was difficult when you left… the first couple of months were hell. Plain fucking hell. Then I discovered I was pregnant. Thoughts of suicide faded away, I got a life. I had something to life for. Mom hated me for doing it, Abba is angry with till today. Now you.”

I remained silent. “I could come after you. I didn’t know, I couldn’t know. I did not want to be accepted by own out of pity. And there was no way knowing if you still wanted me.” Her voice faded, she lay her head on my chest. I could feel her every nerve, I could feel her every breath.

We lay there, our passions talking, argueing, angry and dancing.

I took a deep breath, her heaving with my chest. “What do we do now?”

She looked up, her eyes already red with the crying, the sress. “I only know one thing, never part again.”


“Not unless you want to.”

“And you think I might.”

“Hell no.” A smile creased her lips at last, it brought one to me. “Hell no. The bond was formed a decade ago and it is going to break.” She was sitting up, her ass on my crotch, her finger opening my shirt. Her lips reached out to me, and for the first time, there was no fear. No fear of loss, of despair. No fear of parting.

We made love till dawn. We made love like teenagers, urgent and frenzied, we made love like adults. Reaching into each other’s soul. I think my second son was concieved then.

* * *

I sat on the balcony, whiskey in hand. Faiz came up behind me. We looked up at the skycrapers dotting the landscape. I wrapped an arm around my pregnant wife. She looked absolutely ravishing.

“Faiz…” I whispered. Contentment in my voice, something that comes from a bond that is unbreakable.


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