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This hot sexy story is about my wife rekha who is 29yrs old looks chinky. but has a sexy ass and good boobs. i have been looking at cuckolding websites for a while and had a wish to see my wife getting fucked in front of me from a very long time. My wish finally came true couple of days back. in the begaining my wife never agreed. but as days passed she slowly got in to this idea. and we both use to see cuckolding videos and websites and stories and she use to get very horny and she use to be wild in bed. One day we started chatting with a guy by name arjun online and we also exchanged phone numbers. later arjun us to send her non veg jokes SMS and they both started chatting talking about meeting some time things like that. Later one night she was very horny and she came next to me and started rubbing my dick and then i started licking her pussy and then fingering her when i was fucking her she was asking me to fuck her harder and faster and she was moaning like ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh fuck me oooofffffffff haaaaaa then i came very quickly that made her angry and she asked me to fuck her again.

Hot Sex Stories

But i lost my erection. Then i asked her why dont you try that guy arjun today. She said no first but again i asked her to try him. She said are you sure?? i replied yes. Then she took her phone and sent an SMS to arjun asking him if he is free today. he replied back saying he is free for her always. then She sent another SMS asking him if he wants to fuck her today? then he replied back saying i am dying to do it. then he called her on her mobile phone and asked for the address then my wife gave him our house address and after about 45min he reached our house and he sat next to my wife and started talking to her. Slowly he put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her and kissed her. She closed her eyes and then he placed another hand on her boobs and started pressing it. She slowly started moaning ahhhhhhh ufffffffff and he slowly pulled her to the bed and then he removed her top and then started pressing her boobs and then her removed her bra and complimented her saying rekha you have a sexy and smooth boobs she blushed. and then he kissed her tips and started licking them. my wife started moaning loudly.

he did that for a while and then started moving her hands on her stomach and he slowly pulled her pants down she also helped him doing that by lifting her Ass i was rock hard by now and was felling as if i will explode. Now my wife was completely naked in front of a stranger. Now arjun put one of his finger in her pussy and asked my wife if she is tempt a lot she replied back saying yess. then he said i can see that your pussy is wet like hell and then he started licking her pussy and complimented her saying it tastes good and started tounge fucking her.By now my wife was in heaven and she was moaning and she was rubbing her hands on his head with pleasure and she was pressing the pillow which was next to her with pleasure. and i was watching my wife getting pleasure from a stranger. then he started fingering her she was moaning heavily i am sure my neighbours would have heard her as it was 2am early morning. she was pressing and holding his hand. then he stopped fingering her and started removing his pant and then he took out his dick. It was bigger than mine and it was very thick compared to mine. he started asking my wife to give blow job to him. for which she refused he kept forcing her for a while but she refused.

then he spread her legs and then was pointing his dick towards her pussy and he slowly inserted his dick inside her pussy she screamed loudly ahhhhhhhhh and then he started fucking her faster she was moaning heavily ahhhhhhhh ouchhhhhhhh uffffffffff yaaaa yaaaaaa hummmmmmmmm he was pressing her boobs very hardly she saw me once with her lust full eyes and then again truned back to him and the kept moaning aaaaaaaaa hummmmmmm uuuuffffffff he fucked her for more than 20min which i had never done ever since we are married she enjoyed it a lot finally he was about to cum he increased his speed and she also started moaning heavily he started saying i am cuming i am cuming. My wife was moaning and asking him to come inside her at this point i was surprised as she was not on pill and she was looking at me with lustfull face and came inside my wife. her pussy was overflowing with his cum and her pussy was looking very well fucked and like a sluts pussy. he got dressed and said thanks to both of us and left. i closed the door and came near my wife. My wife asked me HAPPY. I told her that i love her. Then She said now clean you wanted this only rite?? clean his come from my pussy she said. then i started licking her pussy it was tasting yukkk but since i was tempt seeing my wife getting fucked with all that feeling i licked her and ate all that cum from her pussy and then i also fucked her. i could feel that her pussy had expanded and it was wet like hell. then i came in her pussy.

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