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Today, I am going to share hot sexy story of Kalpana and her Sir. There was an extra bounce in Kalpana’s walk as she hurried home after her interview with Digital Marketing Consultancy. She just couldn’t wait to share the good news with her husband Kapil. Mr. Srinivas, one of the owner-directors of Digital had interviewed her and finally offered her a job! She knew in her heart that it was her husband Kapil who deserved all the credit. After all, it was he who had encouraged her all the way, helped her to re-write her CV and had in fact arranged her introduction to Digital Marketing Consultancy, since he knew Mr. Srinivas.

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Kalpana was in her late thirties. She was about five foot two, with a plump, well endowed womanly body. She had regular features, full sensuous lips and sparkling, mischievous, intelligent eyes. She had a pleasant, earthy, tinkling laughter. Her white, beautifully set teeth looked like a two stranded pearl necklace when she laughed. She was vivacious, energetic and sociable. She kept herself fit and active by doing exercises & yoga (which she also taught) and served her family a healthy, balanced diet. She loved to listen to music, read books (Hindi & English) and watch movies.

After graduating in arts, she had done a post graduate diploma in marketing management and then joined the marketing department of an up-coming FMCG company, first as an executive trainee and then as a junior executive. She’d soon made a favorable impression on her colleagues and superiors. Soon afterwards, her parents had arranged her match with Kapil.

Kalpana and Kapil were made for each other. He was tall, slim, athletic, good looking and had a great sense of humor. He was highly educated and held a well paid job. He had a liberal outlook. He had willingly agreed to Kalpana’s condition that she be allowed to continue to work after marriage even though he earned enough to keep his family decently comfortable.

Kalpana and Kapil had felt an instant chemistry the moment they saw each other. Their bond had deepened as the years had passed. They had been blessed with two baby in quick succession and Kalpana had happily quit her job to concentrate her attention upon their upbringing. Her employers had been disappointed with her decision to put her career on hold, but had regretfully let her go when she’d explained her situation. They had urged her to get in touch whenever she decided to work again.

Kalpana’s youngest baby was now four. In the intervening years, Kalpana’s mother-in-law had come to live with them and the baby had become quite attached to their grandmother. Kalpana had felt that she could now think of reviving her career. She had started to look around but found that a seven year hiatus had put her at a serious disadvantage. All her peers had moved ahead in their careers and she could never have felt comfortable in her old company, even if they had agreed to take her back. Besides, she felt that it would be better to start with a job that made less demands on her time, even if it didn’t pay too well.

Digital Marketing Consultancy had been started by a couple of friends who had recently quit well paid jobs with large companies. It was a small firm that specialized in offering marketing solutions. Although the compensation package they had offered to Kalpana was not great, the job offered flexible working hours and the prospects of quick advancement if she did well. She would have to work only four hours a day, five days a week; to begin with.

Kapil had shared Kalpana’s joy and they had celebrated her success by having dinner at a nice little restaurant. He had however been a bit apprehensive too. He’d been worried whether her dual responsibilities as a working woman and mother would be too onerous. Kalpana had been touched by his concern and had put his mind at rest by promising that she would quit her job if she found the going too tough. But Kalpana was no quitter and promised herself that she would strain every nerve to succeed in her new job.

Soon, Kalpana started working at Digital’s small & cramped office located in a large skyscraper in central Mumbai. In the first few weeks, Kalpana was not assigned any task and was told to familiarize herself with the workings of the company. It was a small, newly started outfit and the atmosphere was friendly and informal. Kalpana soon felt at home there and waited eagerly for an assignment. She knew that Mr. Srinivas was negotiating with a large multinational company and everyone was hoping that Digital would get that contract.


Shyam Belekar was a business executive in his early sixties. He was tall, medium built, active and energetic. In his youth he had been an athlete. He had taken good care of his health and looked ten years younger than his age. He had a full head of salt and pepper hair and was reasonably good looking. He was always well dressed and had a commanding presence. He had had a long and distinguished career with Trident Limited, a large multinational company and had worked in senior executive positions for the last couple of decades.

His wife was in her late fifties. His baby were grown up and well settled. The wife was busy with her baby and grandbaby and with her circle of friends, while Shyam was busy with his career. Both were quite happy to give each other the space they needed.

Shyam had recently moved to one of the company’s ailing subsidiaries as a director, at the express request of the Managing Director. He had been entrusted the task of turning around the subsidiary. He had spent the first few months in tightening his grip over the organization and pondering over what needed to be done to revive its fortunes. He had soon concluded that a new direction was required for the marketing function. Shyam decided that it was best to hire outside consultants who could bring a fresh perspective. Mr. Srinivas, the owner-director of Digital had worked under Shyam many years ago as a junior executive, before leaving to work with another large company. In due course, Digital Marketing Consultancy was retained as consultant by Trident. Mr. Srinivas readily agreed to Shyam’s request that he would like to vet and handpick each member of the Digital Marketing Consultancy team assigned to work for Trident.


Kalpana was happy and excited in the morning, as she got ready to go to the Trident office. It was a big day for her — she was going to be interviewed by the big boss of Trident and if he approved, she would be part of the Digital Marketing team on the Trident project. She gave herself an appraising look in the mirror as she dressed. She was pleased with what she saw.

She was blessed with a clear brown complexion and thick, shiny black hair. Her bust was generously proportioned, topped with thick brown nipples. She smiled as she recalled fondly how quickly her hubby Kapil was able to make them stiff, often without even touching them. Her slim waist emphasized her wide, fertile hips. After having borne a couple of baby, her belly was well rounded and the otherwise smooth skin bore stretch marks…

She chose a simple yet smart, crisply ironed, well fitting cotton salwar suit to wear that day. She wore light makeup; just lip-gloss, eyeliner and a small, thin line of sindoor in her hair parting; she was happily married and proud to show off that symbol of her married status. She wore comfortable leather sandals with two inch heels, to make up for her deficiency in the height department. She was just a little keyed up as she hurried on her way…


Kalpana was pleasantly surprised to be ushered into Shyam’s office exactly at the appointed time. Shyam put her at ease and drew her out, listening attentively as she gradually opened up. Soon, Kalpana felt her anxiety and reserve dissolve and she started talking freely about her education, career, experience, thoughts and opinions. She even told him about her husband and family, to which he too responded by sharing information about his family. Shyam, like other senior executives was adept at interviewing people, having been trained in interviewing techniques and having had extensive experience to hone his skills.

When she left his office, she was happy. Although it had been a formal interview, it hadn’t felt like one. She appreciated Shyam’s warmth and the way in which he had made her feel comfortable & at ease. She felt that Shyam seemed to be taking a personal interest in her. He seemed to hold eye contact just a bit longer than necessary; in fact he seemed to be checking her out, although it was done discreetly, so as not to give offense. She however brushed the feeling off, telling herself that it was nothing. In fact, secretly she felt flattered that a big boss, that too a charming and pleasant one to boot, was paying attention to her. Unlike many other men who seemed to undress women with their eyes, Shyam’s glances felt more like gentle caresses…


Soon Kalpana was working full time in Trident’s office, along with a couple of junior colleagues. She observed their inner workings as days and weeks passed. She noted Shyam’s calm, businesslike manner and the respect he commanded. Although he was polite and friendly, he did not suffer fools and could be quite curt on occasion. Kalpana too developed respect and admiration for him.

She became friendly with many women working with Trident, who were soon sharing gossip with her. She was amazed and occasionally shocked at how openly they — particularly the younger girls talked about their relationships; she found it hard to make out how many were real and how many imaginary. They also gossiped about their male colleagues, including Shyam. There were whispers that despite his stern appearance, he was quite a ladies man; that he had had a few affairs with women staffers in his previous postings…

Some girls indeed seemed to have a crush on Shyam, speculating openly about how it would feel to have a fling with the boss. Kalpana used to smile to herself as she listened to such gossip.

She could feel a generation gap between her and the girls, most of whom were ten years younger than her. She assured herself that a mature woman of her generation would never entertain such thoughts; after all she was happily married, with a loving husband and lively kids, right? Her thoughts wandered on to the status of her marriage…


Kalpana & Kapil had fallen head over heels in love after their wedding. Although neither had had any prior sexual experience, their shared chemistry had ignited passions that neither knew they were capable of experiencing. As they had overcome initial awkwardness & gained experience, their sexual relationship had become even more rewarding and pleasurable.

In spite of the great chemistry they shared and their deep love for each other, the initial passions had inevitably cooled as the years passed, and a degree of monotony had crept into their lovemaking. To keep the fires of passion going, they had supplemented their imaginations with knowledge gleaned from sexually explicit books and films. They had become quite adventurous and tried out many of the strange & kinky things that they learned, trying to satisfy each others’ deepest desires and fantasies.

Kapil in particular had become obsessed with a desire to have sex with other partners, for the sake of variety and greater enjoyment. Kalpana had not been enthusiastic about this idea and had tried to dissuade Kapil from pursuing his obsession. However, she had soon realized that he was serious. He believed that as long as they stayed committed to each other, there was nothing wrong in getting pleasure with other partners. He was not selfish or possessive and had told Kalpana that he wouldn’t mind if she too found pleasure with another man. He had in fact gone to the extent of suggesting to Kalpana that if an attractive man were to proposition her, she shouldn’t spurn his advances outright but go with the flow and see how things developed; a suggestion Kalpana had rejected with an angry toss of her head.

Such was Kalpana’s love and devotion for Kapil that she had eventually acquiesced, agreeing to let him explore the possibilities of finding other partners. Since she didn’t want to risk losing him to another woman, both had agreed that if at all there was going to be involvement with other partners, it would have to be by way of a swap with another compatible couple. Kapil had made several half-hearted efforts to find such a couple, but had not been successful so far…

In spite of finding the thought of sex with other partners to be abhorrent, the seed of an idea had nevertheless been planted in Kalpana’s mind. She sometimes caught herself daydreaming about having sex with other men. In terms of attractiveness, none of the men she knew could come even close to her own husband. The whole idea seemed absurd! She did however find herself attracted to strong, powerful older men (like Amitabh Bachhan) and tried to imagine how it would feel to let herself be seduced. But being a virtuous, faithful married Indian woman the thought of acting upon her fantasies never crossed her mind…


Shyam had formed a favorable impression about Kalpana during the interview. He had liked her enthusiasm, energy, maturity and down to earth attitude. Although he had found her to be pleasantly attractive, he had not given her a second thought afterwards. Being the oldest member of the Digital team, Kalpana had naturally become the point person for coordination with Trident staff. As Shyam came more in contact with Kalpana, he not only developed a greater respect for her capabilities, he became aware of her as a woman, and a very attractive woman at that. There was something mysterious hidden in the depth of her eyes that he felt ought to be explored. After a long time, Shyam felt a stirring in his loins…


Being a handsome, well-built man, Shyam had attracted the attention of members of the opposite sex ever since he had become an adolescent. Although he was rather reserved and reticent as a youngster, a slightly older, married babyhood friend had nevertheless seduced him, while he was still in college. Even though they lived in different cities, their affair had continued off and on for several years, until Shyam had gotten married. In spite of being encouraged by his lover to explore other relationships, Shyam’s deep attachment to her had not let him move beyond the stage of pleasantly platonic friendship with any of his lady acquaintances.

Eventually, Shyam had settled for an arranged marriage to a girl picked by his parents. After his marriage, Shyam & his lover had mutually decided to break off their relationship and he had sworn to remain faithful to his wife, a beautiful, well endowed home maker blessed with a placid good humor. As fate would have it, Shyam’s marriage had been punctuated with long periods of separation between him and his wife, during her pregnancies and due to the exigencies of his work and career, involving a lot of travel and postings to remote places.

The affair with his babyhood friend had already awakened Shyam’s dormant libido and honed his senses for picking up signals from interested females around him. Although his attachment to his lover had prevented him from getting close to other women while he was a bachelor, he had felt no such inhibitions when he was away from his wife. Soon, he’d acquired the skills to spot & flirt with “available” girls. He had started enjoying the thrill of the chase, the pleasure of slow seduction and even more the ultimate prize of bedding his targets that he more often than not achieved. Over time, Shyam had notched up quite a few conquests.

Initially Shyam had been somewhat indiscriminate with his choice of partners, going after any sexy and attractive females who might be interested in him, young girls and older women, married and unmarried. However, over the years his tastes had matured and he developed a distinct preference for emotionally stable and sexually experienced married women looking to inject a bit of magic into their jaded, monotonous lives, usually in their thirties and with kids. He found in them just the right combination of youth, experience, a willingness to push the sexual boundaries and the emotional strength to handle without serious hiccups the inevitable breakups when they happened. Even as he had aged, his preferred profile of a lover remained the same. Lately however, he had slowed down. After all, he was long past the stage of being a hormonally driven young stud; and yet he still retained a keen interest in attractive members of the opposite sex.

His wife was no fool and was well aware of his roving eye. After a couple of early showdowns, a tacit agreement had been reached between them that as long as there was no emotional involvement with the other women, he was discreet and there was no threat to their marriage, she would tolerate his dalliances. After all, Shyam was otherwise a good husband, a loving father and an excellent provider for the family.


Soon, Digital Marketing was ready for a review of the progress made till date. Digital’s boss, Mr. Srinivas, assisted by Kalpana and other team members made a presentation to Shyam and his managers in a large conference room. Shyam listened quietly and attentively to the presentation. However, Shyam’s probing questions soon lay bare several errors and inconsistencies. It became obvious that Digital’s approach was seriously flawed. Embarrassed, Mr. Srinivas apologized profusely and requested for a weeks’ time to come up with a revised plan.

“Kalpana, could you please see me before you go home today?” Shyam asked as she and Mr. Srinivas rose to leave.

“Yes sir… Of course!” Kalpana stuttered. Her heart sank in dread of what was to come as she shuffled out.

It was two hours later, after Mr. Srinivas had left after conducting a thorough post mortem of the disaster that Kalpana knocked timidly on Shyam’s door. It was long past the closing hour and everyone else had left.

“Come in.” His deep voice responded.

He asked her to take a seat and then spent a few long moments looking speculatively at her. He didn’t seem angry or upset. Kalpana fully expected to be chewed out for the fiasco. So she was rather surprised when Shyam did not refer to the presentation at all. Instead he talked to her about his company, the challenges facing him and explained how important Digital’s role was in the task ahead. Finally, without criticizing her, he made several suggestions as to how she could do a better job in future and hoped that she would learn from her mistakes. Kalpana felt a great load lift off her shoulders and she gratefully promised Shyam that she would not disappoint him.

On her way home she mulled over what Shyam had said, and felt her admiration and respect for him grow deeper. She also recollected his eyes holding her gaze just a little longer than necessary and the pleasantly amused expression on his face as he looked at her. She was sure that he had been checking her out, but she didn’t feel offended or annoyed. In fact, secretly she felt rather flattered that a powerful, personable man had been paying attention to her as a woman. After all, although she was quite presentable and attractive, at her age she was no spring chicken…

Kalpana & her team threw themselves into their task with renewed vigor, many times working late into the evenings. In spite of being the boss, Kalpana found Shyam to be very approachable. During late evenings after most Trident staff had left, she and Shyam became quite informal as they pored over charts and figures and exchanged ideas. In spite of the informality, Kalpana continued to address Shyam as “Sir” since he was so much older and senior to her, while Shyam as usual addressed her as “Kalpana”.

Kalpana found herself liking another of Shyam’s quirks — during their evening sessions after office hours he frequently expressed himself in Hindi, rather than sticking to English, which was the official language in the office.

He spoke good, unaccented Hindi, somewhat unusual for a Maharashtrian. Since Hindi was Kalpana’s mother tongue, she felt a special affinity with Shyam.

She found herself looking forward to these exchanges and treasured the moments she spent close to him. Although they never actually touched, her senses were acutely aware of his manly presence and her instinct told her that he too savored her proximity. She started taking special care in picking the clothes she wore to office; nothing overtly sexy but nevertheless smart outfits that showed her off to best advantage. She got into the habit of refreshing her light makeup and spraying cologne just before the office closed, so that she looked fresh and pretty for Shyam when they met for informal reviews after office hours. From his smiles, nods and appreciative glances, she could tell that he noticed…

Kalpana was used to sharing her day’s happenings with her hubby at bedtime, after the kids were asleep. Kapil didn’t fail to notice how frequently Shyam’s name seemed to come up in her conversations. Once, he’d lightheartedly teased her about Shyam but she had reacted with such fury that he was taken aback.

“Main toh aise hi mazaak kar raha tha!”

“I was just joking!” He explained lamely.

“Merey saath aisa bhadda mazaak phir na kijiyega!”

“Don’t try such a gross joke with me again!” She retorted angrily.

“Achha baba, theek hai!”

“OK, OK!” Kapil had prostrate a hasty retreat and the matter had rested there. However, he still felt that Kalpana had over-reacted to a little harmless leg-pulling. After all, she too had occasionally pulled his leg about his friendship with some of his women colleagues, without his getting uptight about it.


Later, when she was alone, Kalpana had reflected on that incident and wondered why she had become so angry. Was there some truth in Kapil’s suggestion that she found herself attracted to Shyam, she asked herself. After much struggle with her conscience, she had to acknowledge that that was in fact true. She was rather startled and angry with herself about that and resolved that she would never ever be unfaithful to Kapil. Just as she had salved her conscience with this resolution, a fresh thought sneaked into her mind.

What if “Sir” were to take me against my wish; she asked herself, her heart missing a pulsate.

Nonsense! “Sir” is such a gentleman; he would never do such a thing! All those nasty rumors about him cannot be true! She reassured herself.

Nevertheless, a vision of “Sir” holding her in a tight embrace suddenly flashed before her eyes. She started feeling breathless as she imagined his lips slowly descending towards her mouth and wondered whether she would have the strength to resist him, or whether she would even want to. A shiver went up her spine even as Kalpana made an effort to pull her mind out of that line of thought…


Although Shyam was long past the stage of actively pursuing women, he had lately found his thoughts dwelling on Kalpana. He had come to realize that just behind the façade of a carefully cultivated blandness of manner lurked a very attractive and sensual woman, occasionally revealing herself through a coquettish smile or a flash of her expressive eyes. Although her clothes were always modest, there was no doubt that they concealed a well endowed, shapely and very feminine figure. He was also aware that she enjoyed being around him, particularly in the late evenings. He had occasionally caught her looking intently at him with an appreciative half smile on her face when she thought he wasn’t looking.

“Well, well! What do we have here?” He asked himself reflectively. His heart skipped a pulsate as he speculated on what the future held in store for them…


Finally, Digital Marketing Consultancy was ready to make their presentation to Trident’s senior management about their recommendations to revamp the marketing at Trident’s subsidiary. The presentation was scheduled to begin at 11 AM on a Saturday. The venue was a small conference room at the business center of a downtown luxury hotel. Kalpana was well aware of the importance of the presentation. She wanted to make sure that everything went well and nothing was left to chance. She came to the venue at 8 AM, well before anyone else’s arrival & got busy with placement of the projector & slides, checking the flower arrangements, confirming the menu with the hotel staff and recapitulating in her mind the main points of the presentation. She was tense & nervous, but also excited.

That day, Kalpana wore a smart salwar kameez outfit. The kameez was thin, front opening white muslin, with little buttons running down to the navel. The neckline was oval shaped, with a modest amount of skin showing. It had dainty embroidery work on it. The plain white, snug fitting kameez was paired with bright printed cotton salwar and a matching printed dupatta. The dupatta was large, made from a very thin synthetic material that draped well and was so smooth that it tended to slip off with the slightest movement. Since the kameez was almost translucent, she wore a soft thin cotton slip underneath it, to preserve her modesty. She wanted to de-emphasize her generously proportioned bosom, so next to her skin she wore a soft tight fitting sports bra that flattened her breasts into rounded mounds. It also felt more comfortable in her present condition. Unfortunately, by flattening them out, the bra also squeezed her breasts sideways and up; the rounded curves peeped out of her otherwise modest neckline, with just a hint of cleavage showing. She saw this in the mirror with slight annoyance but covered it up with her dupatta…

Just as she was settling down, there was a sharp knock on the door and Shyam walked in. He was dressed in a white T shirt, shorts and trainers. He was sweating profusely and wiping his face with a large napkin. As per his Saturday routine, he had finished working out in the hotel’s health club and had decided to take a look at the arrangements for the presentation, before taking a shower.

“Hello Kalpana! How’s it going?” He asked. Kalpana’s nostrils flared as she smelt his strong masculine scent. Her heart thudded against her ribs and her mouth went dry. She had not been expecting anybody so early, least of all Shyam. Her nervousness and tension grew. Somewhere within her, she felt a tiny flame light up.

“Yes… Yes sir! Everything is under control. There… there’ll be no problem…” She stammered. Shyam could sense Kalpana’s nervousness.

“Good… good! But I think you just need to relax a bit. Let’s sit down and have some tea!” He said and ordered tea over the intercom.

“OK sir!” She whispered.

In her nervousness, Kalpana kept standing, her fingers fidgeting with her dupatta. It promptly slipped off her shoulders and Shyam’s eyes feasted on the plump curves of her breasts peeping out of the neck opening. She hurriedly covered up again but the dupatta kept slipping…

“Please take a seat!” Shyam said, indicating the chair next to his. He was seated at the head of the conference table.

“Thank you sir!” She whispered. The dupatta slipped and once again he was treated to the delightful sight of her full breasts swelling out of the neckline as her chest rose & fell in time with her erratic breathing.

The bell rang and the bearer brought in the tea and mixed it for them. They sipped tea while Shyam looked speculatively at her. Her dupatta was again in place. Her lower eyelids were inflamed. Her fingers once again fidgeted with the dupatta. She was nervous & tense as hell!

“Kalpana, just relax and take it easy!” He told her, concerned.

Their fingers touched as Shyam took the cup from her hand and placed it on the table. Kalpana shot a quick look at him before looking away, acutely aware of the fleeting touch. She rested her hands on the table and looked into her lap, breathing unevenly. He breathed in the delightful scent of her perfume as he walked over behind her and rested his hands lightly on her shoulders.

She wanted to protest this invasion of her personal space, but held her tongue, not wanting to create a scene. In fact, she felt an electric thrill at Shyam’s touch and shivered deliciously. The dupatta again slid off with her movement. From his vantage point, he could see down her neckline into the creamy darkness of her cleavage. That was not the only thing he saw. Her naughty nipples had tensed into hard little nubs and they easily pushed out the thin layers of sports bra, slip and kameez. Their outline was clearly visible, although she didn’t know it. Until then, Shyam had just wanted to press her shoulders, to relax her. Now, he suddenly felt a stirring in his crotch…

“Relax! Just close your eyes & enjoy!” Shyam whispered as Kalpana tried to wrap the dupatta around her shoulders. He gently but firmly moved her hands away and pulled off the dupatta. He slowly started massaging her tense shoulders.

“Uhh…!” She sighed softly after a while. In spite of herself, she felt her tense body unwind slowly and thanked herself for not making a scene. He continued his slow, gentle massage. Her nostrils twitched as they inhaled air suffused with his sweaty, male odor. Soon, she felt another kind of tension start building up in her. She quickly realized what it was and was shocked at herself. How could she respond that way to another man? She wanted him to stop, but couldn’t summon up the strength to protest…

“Unhh…” Instead, Kalpana uttered a low moan and inclined her head sideways. Her cheek brushed against his warm, damp forearm. He felt a spark course through his body. Blood rushed into his cock and he became hard. Her acute nose smelt his male musk.

“Ahhh…” Shyam sighed. His hands slipped down her shoulders on to her breasts and caressed them gently, over her kameez.

She was suddenly woken up from her trance.

“Sir… sir aap yeh kya kar rahe hain?”

“Sir… sir what are you doing?” She hissed, holding his wrists and trying to lift his hands off of her bosom.

“Wohi jo hum dono chahte hain!”

“What we both want.” He replied.

He easily pried her hands off his wrists and placed them firmly on the table before her. He then methodically unbuttoned her kameez down to her navel and pulled the kameez and the slip underneath it off of her shoulders and down her arms. He thrust his hands inside her sports bra and started kneading her large, beautiful breasts, occasionally stopping to pinch and twist her stiff nipples. She was so overwhelmed by his masculine persona and his status as the big boss that she was unable summon up the will to stop him. Also, a part of her wanted him to continue what he was doing. She did feebly try to move her hands but they did not obey her mind and remained inert on the table. She tried to wriggle out of his grasp but soon her resistance was stilled as her arousal mounted…

“Nnnhhh… nnnhhh…” She threw her head back and uttered little mewling sounds as he took his pleasure. He saw a tiny artery throb in the hollow between her collarbones and her throat was exposed and vulnerable, inviting to be kissed. He planted tiny kisses on her throat, starting at the base and moving up. He paused to nibble her dainty chin and finally stilled her moans when he covered her lips with his. They exchanged a deep, passionate kiss. Her tongue started responding to his, as it invaded her mouth and they enjoyed intimate moments of mutual pleasure.

While holding a plump breast in one hand, Shyam boldly pressed her mound with the other, over her clothes. Even through the layers of clothing he could feel the shape of a sanitary napkin. Kalpana was on her period! She clamped her legs together as she felt him groping her mound, inadvertently trapping his hand.

“Ruk jaiye sir! Yeh sab galat hai…! Sir, please sir!”

“Stop sir! This is all wrong…! Sir, please sir!” She pleaded, trying to lift his hand off of her crotch. My God! Is this really happening to me? She asked herself, desperately trying to stop him.

“Kyon? Kya galat hai? Kya tumne kabhi apne pati se nahi karwaya period ke dauran?”

“Why? What’s wrong? Have you never done it with your husband during your period?” Shyam challenged.

“Nahi nahi yeh baat nahi hai sir! Mai shadi shuda hoon…”

“No no, that’s not what I meant! I am married…” Kalpana stammered half heartedly, trying desperately to stick to her point, fighting her own arousal as much as Shyam’s aggression.

“Toh phir theek hai. Mai bhi shadi shuda hoon!”

“Then it’s OK. I too am married!” Shyam responded, pressing his hand even more firmly on her crotch.

She was thrown off balance by Shyam’s brazen assertion. She lost a few precious seconds as her mind groped for the right response, while he kneaded her breasts and his lips closed over hers. Then it was too late. Her weak protests stopped and she started moaning and whimpering. Shyam knew she had given up the fight.


“Come!” Shyam raised her from the chair and guided her, stumbling, to the attached bathroom. On the way he bolted the front door of the conference room shut.

“Sir, merey kapde kharab ho jayenge. Merey paas aur doosre nahi hain, please!”

“Sir, my clothes will get soiled. I don’t have a change, please!” She begged. She was no longer protesting the impropriety of his actions. She was merely apprehensive about the logistics. Shyam smiled.

“Tum fikr mat karo. Sub kuchh theek ho jayega. Bharosa karo!”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Trust me!” He assured her.

He folded the hems of her kameez and slip up around her waist and tied them securely in place with her dupatta. He loosened her salwar and it lay pooled around her ankles.

By now, Kalpana was reconciled to what he was about to do and started cooperating with him. She stepped out of her salwar and he hung it on a hook. He took off his shorts and boxers and for the first time she saw his hard, wet drooling cock. She stared, fascinated.

Shyam picked Kalpana up by her waist and seated her on the counter top. She rested her weight on her hands and let him pull off her panties and sanitary napkin. Now, it was his turn to stare. There was not a trace of hair on her pussy and was lightly smeared over her outer lips. The entire area was wet with her secretions and more fluid trickled out before his eyes. The strong smell of menstrual suffused the tiny bath room.

“Are you Muslim?” Shyam asked. He knew that Muslims are enjoined to keep their pubes hairless.

“Of course not!” Kalpana responded.

“Not to worry!” He murmured as he pushed the sports bra up and fondled her breasts.

“Aao, mujhe andar le lo!”

“Come, take me in!” He commanded, placing his cock head between her y lips, unmindful of a clot of that oozed out.

God! What is wrong with me? Why am I actually putting another man’s cock inside me? Kalpana thought hazily as her fingers felt the throbbing heat of Shyam’s cock. He felt her fingers on his shaft as she guided his cock into her opening and he thrust lightly.

Ohh! It’s so thick… so hot… so… so good! She thought as her hot, wet pussy was stretched open in a few thrusts and his hard cock lodged itself inside her. He felt her muscles tighten around his shaft as he buried it fully with a final thrust.

“Hmphh… hmphh… hmphh…” Shyam grunted rhythmically as he started fucking. His thrusts were slow, measured, deep and strong.

“Anhh… anhh… anhh…” Kalpana moaned in response, her eyes are tightly closed.

“Meri ore dekho na!”

“Look at me please!” Shyam commanded, stopping in mid thrust. Kalpana obeyed, opening her eyes and gazing into his through passion inflamed eyelids. He grasped her tiny waist while she clasped her legs around his hips as he started thrusting again, hard and deep, pulling out almost fully and then plunging his cock right up to the hilt.

“Anhh… anhh… anhh…ANHHH… AAAANHHHHH…!” Kalpana hit a wrenching climax in just a few hard thrusts. During her period her pussy, clitoris and breasts were so sensitive & tender that just a little stimulation was enough to send her over the cliff.

“Bas, sir! Ab aur saha nahi jayega mujhse!”

“Enough, sir! I can’t take it any more!” Kalpana told Shyam, pushing him away.

Shyam pulled out his thick, hard cock with a loud sucking sound. He had not yet ejaculated. They both looked with fascination at the smeared on his shaft and matting his pubic hair. Her pussy was y too and there was on the counter top. Shyam quickly put on his clothes, not minding the mess. With his damp, sweaty napkin he started to wipe off of her pussy.

“Uff!” Kalpana exhaled explosively and jerked her hips as the napkin rubbed her sensitive, engorged clitoris. Immediately, Shyam stopped and caressed her face till she recovered from friction of the rough fabric against her clitoris. He then continued to blot off of her pussy, taking care not to rub her sensitive skin. He also cleaned up the y counter top. Since her kameez and slip had been securely tied around her waist, and the salwar and panties had been taken off, her clothes remained clean, as he had promised.

“Please clean up and get ready for the presentation.” Shyam told Kalpana.

“Yes, yes sir!” She stammered gratefully.

He nodded and strode out after collecting his stuff. It was around 9:30 in the morning. Although there was still about an hour and half before the presentation was to start, she knew there was no time to lose. Her colleagues would start showing up in another half hour or so.

Kalpana quickly cleaned and washed herself, put her clothes on and refreshed her light makeup. She liberally sprayed cologne on her clothes and also in the bathroom to cover up the strong smell of menstrual that still lingered. She hoped it would dissipate before others arrived. After the hard climax, Kalpana felt wonderfully relaxed, fulfilled and free of tension, although her pussy and nipples were sore and tender. She felt a surge of confidence. Keeping her mind focused totally in the present, Kalpana primed herself for the presentation, shutting out all thoughts about what had happened between her & Shyam…

Shyam went to the drugstore in the shopping arcade and bought a couple of powder compacts and some safety pins. He opened the powder compacts and extracted the small, thin round powder applicators. He knocked on the door again just as Kalpana came out of the bathroom. Her face registered surprise as he strode in. She didn’t fail to notice the bulge in his crotch. His erection hadn’t fully subsided yet.

“Wear these inside your bra. I don’t want others to see your nipples!” Shyam told Kalpana, holding the powder applicators against her breasts. She didn’t flinch at his touch. An intimate bond had already been established between them. He also told her to use the safety pins to secure her dupatta.

“Yes sir. Thank you sir!” Kalpana whispered. Shyam smiled to acknowledge her thanks. He strode to the door and then suddenly paused and came back to her.

“Wait a minute. Let me do it!” Shyam murmured.

Kalpana stood, shocked into silence as Shyam once again unbuttoned her kameez and scooped her breasts out of her sports bra. He bent and licked her nipples till they became shiny with his saliva. He pressed the powder applicators against her wet nipples and then pulled the bra over her bosom.

“There! Now they will stay properly covered.” He whispered, patting her bosom possessively after he buttoned up her kameez. Kalpana could only nod dumbly.

“So are you feeling OK now?” Shyam asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes sir!” Kalpana replied, blushing.

“Good! During the presentation, make sure that you make eye contact with everybody.

People like that. And that includes me. Otherwise, people will suspect something’s going on between us. Got it?” Shyam asked.

“Yes sir!” She responded, looking shyly into his eyes. His gaze seemed to convey an unspoken message that he expected to finish their unfinished business soon…

Shyam had booked a suite at the hotel for his use on that day. He went up to his suite to shower, dress, eat breakfast and get ready for the presentation.


The presentation went off well. At the end of it, Trident’s MD congratulated Digital’s Mr. Srinivas for a job well done. Besides having been really impressed with the presentation, he also had a soft corner for Srinivas, because he was an ex-Trident hand. He also mentioned Kalpana by name and complimented Mr. Srinivas for having assembled a fine team. He jocularly threatened to steal her from Digital if Srinivas didn’t treat her well.

Being busy, Trident’s senior management people left soon thereafter, leaving Shyam and a few of his colleagues along with Srinivas, Kalpana and other Digital staffers to review and dissect the happenings during the presentation and excitedly plot their future strategy. Srinivas expressed his admiration for Kalpana’s performance, commenting on how confident, animated, enthusiastic and vivacious she was and how well she connected with everyone.

Kalpana blushed at all the praise coming her way, glancing at Shyam every once in a while. Her glances seemed to be asking him whether all the praise was for real and also thanking him for the great confidence booster and stress buster he had administered to her in the morning. Shyam’s smiles and nods seemed to confirm his agreement and acknowledge her thanks. During lunch break, Shyam found a few moments with Kalpana, out of others’ earshot.

“Please see me in my suite at 5 PM.” Shyam said in a quiet, matter of fact manner, turning away almost immediately to start talking to someone else.


At those words, Kalpana found herself crashing out of cloud nine to land on mother earth with an almost audible thud. She flinched as all the feelings of guilt for having betrayed her husband’s trust that she had managed to suppress for so long came rushing up, hitting her almost like a physical blow. She suddenly found herself in a cocoon, disconnected from others in the room who continued to eat and chat, unaware of her mental turmoil. She mechanically kept up the pretense of responding to others’ conversation, while her mind dwelt on the enormity of what had happened between Shyam & herself that morning. She barely held on to her composure while the others finished lunch and slowly dispersed; no doubt to enjoy a happy weekend with their families.

She burst into tears the moment she was alone. Great sobs wracked her body as she buried her face in her hands and let the tears flow. Memories of the many events & happenings in her married life came welling up, happy & sad, romantic, intimate, mundane, funny; their first night together, their first fight, the birth of their first baby, the holiday in Shimla… She remembered the comforting post coital closeness and intimacy she had shared with Kapil so many times in their long marriage. How could she have allowed herself to forget all that and let a stranger take her? No, she had not just allowed a stranger to take her; she had actually enjoyed being taken! Her guilt hurt her all the more because of the intensity of the climax she had experienced with Shyam. I am a slut and I deserve whatever punishment my husband gives me, she thought masochistically. Oh God! How am I ever going to face him! She wondered, cringing. Finally, Kalpana was so drained and exhausted, she nodded off to sleep, sitting at the conference table, head cradled in her arms resting on the table.


It was four thirty in the evening when Kalpana was woken up by a knock on the door. It was a hotel staffer who wanted to know whether she needed anything and enquiring whether she was ready to check out of the conference room.

Oh my goodness! She exclaimed to herself when she realized how long she’d been asleep. She asked for a cup of tea and retired to the bathroom to freshen up. Her eyes were swollen & puffy and her nose pink with all the weeping she had done. She washed her face and refreshed her makeup, running a brush through her hair. Her mouth felt like ashes and the tea was flat and tasteless. She barely sipped it. She had an empty, melancholy feeling in her heart as she mechanically signed out of the conference room and thanked the hotel staffer.

She deliberately composed herself and kept her mind completely blank as she took the elevator to the executive floor, where Shyam’s suite was located. She had absolutely no idea what she was going to say to him. She was sort of hoping that he would send her away after dissecting her performance during the presentation, strictly businesslike with no reference at all to what had happened between them in the morning. Then, she would go home, pretending that nothing had happened, it had all only been a dream…

Her composure vanished the moment the elevator bell dinged and the doors hissed open at the executive floor. By the time she walked to Shyam’s suite and knocked on the door, she was edgy & nervous, wiping sweat from her face and pushing back unruly locks of hair & tucking them behind her ears. It was exactly 5 PM. She knew Shyam appreciated punctuality.

The thought of not showing up at all, just walking away from the Digital job and the Trident project didn’t even cross her mind. After all, Kalpana was no quitter; and besides she was very conscientious and dedicated. Perhaps she felt duty bound to let Shyam complete the unfinished business of that morning…

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