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I had a boyfriend called Tariq, we enjoyed a great sex life and he adored my 34c 23 33 body and short height which makes my breasts look bigger, during school we often would sneak to the toilets where I would kneel in front of him while he hat on the toilet and sucked his cock. I really did enjoy sucking his cock, it felt so good to feel the large head easing past my lips and to feel the hard throbbing shaft in my mouth and he always thanked me by shooting his cum into my face. He loved seeing me on my knees with his cum on my cheeks begging for him to fuck me, but he was such a tease he would say no and make me wait until after school because that way he knew I’d be even hornier.

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One day while at school he had done just that but while I was cleaning up in the toilet he must have told some of his friends, I knew from the way they stared at me when I emerged from the toilet, I guessed what happened but that just made me feel hotter and hornier. Me and Tariq went back to his house after school as his parents were away on business, as soon as I stepped into the lounge he pushed me over the couch and with out any foreplay ripped my panties off and rammed his fat cock into my tight pussy. I buried my face into the couch and moaned and screamed as he gave me what I had been dying for all afternoon, it didn’t take long for me to cum and before long he too shot a hot squirt of cum deep into my pussy. As I lay there with his cum leaking out of my tight hole he slapped my ass cheeks really hard, as I cried out he told me it was punishment for being such a slut, he said he’d seen the look on my face when I realized that he had told his friends about us. he said I deserved to be punished and with that he went to the kitchen, he soon returned and when I looked up to watch him come back I realized we were not alone, he had invited 3 friends back!

They had all been watching me as Tariq fucked me and were now all standing looking at my exposed pussy and stroking there bulges through their pants. Ryan the biggest of them all slowly starting walking towards me as he undid his fly and let his enormous black cock spring out. He said he was going to make me pay for being such a slut and grabbed me by the hair and pushed his cock into my mouth. He just rammed it right down my throat and I soon felt his balls banging against my chin as I struggled to breath his cock was so big. I soon got used to the size and began to suck hard and let out little moaning noises, this was the cue for the other 2 boys to start stripping the rest of my clothes off. Mike and Martin (both white) now had completely naked as I sucked ryans hard cock and then someone started to lick my pussy( I later found out it was martin) if I hadn’t got a cock in my mouth I would have screamed with delight. After licking at my pussy lips and nibbling my clit for a while martin then decide he was going to fuck me. He lay on the floor and lowered me onto his cock while Ryan stood in front of me and continued to fuck my mouth. As I bounced on martins wide cock I suddenly felt mikes hands on my breasts where he started pinching the nipples hard as I fucked and sucked my boyfriends friends cocks.

Mike soon got bored with my tits and began to rub my ass, he then licked a finger and pushed it deep in to my anus and started to finger it hard I was squeezing martins cock hard with my pussy and just as an orgasm shuddered through me Ryan emptied his balls into my mouth pumping my mouth so full of cum that I couldn’t swallow it all and some dripped on to my hard nipples. He immediately licked it off and then told Tariq it was his turn for my mouth. tariq had all this time just been watching as he stroked his cock and wasted no time in slapping me in the face with it before plunging it into my mouth. Martin was now moaning loudly as I squeezed and bounced on his cock and soon flooded my pussy with its second load of cum that day. As soon as he withdrew his cock I dropped on all fours and offered my now open ass to Mike, he tried to push his cock in but I was still too tight so he slipped it into my cum filled pussy covering his cock in cum and then easily slid it in too my anus. I felt his balls touch my pussy lips and knew he was all the way in, he then started to ease his cock in and out my ass banging his balls against my sensitive pussy with each in stroke, the feeling was fantastic, that great pleasure as he pushes mixed with the slight hint of pain soon had me cumming again. I could no longer suck Tariqs cock as well as just knelt there, screaming loudly as I was fuckedhard in the ass.

The other boys all stood in front of me wanking their cocks shouting encouragement to mike as he pumped my ass, “give it to the bitch, fuck the sluts tight ass mike, make the dirty whore beg for you to cum” The encouragement worked for mike who soon began twitching and jerking as he started to cum in my ass, wave after wave of cum filled my ass. he then slid his sticky cock out of my hot sticky hole and sat back on the floor admiring the view of my cum leaking anus and pussy. Ryan then grabbed and flipped me over so that I was lying on my back and kneeling down began to wank his cock hard as he ordered me to finger myself, obeying I slipped a couple of finger in my pussy and began finger fucking myself hard and moaning really loud.

Martin and Tariq knelt down either side of me and wanked too and soon all three of them started to cum over my body, in my face and hair, on my breasts and over my flat stomach. With that I stopped fingering and lay there, completely exhausted with their cum drying to my skin. Ryan said to me “bitch, you really are a horny slut, next time I want your tight ass hole” As I lay there too tired to move martin asked me if I was going to take a shower to clean up before going home, Tariq told him the shower was broken and martin replied “I’ll clean her then” and with the that he pulled his cock back out from his pants and with a sigh of relief started to piss all over my body, at first aiming for my face he drowned me head to toe in urine and the kissing me good night left with the others.

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