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Friends this is a true story of my family and how I was able to tame my father’s elder brother’s tai (this aunt is called Tai in Indian culture).

This is a true sex story of my family. My family lives in a village of Gujrat in India. It consists of my father , mother , me and my tai. My father’ s elder brother died about 18 Years back in a road accident, and at that time I was just a little child of about 2 years old. My uncle was the choudhry ( the landlord and big wig ) of the village. He owned a vast piece of land and also a big shop in the village, where almost everything from grocery to clothes to lady items etc etc. was available. My father is not so brilliant in mind and also calculations, so he was just a shadow of my uncle. My uncle used to give items on credit to villagers and when they could not pay back , he used to get their lands in his name and in this way he acquired big wealth, but my father had nothing in his name and he was just like an employee of my uncle.

After the death of my uncle , we used to live in the same house as usual , the house was owned by uncle and now his all wealth was in the name of my tai.

Now let me introduce all in the family, my tai is about 55 years old , a plump lady , very fair in color and having big melons . Her body is to die for. My father is a timid man of about 54 Years and my mother 50 years . Now I am a young boy of 19 years old and studying in 10+2 means 12th class in the village. The village school is only up to 12 class, so next year I am supposed to go to college nearby city.

The family business is run by my parents but controlled by tai. She is the owner but my parents are just like her servants. She does not like the idea of my going to college but wants me to help in business, which means I will have to be her servant, like my parents. She is always dominating and nagging in nature. I don’t know the reason but she is always after me and my parents. She never missed a small chance to nag me or my father or my mother. I hate her as she never missed a chance to show us our position in the house that she is the owner.

Many a times I feel like killing her. When she insults my parents, my anger knew no bounds, but my parents always try to calm me saying that it is their destiny, as the don’t own anything so they have to bear with the tai.

Tai is always at home and my father mother at farm house or shop, then in the evening my poor mother have to cook dinner , though tai can engage servants but she does not. Perhaps she is satisfied with the servant in my mother. But we all are helpless.

These are some of the reasons for which I hate tai. I was always looking for an opportunity to take revenge with my tai. Let me explain that till now I had never looked upon my tai as a sex object. Actually such thoughts never came in my mind, I just hated that bitch and wanted to kill her, to humiliate her or to make the things square with her.

In this background there came a day when I got a chance to take revenge with my nagging and bitch tai.

One day , some local leader died and there was a holiday declared in the school. As the school was closed very early, I came back to home. At that time , my parents were at shop, and there was supposed to be only my tai at home. When I reached home, I found the main gate open, It was closed but not latched from inside, though it was supposed to be latched. Perhaps my tai has forgotten to close it. I sneaked in from the door and went to my room, kept my books and came out in the drawing room. Nobody was there, I called my tai but no response, I got frightened. Perhaps some thief has broken in the house and has even overpowered my tai for the money etc. I quietly went to all rooms but there was no sign of my tai or anyone. Then I heard some sound from the bathroom. I went there and found the door was not closed and I could see my tai fully nude and taking bath inside. Perhaps she had forgotten to latch the door of main gate and there was no need to close the door of bath room as she was the only one at home at that time and no one was supposed to come then.

It was the first time when I saw a female body fully nude. Till then my knowledge of the female body was confined only to some porn photos seen with my friends or some porn MMS seen in my friends mobiles, I didn’t have any computer / mobile or internet, so my own knowledge was very little. Though being a young man of 19 years , I had erections and there used to be some nasty thoughts coming in my mind whenever I saw the girls of my class, but I didn’t had any experience. I used to masturbate regularly and only this one was my sex life till then. My tai was totally oblivious of my presence and she was taking bath. She just had taken out her clothes and had stepped under the shower.

Finding my bitch tai in bathroom, the very first thought came to my mind was that this is the right time and opportunity to take revenge with my tai. I thought of bringing a knife from the kitchen and kill that bitch there only. I was standing outside the gate of bathroom and sneaking from the crack in the door. My tai had no inclination of my presence and she was busy in her bath humming some local song, and she was just lost to herself.

I was watching my tai in nude. This was the first time for me to see a fully grown lady in nude. Her complexion was whitish and she was plump. Her melons were big, as she was having her back towards me, I could not see her nudity from front side but could see her hanging jugs from sides. Her boobs must be 38DD , though I was not experienced enough for the size , but they were huge and also her butts were gigantic. Her tummy was a bit round as for her age. This was the first time seeing my tai in that way. Boys she was not hot but hottest.

The thought of killing her vanished somewhere from my mind and I was just looking at her . My lund was fully erect and standing in pants as a pole. It has grown to a size it had never grown and was rigid like an iron rod. Now I was enjoying the body of my tai.

After some time , I came back to my senses and again the idea of taking revenge from my tai came in my mind. Before I could move to the kitchen to fetch a knife , another idea came and I smiled to myself. Why not to fuck that bitch there. I will enjoy and also will take revenge. The moment the idea of fucking a lady for the first time in my life came to my mind, my lund jerked and grew more in size and also became so tight and erect that it hurt in my pants. I took my lund out and now was simply caressing its full length. My lund is of big size for my age. It is about 8 inches in length but much bigger in girth. The sight of a beautiful lady fully nude before me , took away the idea of knife and now I decided to rape that bitch for revenge.

I took out my lund and took it my hand and slowly started walking towards my tai. My tai was rubbing soap on her body , She had already put soap on her face and her eyes were closed so that the soap may not go in her eyes. Slowly and without making any sound I reached behind her. She had bent a little and was facing the wall and trying to apply soap on her legs. Due to that she was now bent from her waist down and was actually somewhat in a doggy style. Her beautiful gand ( anus) was facing me. This was the most erotic sight of my life. I was seeing the rear gateway to heaven for the first time in my life. The sight of her pink anus was so beautiful and erotica that now my lund was just like an iron rod. It was jerking uncontrollably and had grown to its maximum length and girth.

I thought that instead of fucking / raping her in the cunt, why not fuck that bitch in the anal, as it will be more painful for a lady and I will fuck her and as well as take my revenge.

Slowly I reached behind her and put my lund on her anal opening. Before it that she could make it that someone is there behind her , I grabbed both her shoulders and gave a solid thrust and with one jerk about 2 inches of my lund slipped in her anus. She screamed ” Aaaayyyyyeeeeeeeee ” and tried to leap forward to save from the severe pain in her gand. But I kept her in place and gave another jerk and my lund went half way in. She cried on full volume “OOOOOOOHHHHH AAAYYYYYEEEEEEE Oh God” She was trying her best to move forward and to take my lund out of her gand now.

I was in no mood to leave the bitch now. There was steep pain in my lund. The anus was totally dry. There was no soap or lubrication on the gand so my lund was just on fire. It was just burning. The pain was so much to bear. My tai was screaming like hell. The pain in her was much more than mine and it was just unbearable for her. Also she was a widow for the last about 18 -19 years hence there was no question of any lund going in her cunt , what to speak of in her gand ( anus). She was crying now and giving me abuses ( to anyone who was fucking her in gand). Her abuses aroused me and I increased my speed. My lund was getting red due to the rubbing it was getting from her gand. My lund was going in and out of her gand like a railway piston. My tai was crying with pain and tears were running on her cheeks. She was trying to wipe her face and to open her eyes to see, who I was . But the speed of thrusts were so fast that she was unable to do anything. She had put both her hands on the wall and was now holding the water tap to save her from falling down. I was grabbing her from the waist and was fucking her with full speed. This was my first fuck in life and that also in the gand. My lund was burning like hell, perhaps her tight and dry gand had peeled its skin . She was weeping and requesting me to stop that assault on her. She was pleading to leave her as the pain in her gand was so much to bear. But her cries and tears rolling on her cheeks were giving me so relief that all my pent up emotions against her were getting solace. I was now fucking her like hell . My speed of jerking was so much . I was taking my lund out of her gand just till that the cap of my lund was inside her and then again I gave another full thrust that the lund again disappeared inside her gand. She was crying with intense pain , but now she was not crying in full volume , perhaps she was fearing that some neighbors may hear her and it may become a scandal.

My orgasm was nearing now and as I was nearing my discharge, I increased my speed automatically. Now I was panting and breathing uncontrollably . My tai was crying and requesting to be left alone . She was crying ” Oh God, save me — save me ” .

My lund was burning and the pleasure was turning in pain. Perhaps the tightness of her gand was so much for me or perhaps my speed was so much now.

I sensed my coming orgasm and increased my speed. My tai was holding the water tap with both her hands to save her from falling as my thrust were like an animal.

Now it was about 10 minutes, since I was raping her. As my orgasm was nearing I increased the speed and with one final thrust , I thrust my lund fully inside her and the hot lave traveled from the inside of my lund towards her anal cave. I cried ” OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH my God ” and with one final jerk I sent all my lund in her gand and just fell on her back . Her gand was sucking all the cum from my lund.

I must have deposited about half a liter cum in her anus and perhaps she was also feeling her orgasm for the first time in 18-19 years , as her gand was just sucking my lund . It was opening and closing and giving jerks. But perhaps her solace was more in my stopping the thrusts. After a minute I came back in my senses and the fear of what I had done came over me.

I jerked backwards , and my lund came out of her gand. Her hand automatically came to her anus and started rubbing it. I immediately took hold my pants , which were falling on my knees now. And without even tightening it, I ran towards the door and before it that my tai could open her eyes after cleaning them of the soap on it, I ran out of the bathroom . I ran towards the main gate and opening it , I ran outside.

My tai regained her composer now. She was feeling unbearable pain in her gand. She wiped her eyes off he soap and tried to find , as to who had raped her , but I had already ran away. There was no one in the house . There was so much pain in her gand that she had no courage to go anywhere or to find out that as to who had fucked rather raped her in the gand, so she just went to her room and took a bottle of ointment and applied it liberally on her gand so that the pain in her may subside . Now that the pain had somewhat receded, her cry had stopped and wiping her tears she fell on the bed thinking as to what had just happened to her and specially who it can be who has done this all to her.

She kept lying there for long time thinking and involuntarily rubbing her gand as it was still paining very much. After a long time she went into sleep and after a very long time she slept for long hours.

I kept sitting in the garden thinking, what had I done to my tai in the fit of anger and thinking about the consequences of it. It was only in the evening that I could muster courage to come back to home.

What happened afterwards is a different story and I will narrate it in the next part. Thank you all very much for reading my story. I really appreciate your feedback. For more Indian adult stories subscribe to our website. You can also submit your stories on our archives of sexy stories online.