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My wife and I were on a trip to northern Europe and had made an AirBnB reservation for the night. It was early in the evening when we found the address. As we pulled into the driveway, our hostess, Emma, stepped out of what appeared to be a former standalone garage that had been fixed up into a cozy guest house. As we got out of the car Emma greeted us warmly, giving us both warm, lingering hugs that felt very welcoming. Emma had just been finishing up cleaning her guest space as we arrived, so she had her blonde hair up in a big, messy bun and she was wearing a somewhat tattered t-shirt and jeans shorts; nothing glamorous. Even so, she was beautiful. She was fairly tall for a woman, probably about 5′ 10″, and her legs were long and toned. But what really caught my attention was her face. Her smile seemed to light up the space around her and made it impossible to look away from her, even as her eyes seemed to look right inside you.

Emma led us inside the guest house and showed us around. I noticed that Emma’s smile was having the same effect on my wife, Janet, as it was on me; Janet seemed almost mesmerized every time Emma turned toward her. Emma made several playful comments about how much she hoped we would enjoy our time there, noting that the bed was sturdy enough for any type of activity and that the shower was large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 people at once. (It actually was the biggest shower I’ve ever seen in Europe!) My wife, who is normally quite shy about any type of sexual conversation, seemed to feel very comfortable with Emma and assured her that we would not let that 2-person shower capacity go to waste.

As we stepped back outside Emma pointed out a hot tub that was immediately behind the main house. She said that she planned to spend some time soaking later that evening and that we were welcome to join her if we’d like to. I replied that it sounded nice but that we hadn’t brought swimsuits with us on this trip. Emma flashed another of her beautiful smiles before replying, “Good. I prefer not to wear one myself. Now I won’t have to since you’ll both be bare too.” I chuckled at her response even as my wife, turning a bit red, started to mumble something. But Emma immediately started telling us about restaurants in the area, and the moment passed.

A few minutes later Emma headed into the main house. Janet and I got our bags from the car, took them into the guest house, and unpacked a few things. We then got in the car and went to one of the nearby restaurants that Emma had suggested. As we were talking over dinner Janet asked, “Was she joking when she said she was going to get in the hot tub naked?”

I responded that I wasn’t certain but that I thought she really meant it. I asked Janet if she would be comfortable getting in the hot tub naked, and she wasn’t sure. Personally I loved the idea. I enjoy being naked myself, I enjoy seeing my wife naked, and the thought of possibly getting to see Emma naked was exciting. Janet and I had been married nearly 20 years, and I hadn’t seen another naked woman in person in all that time. Janet is beautiful: 5’6, long red hair, brown eyes, 36DD boobs, and a beautiful face. I consider myself lucky to be married to her, but I had not been able to get Emma off my mind since meeting her earlier that evening.

And I could tell that Janet was thinking about her too. Janet is mostly straight; her only sexual experiences with women were a couple of tentative explorations during her university days. But she enjoyed looking at pretty women and would often point out an especially hot woman to me. We occasionally fantasized about having another woman join us in bed, and Janet would often have particularly strong orgasms during those fantasies. I could tell that Janet found Emma attractive. But I suspected Janet was also apprehensive about the idea of being naked in front of tall, thin Emma. Janet is curvy and thinks of herself as being overweight even though she’s really not, at least not enough to make her unattractive.

I assured Janet that if we got back and found that Emma really was serious about getting in the hot tub naked that I would leave it up to Janet to decide whether or not to join her and that I’d be happy either way. We went on to talk about other things as we finished our dinners. Janet uncharacteristically decided to forego dessert.

It was dark when we arrived back at Emma’s place, but the back yard was lit up with several lights. As we came around the corner from the driveway we found Emma sitting in the hot tub, and it was immediately obvious that she was naked, or at least topless. Her smallish, perky boobs were bobbing right at the surface of the water, sometimes submerged and sometimes gloriously visible as she moved about. She called us over and asked us about our dinner. I struggled to maintain eye contact as we talked, but my eyes kept wandering lower. Emma noticed but didn’t say anything; she just gave me a discreet wink. Janet was sounding a bit flustered through the conversation and having trouble making complete sentences; I think she was just as distracted by Emma’s boobs as I was. Emma renewed her invitation for us to join her if we would like to.

As we walked into the guest house I asked Janet what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to try it, but she admitted that she was a bit self-conscious because Emma was so thin and she was not. I assured her that I love her curves and that seeing her next to Emma certainly wasn’t going to change that. After exhaling a deep breath, Janet quietly said, “I’ll do it.” And she immediately started undressing. I quickly followed suit, and soon we were both naked. Janet wrapped a towel around herself and peeked out the window once more before slowly opening the door and starting out into the yard. I felt like there was no point hiding behind a towel that was going to be removed in minutes, so I just carried mine in my hand and followed Janet out the door.

I could see a slight reddish tint coloring Janet’s cheek as we walked over to the hot tub. She was embarrassed and uncomfortable, but she kept going. One of the things that I love about about Janet is that once she commits to do something, she does it. Emma gave us a big smile and invited us to join her in the hot tub. As Janet stepped in Emma stood and gave her a big hug. Seeing these 2 beautiful women naked and hugging, their breasts pressing together, was a fantastic sight, one that I can still picture in memory. I followed Janet into the hot tub, and Emma turned to hug me, my now semi-hard cock poking her in the waist as she did so. She gave me another quick wink as she pressed her breasts against my chest.

“I take it this is your first time being naked in a hot tub, at least with anyone else”, Emma said as we sat down. I was across from Emma in the small hot tub and Janet was between us. Emma continued, “I can tell you’re a bit uncomfortable with it, which is not unusual for Americans. But I’m happy that you decided to give it a try.” Janet admitted that it felt scary to be naked in front of such a fit, sexy woman. Emma replied that Janet was the sexiest woman present and that she was jealous of Janet’s curves. Janet beamed at the compliment, and I could see that she was feeling more confident and comfortable.

Emma told us about some of the other guests she’d had over the years. One of the best stories was about an American couple who had seemed quite conservative at first. They not only didn’t get in the hot tub naked, but the woman wore a very conservative one-piece swimsuit. However as they sat their talking the woman had discreetly reached over and touched Emma under the water where her husband couldn’t see. Later that night Emma awoke to a tapping on her window and looked out to find the woman standing in the yard outside her bedroom. She went around to the back door and let the woman in, and the woman immediately started kissing and fondling her. They ended up having sex together for a couple of hours before the woman went back to her husband in the guest house.

I could see Janet was aroused by this story, and as I slid my hand up her thigh she spread her legs to give my fingers easy access. I slipped a couple of fingers inside her pussy and slowly rubbed my thumb against her clit. “Are you a lesbian?”, Janet asked Emma. Emma laughed and said she didn’t like being tied down by labels. She said she’d started out mostly straight but then gone through a few years where she enjoyed being with women most of the time. But she admitted that although she enjoyed sex with women, the feeling of a hard cock thrusting into her turned her on in a way that nothing else could. Then she said, “I bet you enjoy that one sitting next to you. I just got a quick look as he walked out here, but it looked like a nice one.”

Of course I loved hearing that. Janet turned to smile at me for a moment and then wrapped a hand around my cock while replying to Emma that she did enjoy my cock and that this conversation had made it completely hard. Emma said, “I bet it looks even better that way.” Then Janet asked her if she’d like a better look at it. Emma said she’d love to, and Janet told me to stand up and give her a peek.

The water was deep enough that when I stood up only the tip of my cock was visible above the waterline. So Janet told me to sit up on the side of the hot tub. I did and Emma moved over closer to get a good look. I was a little embarrassed to be put on display this way, but I was aroused enough to not mind it too much. Especially when Emma asked Janet if she could touch it. Janet invited her to go right ahead, and Emma closed her hand around my cock and started to slowly stroke it. I didn’t notice at first, but I was thrilled when I realized a few seconds later that she had also started caressing Janet’s breasts with her other hand.

This went on for a bit and then Emma asked Janet if she could get a better look at her as well. Janet paused at this. I could tell she was still feeling self-conscious and that the idea of having Emma take a good look at her body was a bit scary. But she was also very turned on, and in the end that feeling won. Janet moved up onto the side of the hot tub next to me and spread her legs. Emma commented on how sexy she looked and then began tracing a finger slowly up and down each side of Janet’s clit. Janet shuddered with pleasure, which was all the encouragement Emma needed to take it further. She winked at me and then lowered her head between Janet’s legs and started licking her. The way Janet moaned made it very clear that she liked what Emma was doing.

Emma was still slowly stroking my cock as she licked my wife’s pussy. I was unsure how far either of the women wanted this to go and was trying to decide what I should do next when Emma pulled back a bit, looked Janet in the eye, and asked her if she could borrow her husband’s cock. Without even the slightest pause Janet told her to go ahead. Emma then motioned for me to get behind her before moving her head back between Janet’s legs.

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that. I moved around behind Emma, and guided my cock into her warm, wet pussy. This was my first time in 20 years sliding into a pussy other than Janet’s, and it was incredible. Because Emma was taller than Janet, the angle was different from what I was used to when I would enter Janet from behind while leaning her over against a counter or table. That, more than any other physical difference, made this seem like a new and different experience. The fact that this sexy woman was eating out Janet and the moans of pleasure coming from Janet’s mouth made it even hotter. She must have been really good at it because before long Janet’s moans changed to the high pitched whimpers she makes when she’s having a good orgasm. As Janet’s orgasm subsided Emma pulled back a bit and started quietly talking in her own language. We couldn’t understand the words, but it was clear she was enjoying the fucking she was getting. Suddenly she let out a couple of short screams and I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock. I had been struggling to hold back my own orgasm, but this made it impossible and I started spurting into her. As our orgasms subsided and I regained the ability to focus my eyes, I saw Janet wink at me. Then Janet said that she’d always thought it would be hot to watch me fuck another woman, but that this had exceeded her expectations. Emma kissed her cheek and thanked Janet for letting her borrow my cock. Then we all slid back down into the water to warm up again as the night air was a little chilly.

We quietly chatted for a few more minutes, and then Janet said she was ready for bed. We thanked Emma for introducing us to naked hot tubbing, and she thanked us for being open minded and willing to share. As we stepped out of the hot tub, Janet didn’t even try to cover up at all; she’d completely lost her earlier shyness. Once Janet and I got in bed we gently made love to each other, savoring the familiarity and connection of just the two of us, before falling into a deep, contented sleep. And before leaving the next morning, we enjoyed a shared shower.

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