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Hi everyone around.I am smitha and im a 26 year old house wife.I am married to sandeep couple of years ago and im enjoying my life quite well in the metro. The Hot Sex Story, I am going to narrate is my sexperience with my brother-in-law,Pradeep. Even though I am not very adventurous desi wife my situation has taken control of to have sex with pradeep.

He is a great flirt even though he just 19 when he fucked me.May be its my voluptuous structure thats making him an even bigger flirt of me.He would never miss a chance to steal a glimse of my milky globes which are more than a fistfull for him.There are a numerous incidents where he tried to rub his limbs to my arse or boobs.

Hot Sex Stories

Actually myself and sandeep were staying in an appartment alone and having a great life untill pradeep came in to have some coaching in the city. Now we are having a hell of a great life. Sandeep as he is doing job in an emerging software company he will always have to put that extra effort in the company which means extra pleasure for both of us.

All this seducing episode from pradeep has started very recently. Infact he was a virgin untill he lost it to my pussy where his very own brother lost it. It was monday morning, me and sandeep woke up early.As he is to go to the office by 8 I had to hurry with all the early household work. Pradeep’s coaching starts at 10 so he can wake up late so he is still sleeping in his room.

I was wearing a red cotton sarry and a matching blouse and there is nothing inside my faintly transparent blouse which if observed keenly can make my dark nipples visible over my white tanned boobs.I rushed through most of the work and has sent sandeep to office. The I started to mop the floor.

I was carrying a bucket of water a cloth with my sarry below my belly button exposing navel and with tight blouse which gives a very clear out line of my breasts and loose pallu. I went on to mop the floor of our bedroom and went to the next. Pradeep was still sleeping there on the bed. He was jus just wearing a boxer and was exposing his sensous body.

He had a athletic and strong body.I never had any bad intentions untill then but just for a secound felt that itching between legs. I then started to mop the floor by sitting on my knees and bending forward and most of my clevage is clearly visible from the front with my pallu is loose.

Even though I was busy mopping the floor I constantly kept looking at him, the boxer has not covered more than his thighs and I had a great view of his tight buttocks.He wore no shirt and his body is great to watch.I finished moping on one side and went to other where I was facing him, he was lying side on.

It was almost time and had to wake him up but I thought otherwise to just enjoy looking at him and continued mopping while feeding my eyes.And at one moment when I looked up, he was feeding his eyes on my cleavage while I was bending to mop.i know what he must be thinking, he would love to have my nipples on tongue and my globes squeezed under his palms.

But when I saw straight at him, he just pretended to sleep.So I thought to play it naughty, with the name of waking him up I kept my cold palm on his naked thigh and pushed him he didnt wake up, i knew he was acting. He simply changed his angle as if sleeping upright. There was a huge tent under his short where he wore nothing underneath.

Next thought is to reach the top of his tent and hold his bulb.In the name of waking him up from sleep I raised my hand and jus when I was about to reach his manhood the clock has struck 8.I came back to conscious and I was taken aback.What am I doing? The situation is quite hot in the room I just took the bucket and came out of the room.

I continued with other works and called out pradeep to wake up.He woke up and came into the hall, he still wore nothing on top and could see the tent is still on.He is daring me now I can feel it but I kept my cool.I gave him tea and told him I am going to bath and took the towel and went into the attached bathroom.

The handle lock of the door is broken and it left back a small hole to the bathroom door, as much as a 25 paise coin. But I least expected him to take advantage of it.I slowly strated to undress. Took the sarry off and placed it on the hanger and the unhooked my blouse and my boobs have sprung to life like birds released from a cage.

Then I pulled the string of my undergarment below as it dropped to the floor.I placed them all on the hanger.The next thing I did was I reached to my hairy pussy with my right hand and was not surprised its wet.I know it needs some nice trashing.I smelled the hand and them I cupped my boobs with my hand felt proud of my sexy structure. My nipples were hard. i pinched them playfully.

I still had this naughty feeling to have my pussy filled by pradeep but was unable find courage. Out I excitement I slowly bent down stcking my arse in the air and peeped through the hole of the door wanting to watch pradeep. I never expected it but the sexual urge I me wanted to watch him and I got it.

He slowly walked into the room and opened the wardrobe and searched and pulled out my bra from it. He buried his face into it and smelled it like a dog.He then reached for his pole inside the boxer and brought it out with his right hand and placed my white bra over his dick and rubbed it.

At that moment I felt like he is gently stroking his penis in between my boobs while I was holding them together.I was seriously getting wet in my pussy.I kept my middle finger deep inside and started to stroke it while watching him play with his penis infront of the dressing mirror. Then he walked forward and started coming towards the bathroom door.

I know what he is going to do next. I immediately moved under the shower and took my position. Opened the shower fully and got hold of the knob with one hand for grip and bent forward slightly and reached my pussy with another hand.I closed my eyes tightly and was imagining being banded from behind like fucking dog by my pradeep. There was intense urge for sex.

I increased my speed of stroking and was gently touching my clitoris regularly and finally came to climax after sometime.I stayed like a rock for a minute catching my breath.I turned around and peeped thorugh the hole but didnt find him. Guess he has spilled his seed.The I finished my bath and came out in towel, it was just about covering my nipples but revealing my cleavage and hardly covering my knees.

I was really exited with the course of things, i walked to the bed room door as I would generally dress up with the door closed.As I was about reaching the door I saw pradeep sitting straight to door in the hall.The door is half closed and if it is fully open then he would be sitting straight to the dressing table in the bed room.I thought I to give him a nice show, so I opened the door ever soo slowly.

Now he can directly see the dressing mirror.I started to dress up behind the door so he can clearly watch my juicy body through the mirror.I dropped the towel to the floor making myself completely nude.I know he will be watching me.I am expecting him to take chance but he never did.I have dressed up.

I wore the white bra which he rubbed against his dick a few minutes ago and wore a skin colour blouse to arouse him and wore a matching Saree. I made sure I did wore it below my belly button. The blouse was tight and my boobs were pressed up revealing my cleavage. Now I am mentally fixed to have taste of his cock.But I should tempt him to make the move.

I know he is burning with desire to taste my pussy juices.I went out very normally and asked him to get ready, then he replied that he will not go out today.Now I know he too is planning something naughty. I served him the breakfast after he has brushed and I finished all the work. Finally I came and settled in front of the TV.We both sat in the individual chairs.

He still was wearing the short and his cock is throbbing from the side of his boxer I could the buldge quite clearly. He kept some channel and placed the remote on his thigh.I reached for the remote and by the back of the hand touched his cock.There was slight moment in him but still he not getting courage.

I have changed the channel and placed the remote on my lap and kept my hand behind the head giving him a nice view of globes side on.There were rabbits in the rooms beside the tv which we used to pet.Sudden they started to fuck madly and there was that funny sound. He then asked me innocently what are they doing?

I smiled and said they got the age and doing what they have to.Then he reached for the remote in my lap and pressed it against my pussy gently and touched my thigh.I am getting very exited. Then I asked him to go to bath.Then he went and removed his cloths and tied the towel. Then I called to get something from in attic in the kitchen.

He climbed up on the chair while I was holding it.I could have clear view of his manhood from under. He knew why I asked him to climb the attic now, he saw the excitement in me and the way I was watching his dick.He then let the towel to fall to the floor and stood naked on the chair with his dick standing like a beacon.

Ohh he said and before he could get down I caught his penis with my hand and gave a gentle stroke.”What is this pradeep” “Sorry Bhabhi”.” Its not time to sorry”.”You need punishment, give me a massage right now.”

As I stood there he hesitantly has removed my Saree and the with both hands started to unhook my bra and with my hand I reached his standing dick and pulled him closer and started to stroke it gently and could see on his face he was enjoying it. As he unhooked me my erect nipples came out and my boobs have sprung to life.

He took them both in his hands like a hungry cat and he started to suck my nipples. I held his face and took him off my boobs and kissed him on his lips.He never kissed anyone like this I knew it the way he is doing it to me. I then made myself nude in-front of him completely.

Pushed him on to the bed and spread his legs.Took his dick deep into my mouth and started to suck it.

He just gave a shiver. He didnt know what to do.He held the bed spread with his hand and the other was place on my head and he was pushing me on to his cock. I took his balls into my mouth and was playing his penis with my hand and as I was about to increase the speed he just exploded and the cum was sprayed over my face. He innocently said sorry.

Then I said no problem and I sat on the bed and asked him to lick my pussy. He hesitantly went down and brought out his tongue and placed it over my clitoris. I was just over the cloud nine. And as he went on to work out with my hairy pussy I was rubbing my nipple and was swearing out loud.He is really a good licker though he was hesitant in the starting.

He was licking me soo much but I never was at climax but he got back his erection. He was gasping for breath.Then I made him lay down and mounted on cock to ride it. As I sat heavily on it the dick just deep into my pussy.I gently started to ride his cock. As was increasing speed he loved every bit of it. And finally we came together.

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