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I got really sick at 18 and my dad and mom took me to all kinds of doctors to be able to treat me but none were successful.

One day, one of my dad’s colleagues told him about a doctor a few hours away in another town that they say is so good he can heal almost any disease.

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First, let me describe my parents. My dad is 45 years old at the time. He is medium size, not very tall but also not very short. He was a soldier and due to that he had a nice firm body. He was considered a nice looking man in the town but he was envied more for my mother.

My mother was a bombshell. Seven years younger than dad, some considered her a trophy wife. She was as tall as dad with a fair complexion, white skin, blue eyes and long legs. Her slender body was able to hold two melon sized tits that defined her and made her shine among all other women in the town. Her ass made all the men stare when she passed because it was so firm. Mom went to the gym daily to stay in shape especially after the C-section she went through to give birth to me.

Dad took an appointment from the secretary of the doctor and we went a week later. When arriving to the clinic, we found out it was in a poor part of the village and it was in a large wooden house that was used as the medical center.

Entering the clinic, we found a voluptuous blond secretary sitting at the reception. When she saw us she smiled and asked for our names. Dad told her we had an appointment and she excused herself to tell the doctor we were here. When she was going to the other room, we noticed that this secretary was pregnant, her belly prominent in front of her.

Dad joked to mom that this woman should be resting and not working in this hot weather and this dirty village. As he was finishing, the secretary told us the doctor is ready to see us.

As we entered, we were greeted by a man 190 cm tall, towering over dad, with wide shoulders and big hands. While shaking dad’s hand, his eyes were glued to mom’s body checking her from head to toe. His voice was very deep and masculine going along with his features. His face was very handsome, with a two-day beard growth. He was bald at the crown of his head with salt and pepper hair all around his head. His smile showed two sets of perfectly white teeth. He was about dad’s age.

Dad was telling the doctor about my problem while I was sitting next to mom. The macho doctor was wearing his lab coat but his hairy forearms and hairy chest were visible underneath it as he leaned on his desk pretending to listen to dad. In fact, he was devouring mom with his eyes especially her breasts.

Dad caught attention of the doctor’s look and tried to make him focus again on the problem. The doctor snapped out of his lust and asked me to go on the bed so he can examine me.

After doing some routine tests, the doctor gave me some herbal remedies and told my parents to come back the following week so he can check up on me. When dad asked him how much he wants money in return for the consultation, the doctor boldly said that because dad has such a beautiful wife, he will take nothing.

My mom blushed while dad felt a little bit uncomfortable at the doctor’s bold comment.

We went home and I took the medicine and in a week’s time I felt a little better. Going back to the clinic, we found the secretary waiting but no other patients were there.

She told my parents that the doctor is in the nearby gym training and he would arrive in a few minutes. Waiting in the lobby, mom asked the secretary how long has she been pregnant and if he she knows the sex of the baby and so on.

While talking, the secretary mentioned her husband’s name and that he works in the military. The coincidence made it that the secretary’s husband is in the same battalion as dad but the secretary didn’t know that.

As mom and the secretary finished talking, the doctor came in from the door. The first thing that caught mom’s eyes were the rippling muscles on the tall doctor and the wide shoulders and muscular arms he had. This time he was wearing just a wife beater and some shorts so his body was more exposed.

The doctor noticed mom’s eyes while saluting us and a smug smile appeared on his face. Dad wasn’t comfortable being next to this physically menacing and perfect man so he changed the subject directly to tell him that I got a little better thanking him for the cure.

The doctor seemed happy and invited us to his clinic to do the check-up. After examining me, he told my parents that they would need to bring me every week to him to do some extra therapy sessions or else my condition will reverse.

Dad said that in a week he was going back to his duties and he won’t have time to come with us. The doctor told him that mom knows the way after twice visiting the clinic so she could come with me without dad leaving his work.

Dad loved me so much and he was pleased with this solution. He wanted me to get better at any cost so we accepted to come back the following week to begin the therapy.

The following week, mom wore a nice black dress and took me with her in a taxi to the clinic.

Arriving there, we waited a little as the doctor had a patient inside. Five minutes, a beautiful woman, around 25 years old, came out of the door. This woman, like the secretary was also pregnant. She said goodbye to the secretary and holding her belly, she walked out with difficulty to the car outside.

The doctor called for us and we went inside, me and my mother. Mom was surprised seeing the doctor tucking his shirt inside his pants. She began to suspect that something was happening between him and the woman that was inside but she didn’t say anything.

The doctor greeted us with a mischievous smile and seemed to hold mom’s hand a little bit longer than necessary while greeting her.

After he finished my therapy session, he told mom that I needed to rest for about an hour in the adjoining room before we can leave and he told her they can talk about me in the mean time in his office.

Mom agreed reluctantly because she had nowhere else to go and she didn’t want to wait outside with the secretary. Going to his office, mom sat while the hunky doctor asked her if she wanted to drink anything. Mom said coffee. As the doctor was ordering the coffee from the secretary on the telephone, mom’s eyes fell on his pants. She noticed that his pants weren’t zipped. While he was talking on the phone, he nonchalantly squeezed his balls to adjust them. That’s when mom saw that the doctor wasn’t wearing any underwear under his pants.

Mom couldn’t take her eyes off the doctor’s crotch. She thought her eyes were tricking her but the thick slab of meat that she saw couldn’t be a cock. She has never thought that a cock could be this thick. Lowering her gaze, her mouth flung wide open as she followed the length of the cock. It seemed to go on just a little higher than the doctor’s knees. As she woke up from her daze, she saw the doctor looking at her with a wide grin on her face. He then said he was sorry he didn’t notice that his zipper was open and he closed it.

Mom was speechless and red in the face. She swallowed and cleared her throat while looking at the ground. She didn’t know what happened to her but she felt her heart racing in her chest. Mom excused herself from the doctor and said she would wait in the lobby.

An hour later, the doctor led me to mom and told her he was waiting for us the same time next week. As we left, the secretary asked him what happened. The doctor replied with a grin that the fish has caught the bait.

The next week, we arrived and mom decided to wait outside for the doctor to finish. After finishing my session, the doctor asked mom to enter because he wanted to discuss an important matter with her. She entered and sat down and the doctor told her that my condition may be partly genetic and he needed to take some information from her.

He asked her hers and dad’s ages and some other info. Then he asked her if I have any other brothers or sisters. Mom answered no and asked why that is important. The doctor replied that he wanted to see if other kids were having the same symptoms because my condition is usually caused by a weak seed from the father. Mother felt terrified and the doctor asked her about the reason. Mom felt obliged for my own sake to tell the doctor that, after my birth, dad began to have very weak erections and very light ejaculations.

The doctor shook his head in worry and told mom that the condition is dangerous and that he needs to take more information. Mom was very afraid then and told the doctor she will answer any question he has. He began asking intimate questions about her sex life. She found it difficult and invasive to answer these questions, but she complied. She told him that it has been a few weeks since she had sex with dad and that usually sex lasts a few minutes at most and most times dad has premature ejaculation. That’s why they haven’t had any kids after me.

Then the doctor asked her about the size of dad’s balls telling her that he needs to know as soon as possible if dad’s balls can make enough sperm to see if my genetics are the reason for my illness. Mom was confused. She was a very conservative woman and she didn’t know or even remember exactly how big dad’s nuts are.

The doctor told her that if he doesn’t complete his diagnosis that day and give me the appropriate remedy, my condition will become worse- but he has a solution. Mom was nearly in tears and she begged him to do the necessary. The doctor told her that because dad was far away and he was the only man present, she could compare him to dad and tell him the exact size.

Mom didn’t fully understand the idea but she nodded her head. The doctor stood up, went in front of mom’s chair and his waist was directly in front of her face. With his big hairy hands, he unzipped his pants as he looked at mom’s face. Letting them fall to the ground, a wide grin appeared on his face and the reason was the reaction on mom’s face.

Mom’s jaw opened wide. Tears were still in her eyes as she witnessed the macho stud’s appendage. His soft cock dangled between his meaty muscular hairy thighs about 7 inches. The cock was as thick as a beer can and the head was covered with the skin but it appeared as big as a baby’s fist. The shaft was full of dark veins running along the shaft.

As he held his magnificent cock and raised it in his hand, mom saw the doctor’s balls. In her mind, she had a definition for big but the hunk’s balls exceeded her definition by much. Hanging tight inside their sac, the doctor’s balls were as big as two apples.

The doctor waited a few moments for mom to relish the sight of his masculinity before clearing his throat. Mom unconsciously licked her lips and looked him in the eyes. The bull could see the look of lust in mom’s eyes. So, he asked her how do his balls compare to her husband’s. “Are they this big?”

Without thinking, mom replied, “Are you kidding? Your balls are three times bigger than him. They are very big…just huge.”

Getting his answer, the doctor left mom in her chair and zipped his pants, going back to his desk. Mom felt she wanted to tell him to stay, but she couldn’t. She felt her panties were soaking wet and her nipples protruding from her blouse.

The arrogant doctor knew what he was doing to mom but he wanted her to submit to him willingly. Acting all serious, he told her we can leave and return next week without taking his eyes off his papers.

Mom felt ashamed and rejected and horny at the same time. That week, mom couldn’t stop dreaming about the stud doctor and his huge cock and balls. Dad’s absence and small weak cock didn’t help either. Every night, mom would wake up with her panties soaked wet from the dreams she was having of my macho doctor.

The day we were meant to return to the clinic, dad called and told mom that he met with the secretary’s husband. The man hasn’t returned home for six months, so he told her that whore seems to have gotten pregnant from another man. Mom felt a cold rush through her body. She was at her most fertile period of the month that day and she wasn’t using the pill because she was trying for another baby with dad.

Later that day, we arrived at the clinic. The whole road, mom was uncomfortable and shaking. The doctor told the secretary to go out with me for a walk for an hour or so because he needed to discuss some matters with mom. As soon as she heard this, a shiver crossed mom’s body. She knew what was going to happen.

Without telling her anything, he just used his finger to tell mom to get inside the office and then he locked it behind them. Mom tried to preserve her faithfulness to dad by asking the doctor what he wants to talk about. But she was surprised by the hunky man grabbing her by the waist and smashing his lips to hers and kissing her profoundly. Mom felt her emotions on fire, her heart fluttering, her nipples and clitoris tingling as she melted in the handsome stud’s gruff arms.

My faithful conservative mom lost all her defenses to this stud and opened her mouth allowing his thick tongue to invade her. Kissing her passionately, the doctor’s and mom’s tongues clashed. Mom felt the doctor’s other hand grabbing her breast.

Mom felt like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered as the strong doctor unbuttoned her blouse savagely and roughly took down her bra exposing her big white jugs. Dr. Boulos didn’t waste anytime as he lowered his mouth while grabbing and caressing mom’s breasts and took one of the nipples between his lips. Mom sighed as the doctor began sucking her nipple.

“What are you doing Dr. Boulos? Please stop. I am a married woman. This is wrong…”

Before she could continue, the horny stud lowered one of his hairy muscular arms and shoved it under mom’s skirt and grabbed her pussy. Mom moaned and threw her head backwards while pushing the doctor’s hairy chest with her manicured small hands. As the doctor kept sucking on mom’s breasts and playing with her pussy, he began biting some of the white flesh on the breasts asking mom what will dad think when he sees the love bites? Is he too dumb to realize that a real man was biting his wife’s breasts? Mom was too lost to respond. She just moaned loudly as the doctor continued his manly duties. A few minutes later, the doctor felt that mom’s pussy was leaking and her panties were fully wet. Taking her to the bed where he examines patients, he laid her there as he began to take off his clothes. Mom was topless and her skirt was also on the floor. As she saw the big man in front of her taking off his clothes, mom knew that there was no turning back. As she witnessed his broad hairy muscular chest, his muscular big biceps and his hairy mountain legs, she couldn’t resist rubbing her pussy in lust. As he took off his underwear, mom licked her lips lustily and moaned deeply at the masculine sight in front of her.

In order to tease her, the doctor asked her if my dad compares to him. In her lust, mom said to the doctor that she has never imagined a man could be so handsome and manly and hung. The doctor laughed with his deep voice as he approached mom. Taking off her panties, the doctor began to finger her cunt. Mom began to squirm on the bed as the doctor continued fingering her.

The doctor told her that he bets his finger is as thick as dad’s penis, trying to humiliate dad in front of her. Mom didn’t care as she was trying to reach his cock and touch it for the first time. Dr. Boulos saw that mom was aching for his cock so he allowed her to grab it. Mom got off the bed and knelt in front of the hunk, admiring his cock. She began caressing the shaft and squeezing it in her hands, licking her lips in anticipation. The doctor’s cock responded by growing in length and enlarging in girth, which sent mom into a frenzy. As a sign of respect, mom took Dr. Boulos’s cock and kissed the veiny shaft with the same lips she kisses dad every day. It was the first cock mom ever kissed. Planting kisses all over the enlarging phallus, the two big testicles appeared. Mom didn’t hesitate to show her lust for this man’s balls as she took each one of them in her mouth, drowning them in her spit. Then, she gave the big swollen cock her attention as she tried to fit the head in her mouth. After struggling a little and with some encouragement from the stud, mom took the head of his cock and 4 inches of the shaft in her mouth. Sucking on it heftily, she began to make slobbering noises as she tasted a man’s dick for the first time.

“Have you ever done that to your pencil-dicked hubby, ma’am?” asked the doctor arrogantly. Mom looked him in his eyes and shook her head without taking the cock out. The doctor laughed and told her it is time for the main event.

Grabbing her by her aroused nipples, Dr. Boulos guided mom to the bed again and ordered her to get on all fours. Mom complied at first but when he approached her from behind and the head of his cock touched her cunt, she asked him to wear a condom before penetrating her. The doctor assured her that he will remove it before shooting his load.

Mom was so horny that she didn’t argue. Holding her breath and waiting for the stud to mount her, mom felt her cunt lips separating to accommodate the man penetrating her. A small shriek escaped her mouth as the doctor’s cockhead entered her vagina. The doctor slowed down a little at mom’s pleas and then a few seconds later slammed the whole twelve inches inside her. Mom felt she was going to faint as the doctor’s big cock smashed through her cunt knocking at her cervix and opening it. She felt the man’s huge donkey cock reaching her womb and moving inside it.

As she was on all fours like a cow being mounted by the bull who is the doctor, mom felt the stud pinching and mauling her breasts.

“Please, you’re killing me. Your cock is too big. I can’t handle it. Please take it out” mom begged as the doctor began fucking her slowly.

“That’s what you asked for, bitch. You will feel better soon”

The doctor grabbed mom by her big breasts and leaned on her back as he mounted her and began his fucking rhythm. A few strokes afterwards, my mom’s tight cunt dilated enough to accommodate this huge man and she began moaning in ecstasy.

At each penetration of the mighty cock, mom would throw her head to the side, bite her lip and shout a primal sexual sound deep from her chest.

Mom was being mounted, fucked, and penetrated by this giant macho man. Mom didn’t think about dad in those moments. She didn’t care that she was cheating on the man she loved so much. Her world in those minutes revolved around the thick meat shaft pounding into her fertile womb.

Half an hour later, sweat covered the doctor’s hairy chest and his mighty back and also mom’s voluptuous body. The doctor had a sexual stamina that exceeded dad’s by miles. He had been fucking mom for thirty minutes and made her orgasm multiple times.

Mom was like a toy in the doctor’s hands as his dick was lodged deep inside her. The doctor then ordered mom to lie on her back and open her legs for him. He then mounted her in the missionary position where he could see the expressions on her face as his cock gave her the fuck of her life.

Mom waited for the stud to mount her again, and as she felt the sensation, a low cool sound escaped her throat. As he lodged his 12 inch pole inside mom’s waiting cunt, she twirled her small feet around his back and held his hairy ass in her hands caressing it while he did his job.

Mom could feel the heavy cum-filled balls of the doctor slapping her ass as he continued the merciless pounding of her cunt.

“Please stud, fuck me harder. I love you” uttered mom to the doctor as she looked deeply in his strong eyes and admired his square-jawed masculine face.

At the top of the hour, mom felt the cock beginning to expand inside her and the doctor’s face beginning to contort in ecstasy and lust. Mom was about to reach her fifteenth orgasm when the doctor told her he was about to shoot his sperm and he needed to take out his cock.

Mom wanted this final orgasm so bad that she urged the macho muscular doctor to keep his cock inside her.

“Pleaseeeee keep it inside. Shoot your thick load inside my womb. Give me your semen.”

As the doctor heard the bitch under him begging for his baby making sperm, every muscle in his hairy body tensed as he ejaculated deep inside the waiting mother. Jet after jet of his thick white cream filled mom’s waiting womb. Dr. Boulos didn’t stop until he filled mom’s fertile unprotected womb with his potent semen. As he took out his cock with a plop from mom’s abused cunt, the thick white sperm began to overflow from mom’s distended and red pussy lips.

Mom lied exhausted on the bed, her sweaty body limp and her cunt overflowing with the stud’s semen. The doctor took his soft cock and slapped mom’s breasts with it leaving the remainder of his sperm on her battered breasts.

As he was finishing, the secretary knocked on the door telling the doctor we were back. As mom was putting on her panties, she asked the doctor if he was going to do my therapy now, but the shirtless hairy stud told her that I never needed therapy, smiling devilishly at the fucked woman.

“But you can still come every week. I can give you the proper injections for a hot bitch like you”.

Mom was hooked on this man’s cock and balls and he knew it…

The next week, the same thing happened. The secretary with the ever-growing belly went with me for a long trip, as Dr. Boulos gave mom the proper injections my poor dad couldn’t present.

Inside the office, mom’s skirt and panties were on the floor as the horny doctor squatted behind her and began licking her sensitive pussy with his big tongue. Mom began to squirm as the mature stud began lapping at her juices and stimulating her most intimate parts with his mouth. As Dr. Boulos ate mom’s pussy, her phone rang.

“Oh it’s my husband. Please stop.”

“Answer him now” replied the dominating man as he took the phone and opened it.

Mom had no choice but to talk to my poor naive dad as the real man was licking her pussy; the pussy that used to belong to dad alone.

“Honey, why are you panting? Why is your voice like that?” asked dad in a worries voice.

“Dr. Boulos has given me a few exercises on the treadmill while our son finished his therapy… AAAAAhhhh… It’s just that…”

Without letting mom know, and while she was assuring dad that everything was fine, Dr. Boulos stood and slammed his cock right up mom’s cunt. This move made mom drop the phone and moan loudly. On the other side of the phone, dad was freaking:

“HONEY, what is happening? Are you all right? Why are you moaning? Are you hurt?”

Dad was freaking out not knowing what is happening, hearing mom’s moans supposedly while she is over the treadmill. Reaching out to the phone, mom’s fucker talked to dad.

“Hey man, don’t worry. I’m taking good care of your wife here. I assure you I’ll send her back to you very happy. Now be a good man and don’t bother us because we have work to do”

Dad heard the doctor laugh and mom moan as the doctor closed the phone in dad’s face. Dr. Boulos laughed as he continued pounding mom’s pussy.

“What kind of a man did you marry?” asked her the macho man while laughing. Mom bit her lip in shame and regret for the humiliation and cuckoldry of my poor dad but she couldn’t deny the feeling in her loins, the pleasure only this strong hunk could give her. Her mind was telling her that if dad was a real man, she wouldn’t need this stud to satisfy her.

After emptying his load inside mom’s vagina, Dr. Boulos sat on his chair and asked mom to suck his big hefty cock. Mom couldn’t say no to this stud anymore. She was head over heels in love with him. Kneeling between his open hairy beefy thighs, mom took the doctor’s hefty cock in her hands and began to stroke it until it stiffened. Sucking it into her mouth, she felt as much pleasure as the man. She liked the taste of his cock and sweaty balls. As he reached his second orgasm, mom made sure to swallow the whole load right into her stomach. Jet after jet of hot cum filled mom to the brim and sent her home fully satiated. Her womb and her stomach were filled by Dr. Boulos’ big nuts and their thick delicious cream.

These fucking sessions continued for nearly two months with multiple injections from the doctor’s big cock in mom’s womb and he even was able to take her anal cherry on one of the visits. Dr. Boulos fucked mom in all orifices and in all positions and even made her sit in his lap and fuck herself on her cock. He made her think of his cock as “her” cock.

Two months later, Dr. Boulos and mom told dad that I was all better now even though I didn’t get any extra therapy during the period.

Mom had other news for dad when he returned from his duties in his army. She told him she was pregnant. Dad was overjoyed and didn’t think of calculating the period when he was gone. He thought he was the stud who knocked up mom. He didn’t know that the real stud and father of the baby inside mom’s belly is the hunky hairy doctor who treated me.

Mom didn’t want to stop seeing the doctor, so she convinced dad that Dr. Boulos is also a gynecologist and he is willing to monitor her although his price is double the other doctors.

Dad wanted the best care for her so he accepted for Dr. Boulos to be her doctor. He even went with her the first time for the checkup and Dr. Boulos congratulated him for the baby.

My poor dad didn’t know that this strong hung man was enjoying mom and taking his money. Dr. Boulos fucked mom, impregnated her with his baby and is making dad pay much more than other doctors. Dr. Boulos considers it his stud fee for impregnating mom. It turned out that mom was the tenth woman Dr. Boulos seduced, mounted and knocked up. And dad is the tenth loser whom this stud cuckolded and made him pay money for impregnating his wife.

The day my mom gave birth, you could see the mischievous smile on the balding stud’s face as he held his son in his hands while my dad, the cuckold, wept naively from the joy of having a second baby.